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Christianity Is Not A Religion Of Peace! It Is A Religion Of War And Combat

By Theodore Shoebat Christianity is not a religion of peace! It is a religion of war and combat. This will be illustrated by a very recent event that took place in Central Africa, and then proven through a theological discourse by myself. Muslims in Bangui, Central Africa, attacked a church on Wednesday, called the Church […]

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This is what a Liar Looks Like when he’s Frustrated

By Ben Barrack Secretary of State John Kerry has spent years making his liberal bed; now he’s lying in it (yes, that’s a double entendre). As and others have demonstrated with far more evidence than Kerry has shown, the fact is that the charge that Syrian rebels were behind the chemical attacks in Syria […]

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Pastor Gets Major Heat For Calling Islam “Satanic” and “From the Pit of Hell”

Pastor James McConnell the senior Pastor of Whitewell Tabernacle in Belfast Northern Ireland is a courageous speaker of truth and when you speak truth you get heat. This major heat came from the BBC in Northern Ireland for calling Islam what it is. Here is the part of the speech that got the BBC and […]

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Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Obama's OIC Envoy Rashad Hussain in 2010.

Obama’s Muslim Envoy Caught LYING should now be FIRED

By Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** A decision – not a mistake – made by someone in the U.S. State Department should violently jolt the American people. It was a decision to promote and utilize the deceptive tactic of Muruna, which we explained in great detail at upon discovering it. A searing, white hot spotlight […]

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Muslims Want To Shed The Blood Of The Saints, And Slaughter Every Christian They Meet

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat The life of the saint is one of the watchman, looking down from the edges of the cliffs of the world’s banishment, never ceasing to concentrate the eyes on the movements of the roaring lion, who incessantly lurks about looking for anyone he may devour. Constantly echoing in the ears […]

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