Hillary’s Book Provides MORE EVIDENCE Huma Abedin a Stealth Muslim Brotherhood Agent

While broaching the subject in her book about the controversy surrounding her adviser Huma Abedin’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which went mainstream a full year after those connections were discovered by Shoebat.com, Hillary Clinton has inadvertently provided more evidence that Abedin is a stealth agent for the Brotherhood. What may seem like a harmless admission – that Huma traveled to Cairo with Hillary in 2012 – is actually quite a damning revelation considering that Huma (a Muslim) – was married to Anthony Weiner (a Jew) coupled with who was in power in Egypt at the time – the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hillary inadvertently reinforces case against Huma in "Hard Choices".

Hillary inadvertently reinforces case against Huma in “Hard Choices”.

In her book, Hillary reveals some of what happened during a meeting with Coptic Christians while visiting Cairo in 2012, after Mohammed Mursi had been elected President and Egypt was on the brink of civil war.

…one of the more agitated participants brought up an especially outrageous canard. He accused my trusted aide Huma Abedin, who is Muslim, of being a secret agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. This claim had been circulated by some unusually irresponsible and demagogic right-wing political and media personalities in the United States, including members of Congress, and now it had turned up in Cairo. I wasn’t going to let that stand and told him in no uncertain terms how wrong he was. After a few minutes of conversation the embarrassed accuser apologized and asked why a member of the U.S. Congress would make such an assertion if it wasn’t true. I laughed and said that unfortunately plenty of falsehoods are circulated in Congress. After the meeting Huma went right up to the man, politely introduced herself, and offered to answer any questions he had. It was a characteristically gracious move on her part.

Why did Abedin – a devout Muslim who is married to a Jew in Weiner – join Hillary Clinton on a trip to Egypt when that country was ruled by the extremely fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood and President Mursi? Did the secret service object? Did Mursi?

Hillary visited Egypt (with Huma) in 2012.

Hillary visited Egypt (with Huma) in 2012.

That Abedin was with Clinton during that visit received scant media attention at best. According to a Daily Beast report from a year later, it was Abedin who pushed for Clinton to make the trip.

Why would a Muslim woman married to a Jew push for to visit a country run by the extremely fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood???

As was the case all throughout the summer of 2012, extremely legitimate questions were never answered, like how Abedin ever received a security clearance when her family members have irrefutable links to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not a matter of guilt by association; it has always been about conflict of interest. In her book, Hillary does not relay any of the questions asked by the “agitated participant” or any of Huma’s responses to them.

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When someone shines a light on something that someone else is trying to hide, the reaction of the exposed individual is usually to smear the charge and the attacker. Hillary does this with the “outrageous canard” and the “irresponsible and demagogic right-wing political and media personalities” lines. Check.

If Huma is not a stealth Muslim Brotherhood agent, she would have been in significant danger by traveling to Egypt during the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule there. Mursi likely would have had a problem allowing a Muslim woman who married a Jewish man to have such access.

Then again, Abedin’s mother and Mursi’s wife have been close colleagues for years as both are co-leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood, as Shoebat.com first revealed. There have even been credible reports that the Clintons and the Mursis go back several years as well, which Shoebat.com explored at length.

Hillary (L) with Huma's mother Saleha (C) and Mursi's wife Naglaa (R), who is a Sisterhood colleague of Saleha.

Hillary (L) with Huma’s mother Saleha (C) and Mursi’s wife Naglaa (R), who is a Sisterhood colleague of Saleha.

In the summer of 2012, when the controversy involving Abedin’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood hit the mainstream media, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shied away from defending Abedin overtly as reported by Shoebat.com. The one time she addressed a question about Abedin, Clinton was very evasive and didn’t even refer to Huma in her response. If fact, like she did in her book, Clinton avoided addressing any of the facts.

Here is what she said in response to a question about suspicions regarding Abedin’s loyalty:

“Leadership is incredibly important. Leaders have to be active in stepping in and sending messages about protecting the diversity within their countries. And frankly, I don’t see enough of that, and I want to see more of it. I want to see more of it, and we did see some of that in our own country. We saw Republicans stepping up and standing up against the kind of assaults that really have no place in our politics.”

Really?! That’s it?! It’s such a non-defense, it should have made Huma quit.

In reality, when guilty, the best defense is the the best non-defense possible. As to why Hillary was willing to go further in her book than she was in 2012, timing is everything. She couldn’t insert herself into the controversy because it was so volatile. Doing so would have put a brighter spotlight on Huma, something Hillary just couldn’t afford to do.

Again, if Huma isn’t a stealth BrotherSisterhood agent, wouldn’t she want a far more vehement defense from her boss? The truth is that by being so cagey, Hillary was defending Huma [our comments bolded in brackets]:

That leads to what Hillary wrote in her book, shortly after the excerpt above:

Privately I was furious at the attacks on Huma [if furious, why not speak out publicly in defense of your ‘trusted aide’ ?] by several ignorant House members [more smearing]. So I was grateful to Senator John McCain, who had gotten to know her over the years, when he went to the floor of the Senate and made his own disdain clear [Here is what McCain did]… Several weeks later, with Huma sitting at his side at the White House’s annual Iftar dinner to break the Ramadan fast, President Obama also defended her, saying… [Here is what Obama did]… The President of the United States and one of our nation’s most renowned war heroes make quite a one-two punch. It was a real testament to Huma’s character.

At no point does Hillary explain why she didn’t stand up for Huma, only that she didn’t.

The result is that no matter how much Clinton left out of her book relative to Huma, whatever she puts in only further implicates Huma further as a stealth Muslim BrotherSisterhood agent who has racked up a rather disturbing list of defenders, as chronicled by Shoebat.com.


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  • billobillo54

    The case of Huma Abedein being associated, related or otherwise significantly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood is serious, but sadly symptomatic. The phenomenon of Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISSA, and the mnany other means of subversive Islamic influence in U.S. government, while being dead serious and significant, is symptomatic of a deeper malfeaseance. The deeper malfeaseance has to do with Christian leaders and Christians in general who fail to recognize the following:
    1. Islam is directly associated with the anti-Christ. Let’s forget about the apostates who are involved in Chrislam or relativism. They are beyond redemption. There are several serious and undoubtably devestating in their consequences errors by the orthodox church. First, as exemplified by the pathetic Protestant Evangelicals in their idiotic and deceived “Christ At The Checkpoint” initiative or the entire heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, especially this Pope and the preceding two Popes just for starters, and many of the Eastern Rite Churches, is the acceptance of Islam as some sort of legitimate, even though imperfect, expression of faith in God. Anyone who claims to be a spokesman for Christ and in any way legitimizes Islam as a true expression of faith in God, even in an imperfect manner, is “deceiving and being deceived.”
    2. Anyone who accepts the “Two State Solution” for Israel is also “deceiving and being deceived.” The same so-called Christian authorities I mentioned above aare huge supports of this error.

    • richinnameonly

      I hear you, but I squirm when I think of anyone as being beyond redemption. I think the big thing on both of your points is that people must reject Replacement Theology (Supersessionism) and relearn in the light of the Islamic paradigm.

  • richinnameonly

    Sure Hillary. The criticism was ignorant, irresponsible and outrageous. After all, why should anyone be suspicious about a Muslim Brotherhood family member being the 24/7 assistant to Secretary of State or any U.S. government official? Look at the great track record MB has in peace and tolerance. They’re certainly not affiliated with terrorism, nor are they interested in Islamic world domination. She’s uninterested in Christianity anyway, right? I’m not sure who is more deceitful, Hillary or the MB. I think probably the MB, with Hillary trailing behind and learning to be better at it as she goes along.

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