Muslims Want To Shed The Blood Of The Saints, And Slaughter Every Christian They Meet

By Theodore Shoebat

The life of the saint is one of the watchman, looking down from the edges of the cliffs of the world’s banishment, never ceasing to concentrate the eyes on the movements of the roaring lion, who incessantly lurks about looking for anyone he may devour. Constantly echoing in the ears of these abandoned children of anguish, are the words of their master:

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. (Matthew 10:22)

Thus is the life of Tariq Yousef, whose life stood on the thread that suspends amidst the thin and dismal air, between the realms of life and death. For seven months he stood on this not so sturdy thread, and for those seven long and painful months, we labored tirelessly to save his life from the violent hands of Muslims. The AP described his story and how Rescue Christians was clandestinely work to save him and other persecuted Christians:

Tariq, a Christian, is currently in hiding after authorities charged him with blasphemy. He said the charges came over a quarrel he had with two customers who bought faulty firecrackers from him. When he refused to apologize, he said the customers went to the police in Lahore and told them a lie that he had stuffed the firecrackers with pages torn from the Quran. Fearing capture by Pakistani authorities while he seeks asylum outside of the country, he spoke on condition that he be identified by his first name only.

The Pakistani representative of RescueChristians, speaking on condition of anonymity for his personal safety, said several Christians are waiting for travel documents to secretly leave Pakistan, while others are in jail awaiting trial and targeted for death by militant groups.

Here is an interview we took of him, with footage of his arrival in Thailand with one of our contacts picking him up:

We rescued Tariq because you, the reader, was willing and loving enough to donate money which funded the rescue mission. There are many more Christians in need of rescuing, and we ask you to please click here make a donation that will save MORE Christian lives in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and Somalia.

He was a simple man, running a small shop selling firecrackers in Wazirabad, in the Christian village of Thatha Faqir Ullah in Pakistan. One day, in October of 2013, some Muslims came to purchase firecrackers from Tariq for a local wedding.

Later on in the day, the Muslims made some complaints that the firecrackers were not working. When Tariq came, and used some of the firecrackers to show that they were clearly functioning, the Muslims connivingly snuck in some pages of the Koran into a number of the firecrackers, and then accused him of blasphemy.

From this moment, the terror of the Islamic heresy haunted Tariq, and for seven straight months he lived with the prospect of martyrdom.

As soon as they accused him, a mob of about 15 or 20 Muslim savages seized him, “they caught him, and beat him” (Mark 12:3) with the utmost of viciousness. But some good samaritans intervened and brought an end to the beatings. His accuser, Khurram Shahzad, in a later interview with Morning Star News, expressed his tyrannical desire to have Tariq punished when he said:

I registered the case against Tariq Masih and his brother on the directions of Mullah Sherazi and prayer leaders of three other mosques of the area… We would have thrashed him more had our elders not stopped us. Tariq Masih admitted before us that he had used the holy pages and sought forgiveness. He even promised us that he would not make the fireworks again. …The police have also told us that they have put his name on the exit control list at all airports, and he will not be able to leave Pakistan… His punishment will be an example to all those who dare insult Islam and our holy book.

Tariq received phone calls from the Muslims, pushing him to turn himself over, but he refused. As Tariq says in his own words:

I received a few calls to hand over myself. But I did not present myself, because I had not done anything wrong which could make me appear before them. They would have killed me, or put me in other blasphemy cases or life imprisonment to die die in a black chamber in jail.

A red cloud of the purest evil hazes throughout the land of Pakistan, hovering above the mortals of the land, and as parasites await for the fruit to ripen on the nurturing vine, the demons of the air patiently await for moments to stricken the souls of the people, so that they may enter into them, and use them as vehicles to kill and destroy the children of God.

A gang of imams went to the local mosques, and before savage congregations of Muslims, ravenous for the blood of the saints, told them to go about and quench their savage thirsts. A whole mob of Muslims went into a demonic frenzy, and threatened to burn down the entire Christian area of Thatta Faqir Ullah. But just as the town clerk abated the mob of Diana worshippers in Ephesus to save Paul, our team entered the village calmed down the situation.

As Tariq recalls the intense event:

It was announced in the mosques of the village of Thatta Faqir Ullah to set the house of Christians on fire. For this fear I did not go there. I knew that they would have arrested me, killed me, or get me hanged. Hear about this event, the Rescue Christians team from Lahore went there. They resolved the issue with the police and made the village people calm down, otherwise the houses of Christians could have been set on fire

It surely was a fierce moment of uncertainty when our team entered the scene. As one of our team members recounted:

It was a tense situation in that Friday when muslims had planned to burn the entire Christian colony. However again our team made every effort to control the situation .

During all these 7 months our team made every effort to save the life of Tariq Yousaf. If he was caught he might also have be given the death sentence, or life time imprisonment like other victims of blasphemy law.

As Rescue Christians worked tirelessly to get Tariq out of Pakistan, our team hid him in a place of refuge, constantly moving him from hiding place to hiding place. The police was continuously pursuing him, raiding various homes of his relatives, seeking his life like wolves tracking the life of maimed deer. As Tariq recalls:

The team was hiding me by shifting me from one place to another for seven months. The police was looking for me at my uncle’s and in-law’s houses and also at houses of my brother’s in laws.

Our team began to work very hard in dealing with all of the legal requirements in getting Tariq out of the hellish country of Pakistan. In an interview our team had with Tariq, he said:

During this period the team helped make my passport and began to work for me to leave Pakistan.

It was quite difficult to get Tariq a passport, since he was on a wanted list and was being searched out by the police, for he had broken the lawlessness of the land in order to follow the law of God. As our Pakistani contact reported:

It was a difficult task to move him out of Pakistan, as he didn’t have a passport, he was also in the police list and on a wanted list, and hence it was a difficult situation to move him legally from Pakistan. But thank God we were able to move him out of Pakistan, and now he is in a safe place, where he can start his new life with his family .

After much work, we eventually managed to have sent off to Thailand. When he set foot in this new country, the stress of war that so exhausted his soul was released, and with the knowledge of knowing that he can now worship God in peace without the threat of Pharaoh’s sword, he now found peace within himself. Tariq expressed his gratitude to Rescue Christians in these words:

I do no not know how this all was done and how much this team had spent to rescue my life. They took too much trouble for me and kept on struggling due to which I am alive in a secured country. I’m thankful to Rescue Christians for saving my life.

The trouble in saving this man’s life was not a labor, but a blessing, knowing full well how much God desires for us to save His persecuted Church, and to fight against that dragon who makes “war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Revelation 12:17)

To rescue just one Christian is to receive the fullest blessings of God, and that is to have that eternal memory within your own mind, that a servant of God was delivered from the hordes of wolves who desire his blood. To save just one Christian is to please Christ, for in His own words, “Verily, I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)

I urge you with the great exhortation, to become a worthy servant of the Lord, and to give whatever you can to save the least of Christ’s brethren. Please click here to make a donation that will save Christian lives in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia.


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