“Liberal” Kirsten Powers rightfully rips Churches

By Ben Barrack

Kirsten Powers is a liberal but she also has a history of making the conservative argument when would-be controversial stories should be placed front and center by churches because the mainstream media refuses to do so. Consider Kermit Gosnell, the former proprietor of a modern day concentration camp. His trial was reminiscent of Nuremberg. The banality of evil was on full display. It was a story tailor-made for the mainstream media to ignore. If there was an entity that could have – and should have – picked up the baton and forced it to the headlines, it was the churches.

Powers: Nails Churches for ignoring Christian Persecution.

Powers: Nails Churches for ignoring Christian Persecution.

They did not. You know who did? The “liberal” Kirsten Powers at the liberal Daily Beast. The pro-choice liberal did what the pro-life churches would not; she called attention to Gosnell’s Nazistic atrocities. She did what churches had an obligation to do but didn’t. Odds are quite good that churchgoers who even know the name Kermit Gosnell, likely learned it from Powers, not their pastors.

Well, Powers is doing it again. This time she’s going after the churches for their silence in the face of Christian persecution and she’s absolutely right. Christians are being slaughtered all over the Middle East in numbers not seen for centuries. Again, that the mainstream media isn’t covering this horrifying reality is not surprising. Perhaps the silence from the pulpits shouldn’t be either but that only makes it more shameful, especially when a “liberal” pundit is quite correctly lecturing them.

Via Powers at the Daily Beast:

Christians in the Middle East and Africa are being slaughtered, tortured, raped, kidnapped, beheaded, and forced to flee the birthplace of Christianity. One would think this horror might be consuming the pulpits and pews of American churches. Not so. The silence has been nearly deafening.

As Egypt’s Copts have battled the worst attacks on the Christian minority since the 14th century, the bad news for Christians in the region keeps coming. On Sunday, Taliban suicide bombers killed at least 85 worshippers at All Saints’ church, which has stood since 1883 in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. Christians were also the target of Islamic fanatics in the attack on a shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya, this week that killed more than 70 people. The Associated Press reported that the Somali Islamic militant group al-Shabab “confirmed witness accounts that gunmen separated Muslims from other people and let the Muslims go free.” The captives were asked questions about Islam. If they couldn’t answer, they were shot.

In Syria, Christians are under attack by Islamist rebels and fear extinction if Bashar al-Assad falls. This month, rebels overran the historic Christian town of Maalula, where many of its inhabitants speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. The AFP reported that a resident of Maalula called her fiancé’s cell and was told by member of the Free Syrian Army that they gave him a chance to convert to Islam and he refused. So they slit his throat. {emphasis mine}

As for reasons why churches don’t speak out, all we can do is speculate because church leaders aren’t all that willing to discuss such glaring weaknesses. When it comes to the human condition, cowardice may be the most rationalized of emotions because it is viewed so dishonorably. It’s so bad that those afflicted with it would rather be viewed as intellectually vacant. It is massaged into arguments that seem to be logical but are not just delusional; they can run counter to the church’s teachings.

European churches have been growing emptier for years. In many cases, these empty churches are being converted into mosques.

Churches in America – like the Republican Party after Mitt Romney snatched defeat from the jaws of victory because he wouldn’t fight – are misreading the facts as to why people are not in the pews. As a consequence, the problem is exacerbated. Sure, there are charismatic pastors who are able to maximize church growth while not being all that controversial but imagine what such pastors could do if they threw caution to the wind.

Whether Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, or non-denominational, it makes no difference. As the thinking goes, the best way to get more people through the doors is to abstain from controversy and to be non-judgmental. Sure, this may get more parishioners, but it can lower the moral standards. After all, the gate is narrow. We all have a pilot light inside us but for it to become a raging flame, controversy is necessary. Jesus was the most controversial man in history. What’s more powerful, a hundred people who are on fire for justice and righteousness or a thousand people who can’t even heat a bowl of soup?

Pastors of diluted churches will point to the story of how Jesus reacted to the prostitute who washed his feet in Luke 7 or Zacchaeus in Luke 19 and say that Jesus welcomed all, even the sinners.

Ah, but what of Matthew 19: 16-22? The otherwise righteous rich man who wanted to retain all of his wealth and possessions while also seeking eternal life. Jesus made him choose and the man chose wrongly.

Are not Pastors, Priests and Bishops who seek greater multitudes and fuller gift buckets in exchange for their own silence on matters of moral outrage and continued 501(c)(3) status choosing wrongly too? The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30) isn’t just about one guy who helped another guy who was left for dead. It was about a lowly Samaritan who did so while “holier” men ignored the injured man.

As a “liberal”, Powers represents a class of people viewed as less righteous than “church-goers”. Yet, it is she who is holding “righteous” churches accountable for not helping their persecuted brethren.

Instead of invoking the passages about the tax collector and the prostitute, how about living Matthew 25: 32-40.

Will churches who highlight the gruesome Kermit Gosnell atrocities or the savage persecution that is taking place in the Middle East lose congregants? Perhaps, but the passions of those who remain would be stirred to acts of righteousness not seen in a long time.

Who knows? Maybe one such church could win over Kirsten Powers.

Imagine the possibilities.


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  • B Griffin

    Not All, But Way Too Many Churches and Ministries, Only Find Their Voices, When It Is Time To Raise $$$$$ For Their Latest Building Project, to allegedly ‘Spread The Gospel’ within Their Brand New Four Walls!

  • Voight S. O’Reason

    I scratched and sniffed it. It smells like sola scriptura. I think that’s more to the point regarding Christian liberalism and apathy. Too be fair, I’m sure that there is a significant percentage of Catholics that cannot relate back a Sunday Mass reading immediately after their conditioned response – or further – that there are significantly more Catholics that have no time for the Daily Readings. That failing is an important construct of Catholic liberalism and apathy. Without devotion, you are empty and most of your day is truly without meaning. Without having meaning in your life, you give off a smell that temptation adores. Ms. Powers might be better suited to write more inspirational pieces after RCIA, but she’d need to turn her back on liberalism and pro-choice ideals. Temptation or devotion…

  • annieoakley

    I could not agree more. The lack of comment by the Pope who has such a world pulpit is particularly egregious.

  • gb93433

    Why should Christians be expected to know about abortion clinics if they do not work at or frequent them. Show me an anti-God nation that has not had some serious trouble as a result of its practices. America is heading down that path now.

  • H2o2Bill

    (“What’s more powerful, a hundred people who are on fire for justice and
    righteousness or a thousand people who can’t even heat a bowl of soup?”) Good stuff right there.

    • 1Bobby8

      God Bless you…You are a thousand percent correct.

  • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

    Yeah those Ladies from Alaska…they won’t shut up…

    Our president was delusional and contradictory when he declared in his speech before the U.N. General Assembly, “The world is more stable than it was five years ago” (exactly when he swooped into office to calm the rising tides). But then in the next breath he listed examples of how it’s not more stable. All he needed to do was ask the Christians of the Middle East who are being targeted everywhere we look by Islamic extremists on their deadly march. This same president has declared that “Al Qaeda is on the run.” Yes, they apparently ran to places like Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Syria, and perhaps here next for all we know. It’s not like they haven’t attacked our homeland before. Good Lord, “delusional” is a generous term. The world right now is a tinderbox, hardly stable.

    Instead of calling out the President’s deceptive comments, his reliable lapdogs in the media turn their attention and ire on Ted Cruz for daring to stand up for the American people. Maybe if Ted had worn pretty pink running shoes he’d have gotten more respect from the same leftwing media that gushed over the Texan state senator who filibustered in the Texas legislature for the right to late term abortions of babies (a position at odds with the sentiment of the majority of Texans and Americans).

    See the link below for more on Obama’s U.N. speech delusions and contradictions. It’s truly unbelievable.

    – Sarah Palin—-

  • Gene Easley

    I call it the ‘Beach Party Mentality’. It’s like a person is drowning in the middle of a lake and nobody notices because they are too busy partying on the beach. The hedonistic ‘if it feels good do it’ mentality never left it just morphed into the church and people are being taught ‘anything goes’ as long as you ‘love one another’ when in reality nobody loves anybody and everyone loves themselves. Its sick. Most go to church to be filled instead of to ‘fill’. Most go to church to get instead of give. I hear it all the time “I need to go to church to get my batteries recharged”. Like cellphones we go to church to get recharged instead of spending quality time with the Lord and letting Him speak to us about our sin and getting a charge to discharge ‘among the brethren’. It’s the “Me” society we live in. Grace is the place and work is a jerk. Forget what the Apostle James said in James 2:18 “Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” I say stop the beach party. God will stop the beach party and it won’t be pretty or cool. I remember God stopping a ‘beach party’ once before at Mt. Sinai (Ex. 32) and then again when he turned over some tables in the ‘temple of God’ (Matt. 21:12,13). Who knows what is next for the body of Christ in America and the west but it seems quite reasonable that a great shaking is on it’s way. Maybe when we are ‘all shook up we will once again look up’ and see that person who is drowning in the middle of the lake.

  • Graham Ford

    Kirten and Walid are welcome to come to our church: full, vibrant, growing and thundering against the avalanche of atrocity carried out by Muslims against Christians. Beware generalisations – the church is not short of sticks with which it is being beaten.

  • richard dogaer

    Obviously there’s no one home at many of the Christian churches. Their silence about the muslim slaughter of Christians is inexcusable. Abortion has been effectively changed from murder to women’s rights by the satanic liberal p.r. machine, media and the liberal courts.
    However, I can’t forget the queasy feeling I have in my stomach whenever I hear Kirsten Powers spouting her usual left wing delusions on news programs. Makes it seem like her comments on the church are mostly opportunistic attacks on an institution generally seen as a traditional stronghold. Does she really care?

    • H2o2Bill

      Good answer or comment Richard.

  • jackrussell

    I don’t know what Bible you people read, but the Holy Bible says such attrocities are expected, unavoidable, will be a symptom of doing the work that Christians are left here to do. FIrst, the ‘church’ is a body of believers. A local church is a part of that body. Churches are not here to whine about how badly we are mistreated. Its great when members of the church can get relief for people like the massive push for the Christian pastor who is now jailed in Iran, but its not news and its not specific to any part of the world that people who teach of the gift God gave us in the virgin birth, sinless life, death, burial, and resurrection of His only begotten Son so that his blood would be shed for the remission of the sins of INDIVIDUALS who believe that they contribute NOTHING to their own righteousness. The scriptures tell Bible believing churches that persecution would happen. Many of the original deciples of Christ came to horrific ends. The wailing about this is NOT the purpose of the church. We are here to tell the individual members of the world that they are born to acknowledge and honor God, our creator. The first step in doing that is to turn from trying to do good and accept his PERFECTION freely given by being ‘born again’, as Christ called it. Then, the life that is lived is not a part of salvation, but rather a reflection of the respect and honor we have for the gift that only God could give.

    • H2o2Bill

      Let me get this straight Jack, you like the idea of Christians banning together to try and help free a man in jail for being a Christian yet you don’t approve of Christians trying to help other Christians who are being persecuted to the point of death? I don’t really disagree with a lot you have said here but I’m really unsure of how it relates to this discussion. What I get out of the article is that the Church is asleep at the wheel and really has no idea what day and age we are living in. So many waiting around thinking they will be raptured out of here before things get bad for them. Islam is coming to America to persecute the Church to try and take this country over in the name of Allah they will try and bring Sharia law to America. Say it can’t happen take a close look at Dearborn Michigan.

      I see the Church becoming more and more divided. With some clinging to the message that the book of Revelation is a book of actual futuristic events and that Jesus Christ is the only One who can forgive sins. And since learning Bible prophecy from Walid that it is the Churches job to expose Islam for what it is. That being Islam is antichrist. 1st John 2:22 and the list goes on from there. The Church is supposed to tell the truth on all subjects. We are free to engage the enemy wherever it shows itself.

      I sure wish we could post links here I would post a link to the little girl who professed Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior only to have her mouth & one eye sown shut for it. I use the picture like a prayer card. Where is her Church? Why are we not hearing her story on Sunday? With the need for us Christians to pray for her and all others like her? Or why are we not hearing of the little girls in Yemen? Did you not here the story of the one eight year old girl who died on her wedding night? I will let you put the pieces together.

      Our Lord Jesus Christ is not here on Earth right now we are supposed to be His feet for going and His hands for helping and His mouth for preaching. You might want to read Matthew 24 & 25 to see that we are supposed to try and help people in these last days. People are dying at the sword of Allah they are dying for being Christians. I for one am going to be extra careful of who I judge as a Christian in these last days.

      I want to belong to a Church that says Islam is antichrist and we Christians need to take a stand against it. We need to organize so we can help those being persecuted by the beast that is rising in the Middle East. So much more to say.

      Bill Jr

      Isa 34:1 Draw near, O nations, to hear; and listen, O peoples! Let the earth and all it contains hear, and the world and all that springs from it.

      • jackrussell

        Bill, I have virtually no disagreement with what you said. But the idea that a church is supposed to focus on or rise up against persecution is not biblical. Persecution is the nature of our existence and the New Testament tells us that if we’re doing His will we WILL be persecuted. Its not alarming that we are persecuted. Its not a call to arms. It is the nature of the enemy that we face. And it is not only Islam that is the enemy. The enemy is the prince of the power of the air. HE is why we suffer. He doesn’t want Christians to fulfill their Great Commission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. I think it is important that churches explain who the enemy is and what he looks like when he manifests himself, whether in Islam or in the news media. But, our job is not to make ourselves criers of victimhood, nor is it to pick an adversary and make that entity the focus of our energy. Our energy is spent in going and telling. And as we go, we feed and clothe and nurture those we find in order to have an opportunity to disciple them. This article clearly defines a role that is not a Biblical central mission for the church to pursue. It is humanistic in its emphasis and I don’t find anywhere in the scripture that backs up Ms. Powers’ assertions of what we should be doing.

        • H2o2Bill

          Fair enough, but Powers is not the focus of the article. The point is that some left wing lost person is sounding the alarm and is aware of what is going on yet the Church seems to be silent. The story of what happened to the Church in Smyrna should be told often so we might prevent it from happening again just like the Holocaust.

          The gospel message is supposed to be engraved in who we are and the reason others identify us as Christians it goes where we go. Islam is antichrist and Islam is in our government and our schools. It is time to speak out against it loudly.

          • jackrussell

            Yeah, I think you need to re-read the article. The TITLE even establishes that Powers is a focus of the article: ““Liberal” Kirsten Powers rightfully rips Churches”
            As an American, I completely agree that the alarm needs to be sounded, but that isn’t your duty as a member of your church. It shouldn’t be your church’s focus, either, according to scripture. I’m not saying be silent on it, but if a church doesn’t mention that because it is completely focused on the responsibilities given by the Bible, don’t try to push a humanistic agenda on the church. The point of the article, whether you’re right or the title is right, is that a false alarm is being sounded for an agenda that is not sanctioned by the Word of God. Its a red herring that is common for ‘peaceniks’ who like to find fault with the church because they have a spiritual blindness and don’t have a clue what the work of the Church actually is.

          • H2o2Bill

            For one I stand corrected, I should have kept with my original thought line was and that is this. What I got out of the article was this….. I usual get different things from articles than most people. The Church is in a state of spiritual apostasy over all and this is why America looks the way it does. ((‘peaceniks’)) ha ha I take it you have not heard Walid preach and teach Bible prophesy or speak at other public events? I still think you are making to much out of Kirsten Powers and not enough about the silence of the Church. I could be wrong.

            Furthermore, we are to speak out on all issues. Is murder wrong according to the Bible? Are we to stay silent because it’s Christians that are being murdered? Is Genocide wrong (Africa)? This has nothing to do with a humanistic agenda this has everything to do with righteousness and using your mouth to proclaim it. Let me add we are talking about the beast that is rising in the Middle East the religion of the antichrist. Look what it says in Isaiah. ((Isa 34:1 Draw near, O nations, to hear, and give attention, O peoples! Let the earth hear, and all that fills it; the world, and all that comes from it.)) Does that include you and all persons you come in contact with?

            The book of Esther comes to mind why can’t we draw attention to what is happening to our people? The Church the body of Christ.

            Many in the Church say things like “I believe the Lord could return tomorrow”. Nothing wrong with this but there needs to be more added here to warn the people judgment is coming deception is coming. The Bible gives us all this information concerning End Times yet some are going to try and convince us we are to say nothing about what the Bible has to say about End Times? That the persecution of Christians was foretold by Christ.

            Why cant we talk of the lopsidedness of political correctness in favor of Islam and against Christ? Pro 11:1 A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is his delight.

            You want to see people get saved preach and teach Bible prophesy I do believe this is what the Lord wants me to talk about.

            Did John the baptist proclaim righteousness to the king? Did it keep him from fulfilling his mission of doing his part proclaiming the gospel message?

            I mean how hard is it to start a dialog about the slaughter of Christians that leads into a dialog of the good news? I really don’t see how you separate the two.

            Christians overseas are being slaughtered in mass numbers but what will Christians be doing here in America today. They will go to the new “Christian” movie. All you have to do to lead Christians around today is attach the word Christian to it and away they go. As their brothers and sisters are dieing at the hands of those who are filled with the spirit of antichrist. We could do more we should do more.

            We live in luxury as others suffer I do believe Matthew 25: 32-46 applies here for our action plan. I could be wrong but this is what I believe as of today.

            I do believe it is absolutely ridiculous that you try to use the word “victim-hood” to describe the plea here as the left so many times cries victim. It’s not a call to physical battle it’s a call to use your mouth. it’s a plea for Churches to do more to help rescue Christians feed and help Christians under persecution.

            And one final thing if you have not heard Walid teach and preach Bible prophesy you really need to. My life has not been the same since I threw out the old model and learned the new one from brother Walid. He is all over youtube and if you look hard you can also download a full sermon series for free. I have been going to different Churches to share Shoebat resources only because I feel so strongly about what he has to share with us. The Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches pray for revival what they need to do is invite Walid to speak at there biggest conferences and challenge them face to face. Let the tears roll down the faces and the voices become real loud.

            Bill Jr

      • jackrussell

        As I referenced earlier, I am no expert on Shoebat, but the ministry I referred you to earlier gives Mr. Shoebat some props and has some distinct reservations about some of his claims, as well. w w w (dot) worldviewweekend (dot) com/search/site/Shoebat

        • H2o2Bill

          And my last post to you starts out as (((For one I stand corrected))) just so we are on the same page. Walid is a solid Bible teacher.

          The argument about the mark of the beast is not something I believe Walid would insist on Chuck Missler gives that impression. Maybe Walid needs to weigh in on this here. But that is like very least of Walid brings to the table in his teachings. After hearing Jacob Prasch & Adrian Rogers I would disagree also with Walid on Revelation 13:18 the number 666 pops up in other places in the Bible. Perhaps more source materials are needed to bring clarity on this one.

          Walid commented on what he has been shown known as a codex. If people have other codex’s and other source material I’m sure guys like Walid and Chuck would like to have a look at them. I’m no language expert and I know if your not an expert in ancient manuscripts you need not weigh in on these kinds of arguments.

          What we can weigh in on though is Walid’s overall teaching concerning Islam and Bible prophesy. Like the fact that every nation Christ wars with upon His return is now a Muslim nation. Then if you begin to look at some of the things the antichrist will do, Islam is already doing them.

          Psalm 83:4 sounds like the madman from Iran does it not? Iran also paraded there Missiles with “Death to America & Death to Israel” painted on them. I will post a couple of things concerning that but why not just invest some time and learn for yourself.

          John MacArthur has a video named Islam and the antichrist that is also worth watching.

          Now check this out. Read entire Psalm 83

          (Psa 83:4-11) They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee, The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur also is joined with them: they have helped the children of Lot. Selah. Do to them as to the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison: Who perished at En-dor: they became as dung for the earth. Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yes, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna:

          Now let’s have a look for Zebah and Zalmunna to see what happened to them.

          Jdg 8:21 Then Zebah and Zalmunna said, Rise thou, and fall upon us: for as the man is, so is his strength. And Gideon arose, and slew Zebah and Zalmunna, and took away the ornaments that were on their camels’ necks. KJV

          Jdg 8:21 Then Zebah and Zalmunna said, “Rise up yourself, and fall on us; for as the man, so is his strength.” So Gideon arose and killed Zebah and Zalmunna, and took the crescent ornaments which were on their camels’ necks. NASB

          Instead of ornaments, the Septuagint translate τους μηνισκους, the crescents or half-moons; and this is followed by the Syriac and Arabic. The worship of the moon was very ancient; and, with that of the sun, constituted the earliest idolatry of mankind. We learn from Jdg_8:24 that the Ishmaelites, or Arabs, as they are termed by the Targum, Syriac, and Arabic, had golden
          ear-rings, and probably a crescent in each; for it is well known that the Ishmaelites, and the Arabs who descended from them, were addicted very early to the worship of the moon; and so attached were they to this superstition, that although Mohammed destroyed the idolatrous use of the crescent, yet it was
          universally borne in their ensigns, and on the tops of their mosques, as well as in various ornaments. Adam
          Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible Adam Clarke, LL.D., F.S.A., (1715-1832)

          And that my friend is but a taste of what Walid brings to the table. The argument over Revelation 13:18 is small potatoes in comparison.

          Bill Jr

  • Chris C.

    So you are giving credit to a person that’s for kIlling the unborn? You really are a dirty Muslim dressed in dirty Catholic clothing. I can’t believe I ever listened to your disgusting puke!

    • Don’t even know what you are frothing about here.