Obama Infected with Strassmeir Syndrome

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

The refusal of President Obama to admit guilt and come clean in the Benghazi fiasco is a great case-in-point to show what happens when politicians get infected with a debilitating disease. It’s called Strassmeir Syndrome, which is: the refusal to admit wrongdoing in the interest of self-preservation, even when said admission would prevent greater tragedies.



This is certainly not the first case of Strassmeir Syndrome in recent U.S. history. To further understand where the term comes from, one must look at Obama’s predecessors – George W. Bush and Bill Clinton – who were also afflicted. In his book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, author Ambrose Evans-Pritchard provides the basis for naming the condition.

According to Pritchard, Clinton went beyond the boundaries of the law to dismantle Timothy McVeigh’s neo-Nazi group just prior to the Oklahoma city bombing by introducing Mr. Andreas Strassmeir as an informant for the Feds, who encouraged Timothy McVeigh and his colleagues inside Elohim City, to set a bomb. The intent was a sting operation but the result was a total disaster.

Iconic OKC Bombing photo.

Iconic OKC Bombing photo.

Had Strassmeir disclosed his role in the Oklahoma city bombing and come clean, Bill Clinton most likely would not have been re-elected in 1996. Instead, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government really kicked into gear during Clinton’s second term, which we have detailed at Shoebat.com. During that second term, Clinton refused to take out Osama bin Laden, which could have prevented 9/11 and history would have been much different.

All this leads to our newly identified malady. Strassmeir is certainly not the only individual afflicted with the syndrome bearing his name.

George W. Bush being told about WTC attack (did this lead to Strassmeir Syndrome?)

George W. Bush being told about WTC attack (did this lead to Strassmeir Syndrome?)

Evans-Pritchard interviewed Strassmeir, who reportedly fled the U.S. after the bombing. Here is the relevant exchange:

Evans-Pritchard: There comes a time in every botched operation when the informant has to speak out to save his own skin, and that’s now, Andreas.

Strassmeir: How can he? What happens if it was a sting operation from the very beginning? What happens if it comes out that the plant was a provocateur?

Evans-Pritchard: A provocateur?

Strassmeir: What if he talked and manipulated the others into it… The relatives of the victims are going to go crazy. He’s going to be held responsible for the murder of 168 people… Of course the informant can’t come forward. He’s scared… right now. – Unsung Davids, p. 238

The engagement and courting of Muslim Brotherhood leaders during the Bush campaign, in the beginning months of his administration, and even after 9/11 continued thanks largely to Grover Norquist. Instead of fessing up to those relationships after 9/11, the Bush administration – with Karl Rove as a major player – contracted Strassmeir Syndrome and continued them.

Rove: Strassmeir Syndrome?

Rove: Strassmeir Syndrome?

An admission by figures like Rove, that the Bush administration’s embrace of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the U.S. – both before and after 9/11 – would be very difficult; that doesn’t make it any less necessary. The Bush White House implemented a fatally flawed policy against America’s enemies that has helped to put Americans themselves in greater danger. The problem is that the longer Strassmeir Syndrome’s high level victims succumb to their malady, the more the danger level rises.

Rove carrying book by Muslim Brotherhood author (Saffuri is fourth from right in photo, Alamoudi on far left)

Rove carrying book by Muslim Brotherhood author (Saffuri is fourth from right in photo, Alamoudi on far left)

Then Governor Bush (Saffuri in far left of photo, Alamoudi the tallest in back) holds book by Muslim Brotherhood author.

Then Governor Bush (Saffuri in far left of photo, Alamoudi the tallest in back) holds book by Muslim Brotherhood author.

Take the example of Khaled Saffuri and Norquist, who co-founded the Islamic Free Market Institute (IFMI) togehter at the end of the Clinton administration. Norquist got the attention of Rove in his efforts to appeal to Muslim voters. The problem was that Khaled was connected to groups and individuals that shared al-Qaeda’s ideology, if not its tactics. In the days after 9/11, Bush visited the Washington, DC mosque and stood shoulder to shoulder with Saffuri and Muslim Brotherhood front group leader Nihad Awad.

Bush in Washington, DC mosque six days after 9/11 (flanked by Awad and Saffuri).

Bush in Washington, DC mosque six days after 9/11 (flanked by Awad and Saffuri).

Whether Bush and Rove were duped by Norquist is inconsequential when talking about Strassmeir Syndrome. An article written in the weeks after 9/11 indicates that intelligence and law enforcement officials knew better:

According to one intelligence official who recently left the government, a number of counterterrorism agents at the FBI and CIA are “pissed as hell about the situation [in the White House] and pissed as hell about Grover.”

If Rove had been duped by Norquist then, why did his PAC give Norquist $26 Million in 2012? Did Rove have a Strassmeir Syndrome flare-up?

Circa 2000, inside the Texas Governor’s mansion, Saffuri was part of a Muslim delegation that visited George W. Bush and gave the soon-to-be President a book written by Ismail al-Faruqi. Al-Faruqi was a founder of at least two Muslim Brotherhood groups. Also photographed with Bush and Rove was a man who provided tens of thousands of dollars in seed money to Saffuri and Norquist – Abdurahman Alamoudi.

Abdurahman Alamoudi with George W. Bush.

Abdurahman Alamoudi with George W. Bush.

In an undated photo, Saffuri and Alamoudi posed with Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) and then chairman of Dar al-Hijrah mosque, Bassam Estwani, a very big fish in Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth jihad effort:

Alamoudi (back left), Moran, Estwani, and Saffuri.

Alamoudi (back left), Moran, Estwani, and Saffuri.

Alamoudi founded the mosque in Boston visited by the Boston Marathon bombers. In the weeks after that bombing, then FBI Director Robert Mueller inexplicably denied knowing this in sworn Congressional testimony, despite being appointed by George W. Bush one week prior to 9/11 and serving through the rest of Bush’s two terms and Obama’s first term. Alamoudi was sentenced to more than 20 years on terrorism charges during Mueller’s tenure. Mueller’s denial smacked of Strassmeir Syndrome.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Today, the Obama administration has essentially exploited the Brotherhood’s earlier efforts; infiltration is just plain bald-faced and unadulterated. Yet, when Rep. Michele Bachmann attempted to call attention to this infiltration in 2012, more Republican figures attacked her than who defended her.

The 2012 Benghazi attacks now seek new victims of Strassmeir Syndrome. The best way to prevent it would be for all those who are currently afflicted with it to find a cure for themselves and admit the truth, no matter what.


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  • foxxybey

    Once again Christie shows he isn’t able to be the president and just a over weight RINO or a wolf in sheep’s clothing and needs to be retired as a candidate and should just go kiss the tails of the Islamist who hate America and our freedoms. This story just proves it and glad this was make public. Thanks Shoebat, God Bless and Shalom:

  • Mary Brown

    government worker = lie, cheat, steal, cover your ass…

  • momprayn

    If they “fessed up” they would go to prison, or maybe worse……for
    various crimes…..some treason, some murder, some fraud, some extortion – some
    all of the above. Norquist is a very bad character, as are the others. All
    are in cahoots to establish their beloved New World Order……colluding with
    the Globalist elites & MB. To accomplish that you need to destroy America
    and Israel. It’s been in the works for decades.

    At least this is my understanding from my research and observances. Now
    in the end game push.

    They collude with other like minded countries to take us out – they don’t
    want us “safe”. They don’t want to prevent further tragedies…..in fact,
    those help them accomplish their goals.

    They’ve been working at the opposite – weakening our military in all ways
    and making us vulnerable and easier for takeover – by design. I suppose those
    helping have been promised high positions, wealth in this upcoming kingdom.
    That’s what Benghazi, Egypt, Libya have been all about – among others.

    That’s one of the reasons many of us appreciate your efforts to explain
    about Benghazi, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood.

    One of the top failings and make us “easy prey” is our lack of knowledge
    about Islam. I’m afraid our past presidents have been enablers for this
    takeover. Don’t know about others, but think Bush (both) were just totally
    clueless, naive, ignorant about Islam & perhaps arrogant re the NWO
    concept and they believed the lies that those Muslims & other advisors told
    them. But it’s no excuse – in those jobs, you should find out these things
    which is not hard to do.

    However, having said that, I have come to the conclusion you probably have
    the more correct view about the end times scenario and that America will indeed
    be around to help defeat the Islamic antichrist, etc. That means that we will
    learn our needed lessons (albeit the hard way), get back to God and He will
    intervene to help restore us. So I hang on to that hope and thank you for all
    your enlightenment…..and hope.

    • Voncent

      And we think that Boehner will not sabotage the Benghazi investigation in order to protect the GOP leadership? Sorry for the cynicism…

  • Registered

    Obama exploiting the miranda rights
    You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used
    against you in a court of law.

  • Consuelo Barrow

    I’m so sick of Obama And the globelist them idiots need to be put in prison for war crimes I’m just fair sick of their mess.I can’t wait for Jesus to come back here and straighten all this mess out.

  • joe blow

    I googled “Strassmeir Syndrome” and didn’t find anything intelligible. Anyone have a link which discusses the subject? “Discusses”, mind.

    • shoebat

      we invented the term, which is why we wrote the article. Just trying to save you some trouble.

      • joe blow

        Ah!! I-did-not-get-that. You guys European, huh, or some-such?

        Put these ” ” at each end of the spoof words to alert Americans, at least, of your intentions…. um… SOME use these ‘ ‘.

  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    Answer these questions and explain them away.

    I believe it was a hit on Stevens after his secret meeting with Mike Rogers (supposedly Inhoef too) and the House Intel Committee. The WH and Hillary wanted no one to testify against them for their arms dealing.
    If true WMD (Sarin) and 6 dirty bombs left Benghazi as well as 20,000 Stinger Missiles and MANPADS..Some say 40,000..Weapons were disappearing from Jordan and Egypt into AlQaeda’s hands as well. Stevens met secretly with the House Intel Committee as he,was no longer on board and reporting back because he understood Obama wanted this to lead to a war in Syria…

    Stevens thought this was taking us to WWIII…against Russia..after we’ve dismantled our military …And wasn’t worth the death and destruction to continue the Arab Spring to turn Syria over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The ONLY call Obama made that night after meeting with Panetta at 5 was at 10:32…was after he received word that Stevens was dead …that call was simply to Hillary for a “Mission accomplished”

    Why was Chuck Schumer, Soros’ Indy Mac buddy at the WH from 5-Midnight that day? Obama was not in the situation room but in the residence per Tommy Pajama Boy van-driver, National Security Communications director.
    Campaign planning takes place in the residence. Thus talking points were being prepared with Denis McDonagh, Donilon and Shumer.

    The day before the attack it was leaked in the WaPo, paper of record for CIA leaks, that Obama didn’t attend his daily security briefings but 38% .(reported by Marc Thiessen, ask who leaked that info to him?) giving him plausible deniability for the knowledge of lack of security in the aftermath of the dead and the investigation of some sort he expected. His usual excuse, “he didn’t know, he read it in the paper”.

    …..this to distance Obama from the knowledge of no security in Benghazi. They refused that security because a planned hit was coming. I believe they wanted everyone in that complex dead….no one left to testify. That the 15 in Libya who talked to investigators have been killed should give pause. That Benghazi was the only post to receive Blue Mountain Security…subpar security should interest. Who set that trap up?

    Obama and Erdogon have always been close. Erdogon was the first head of state Obama called upon his first election.
    Erdogon is Muslim Brotherhood like Morsi…it begins to look as if Obama is too. Morsi’s wife has been pouting off she has recordings of Hillary and Obama as well as other communications. Why was a Muslim Brotherhood woman included on Ben Rhodes email in working out talking points for Rice..yet redacted and hidden from Congress…if they’re hiding it…it means something…

    The call scheduled to Netanyahu looks suspect. Scheduled at 3AM Netanyahu time?? …That particular day at that particular time (again they knew the hit was coming) or made the call on the fly as coverup…when the last time Obama called Netanyahu on record was 12/09?? When was the Netanyahu call scheduled? Was it scheduled?

    Obama wanted face time in the press as in contact with Netanyahu to shore up his loss of Jewish votes that he was suffering before the election. That loss in percentage of Jewish votes would have cost Obama the election. To make the call look less suspicious Obama then calls Netanyahu again 2 weeks after Benghazi, and the next call ….over another year later.

    If the Seal book explanation of Benghazi was truth. (Webb’s Definitive Benghazi report) ….Perhaps Brennan was working at cross purposes of those collecting weapons, with his team dispersing weapons and arming AlQaeda to ready the Al Qaeda rebels to take down Assad and turn Syria I to another Muslim Brotherhood country. Obama’s policies and actions didn’t just end up with 4 dead Americans in Benghazi..but hundreds of thousands of Christians violently murdered across the Middle East and millions displaced …the Holocaust if Christians lies directly at Obama and Brennan’s feet with the help of the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood and their fighting force Al Qaeda.

    Convenient: Lockheed President who had tripled ams sales resigns same day as Petraeus…for the very same reason. An affair? I find It hard to believe someone in the private sector resigns for an affair…after tripling arms sales. Supposedly the arms went to Qatar first before distribution across the Middle East then moved through Turkey to Syria…
    As our FBI used to say, “there are no coincidences”..certainly in resigning, he wouldn’t be called to answer any questions before Congress.
    Moving forth and coming out of Lochkeed is our new FBI director Comey. Both men worked closely together at Lochkeed. Covering their bases.

    If Obama wants to claim he was protecting out allies in Europe from Russia owning their gas coming out of Syria and sold to Europe…He could have started opening the spigots in America..drilled the Keystone…opened the gulf..instead his first inclination was to hand Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood and enrich them…And as he had America locked up and going broke…he couldn’t take the chains off our economy …he’d worked so hard to put on…

    America is being redistributed as are our allies

    This gang of Soros led Nazi’s with their Brownshirt brothers the Muslim Brotherhood will not give up power easily…they’ve installed themselves they believe permanently….they’ve stolen everything in our banks via the FDIC, Fannie and Freddie and their dirty worthless CDS among a million other ploys to redistribute America to themselves …they cannot risk prosecution…Time to stand up for your country..if you think remain passive or silent affords protection ..think again and remember Nazi Germany..because that evil history is exactly what Soros and his cohorts celebrate.
    Webb’s Definitive Report on Benghazi also states Obama and Brennan were illegally running weapons to Al Qaeda across the Middle East…Obama and Hillary sent no help because they wanted no one saved…They wanted everyone at that complex DEAD…
    WHO told those Seals to laser light themselves up..like Roman candles …to give their position up to the enemy…so as to be killed by the enemy…Only thing is..the enemy that supports and arms AlQaeda…he lives in our White House….

    The terrorists were recorded saying. “Don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us”,,, Obama’s good buddy Morsi…and the Turk Erdogan who moved those weapons from Benghazi though Turkey to Syria for the AlQaeda ….were in on the hit of our people in Benghazi…

    Perhaps investigators should talk to Frank Wolf…the American people should hear the truth of what exactly happened to Ambassador Stevens…and the truth of his torture…doing that to an American Ambassador is an act of wa

    • richinnameonly

      I agree with much of what you say. We won’t get any honesty out of this government. They are selling us out and running us over, lying about it, and plotting how to make it even worse. They have turned us into the “terrorists” and “conspiracy theorists” if we read the bible, like the Constitution, and think the debt and government are out of control. They make themselves out to be the all knowing saviors of the people. They have us headed for socialism and Islam. I think it’s called tyranny.

    • Sam1427

      Agree with much of what you said. Maybe I can add a few things. I’ve been collecting info on Benghazi since it happened.

      Obama reportedly made a phone call to Netanyahu after the meeting with Gen. Dempsey and SecDef Panetta. You doubt this and that’s fair enough. The WH phone records haven’t been released that I am aware. There’s a photograph of Biden’s notes supposedly taken on the Netanyahu call. The photo shows Obama, Biden, McDonough, Donilon and Lew the evening of 9/11/12. Biden is holding the notes. They are not in the situation room but the Oval Office. Tommy Vietor’s boss was Donilon, then National Security Advisor. McDonough was Deputy National Security Advisor. Jack Lew was Chief of Staff. All of these people are political hacks.

      I heard an unconfirmed report that Mike Rogers wife Kristi worked in an executive position for Aegis, the large security company. Aegis has the contract for diplomatic security worldwide and they hired Blue Mountain for Benghazi security. Rogers is not running for re-election. May be unrelated. Maybe not.

      To the best of my knowledge, Greg Hicks (Stevens’ deputy) is still alive as is Eric Nordstrom (RSO, Tripoli).

      The New York Times reported that Hillary and Obama talked at 10:08 and Hillary talked about the video.

      Don’t forget Putin and Erdogan met shortly before 9/11 and Putin warned Obama not to arm the Syrian rebels. Putin knew about the weapons smuggling (the Entisar was caught smuggling through Iskandur pre-9/11) and Putin wasn’t going to give up Syria.

      The Pentagon ordered the Special Forces team in Europe to Sigonella Italy about 12:30 am 9/12. When an ambassador is in grave danger, the Pentagon positions resources for the expected order to rescue him. But they can’t cross a national border without Cross Border Authority (CBA) and that has to come from the president and no one else. No CBA was issued. No CBA, no rescue. Petraeus said as much, albeit in obscure language.

      The Select Committee will, I hope, take depositions from all the US players involved. Hours long depositions, since that’s how you catch witnesses in lies. It’s hard to keep lies straight once you start lying and there are a lot of lies about what happened in Benghazi. The American people deserve the truth as do the families of the fallen.

  • richinnameonly

    Obama doesn’t care about tragedies. He’s laughing at everyone because he feels he can do whatever he wants.

  • AnthonyM

    I had not heard of Strassmeir or his involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing. Was he the unidentified man at the truck rental counter with one of the bombers? I had not discovered Shoebat until recently.

    • Sam1427

      Strassmeier was “Andy the German.” Reporter Jayna Davis thinks the unidentified man with McVeigh was an Iraqi. I think her book is still in print.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Damn scum bags sick bastards they have destroyed the country with their crap especially Obama

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