Muslims Cut Countless Heads, And Hang The Heads On Electric Wires Throughout The City

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

Muslims, in Raqqa, Syria, all members of ISIS, have cut countless heads and have hung the heads on electric wires all throughout the city in celebration of the Islamic holiday of ‘Eid. obtained a photo of the carnage:

10565054_657914304287102_727657990338910024_n suspects that the victim are Syrian soldiers who are a part of Division 17 of the military. was the first to break the story on ISIS putting the heads of Division 17 soldiers on poles, and it appears that they also hung their heads on electric wires.




  • Elizabeth Garcia

    These monsters have come right out of the pits of hell. They will reap what they sow.

    • Garry Dorado Asero Obillo

      Amen !

    • Boetica

      We should help them reap the vengeance of the living God.

    • Al

      No they won’t. Not as long as there are Liberals running freely. The democrat liberals are all part of this. And until they are completely abolished nothing will be done to control this sickness.

  • koolmom21

    Will their reign of terror ever end?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Will we dare say ‘Worse than Hitler”?

    • Lidia

      Julie, I noticed that the news is starting to talk more about Christian persecution in Syria and Iraq. Fox news is doing it the most. I think it’s getting harder for the news media to hide all these atrocities because it’s all over the internet. ISIS will go down in history as “Worse than Hitler.”

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Fox is heads above the rest for reporting on it. Last night Hannity had the president of the Catholic League of America, Bill Donohue, and a lady with ties to the Iraqi Christians on his show. Donohue’s words were pretty scathing to Obama about not saying a word about the genocide and that if the genocide was against Muslims that he would speak out.

        • Harry

          Where is the United States

          • Julie LaBrecque

            In bed with the enemy.

  • Tony Mallo

    why aren’t these Christians fighting back they know they are targets

  • bobby daugherty

    These guys are complet scum & yes they do horrible things but come on worse than Hitler LMAO they don’t come close to reaching the atrocities the NAZI’s perpetrated. The NAZI’s did things far worse than this to Millions of people & caused damage across the globe

    • Julie LaBrecque

      “We ain’t seen nothing yet”.

  • Mrbjg

    What would u say would be the “proportionate response to this atrocity!

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    What are you insinuating?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    How disgusting can you be? You are about to find out what THE GOD of the universe has in store for those who deny He exists or profanes Him.

  • bob

    Sub Humans. Who would want to follow a god, who supposedly teaches beheadings, death to all non muslims and more? Do you peace loving muslims really believe in a prophet and a diety who wants you to do that? I know there are peace loving muslims in the world. But what do you do with sharia? Some of its teachings are bizzare. If you don’t believe in all these murders and mayhem, why don’t you speak up? Would not that be the right thing to do? After all these men are islamist who supposedly get there direction from allah. Let me say this in closing, I am so glad to be a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ, who by the way does not advocate killing and chopping off heads. Our God is a God of peace and wants all men to believe in Him. He promises eternal life for those who accept Him as Lord and Savior. The decision is an act of your will. I strongly urge you to turn from a false religion and pick up a bible and read it. Find out who the true God is. He is the God of Abraham,, Isaac and Jacob. Yes, the bible tells the true story of Isaac and Ishmael, not some fabrication written by a mere man who came along so much later with a supposed vision and revelation which boggles the mind. God is on israels side in the war and will not allow them to be defeated. I could go on. but the truth is open for all to see. When you have millions of hate filled sub humans who claim to hear from a hate fillled diety, who wants them to kill off everyone that do not accept their demonic religion, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE PICTURE.

    • Jordan Schaffner

      Christians, how do you justify the crusades?

      • Susan Borden

        The Crusades were an act of desperation against
        1000 years of muslim’s unchecked killing and enslaving. Estimated victims
        around 270 million. Thank you Crusades for saving western civilization.
        I shudder to think what the world would be like if there were no crusades.

  • Penguin68

    Sadly, many leftists are bleeding heart Christians and Jews.

  • tstewart2

    C-H-I-N-A. Name calling idiot. Not to mention N. Korea and Vietnam.

  • Notchodog

    you are a small part of the problem. you keep calling people hill billy but what kind of people made built up this Nation? you are a bend over and take a D..K up the A.. because you have no backbone bi..h!

  • Notchodog

    what are you? a liberal that sucks C..K?

  • Notchodog

    neither should you because your name calling is just as bad as theirs. what an idiot, and worse because your head is so far up your ass that you choke on your own words.

  • Shiner

    The religion of PEACE. Yeah right.

  • watcherofolde

    What other way out than to use nuclear weapons? Their is no other way to stop this.

  • McHale72

    Time for another Crusade…

  • watcherofolde

    Who?? North Korea, Viet Nam, yes China still calls itself communist(even though they have adopted aspects of economic capitalism, they still have the commie political stranglehold) Hey remember in the last presidential debate when Romney said Russia was a threat? And Zippy said”Hey, the 80’s is calling, they want their cold war back” Well, GUESS what Zippy says about Russia now? Three guesses.

  • Ralph Wiggins

    Yea let’s kill a whole population jus because of a few rotten eggs stop being ignorant on the web you jus make the rest of America look like a bunch of ignorant assholes n before you start talking shit I’m not a liberal n proudly served my country in the airborne infantry

  • Liberalism is Hedonism

    That is the most uninformed anti Christian rant on the page so far. Good job Cory on winning the “Seeking hell with both hands” award.

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  • Papa Grande

    What century we are living in?

  • Bonnie

    Walid, is anyone going to try to stop that maniac?

  • Boetica

    “I have been made victorious through terror”. Bukhari

    • David Bruneau


  • amirul fareez

    to ALL reader of this saad news, I want to let you know that, THIS IS NOT IMUSLIMS..

  • amirul fareez

    they are SHIAA..

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  • Susan Borden

    Sorry Cory not the same God. Allah is
    Satan please read your religious books to find out the truth

  • Ian.H Foster

    ALL Muslims deserve to be treat like animals with a plague, before they infect any more

  • John K

    I Don’t See This Reported In America Other Than Here.
    People Worry About Violence On Television DesensitizIng Our Children.
    But The Children In Syria And Iraq See Senseless Violence EVERY DAY.

  • Jim

    THEN KABIR, you need to get everyone at your MOSQUE to condemn this.YOU need to do something. THIS is your AREA. NOT CHRISTIANS. NOT ENGLISH. ARAB MUSLIMS are doing this. Don’t cry and whine, about how Islam is peaceful when you and the supposed MAJORITY of Muslims just sit and say nothing about that, scream that “ISRAEL is conducting genocide” and that “Israel is evil” when it is MUSLIMS that are doing the actual GENOCIDE.

    • David Bruneau

      I DON’T CARE if they ALL kill each other.
      It shows that they are uncivilized heathens , when they claim to be “The religion of peace .”
      If you don’t condemn it ,you condone it .

  • SuperTecj86

    Boy that’s funny because history clearly shows that republicans have supported radical directly since the end of WWII the creation of the CIA and the 1953 coup in Iran when the U.S first used radical Islamist directly.

    You should try reading….

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  • disqus_eYvcSkOcNL

    TruthSLAYER? How did you wind up here? I’m sure it was an accident, but I’m curious.

    Jeahp, no communist countries in Asia, all Capitalists. I think North Korea was the last country to leave the socialist system, is that right? I hope your right, my girlfriend and I are planning to go there next year, we’re currently saving up though. Can’t wait!!!:D I hear their resorts are absolutely amazing! Hell, we might just stay there if we like it. I read reports, enough to know that their leader is just, to die for, AND she read something about them having camps! How fun, we’ve never been camping!:)))

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed on Socialist Summer ’15!!! b^^d thumbs up buddy.

  • disqus_eYvcSkOcNL

    Oh Clinton, why’d you have to bring that monster to for. You’re right though! I know the Serbs know.

  • disqus_eYvcSkOcNL


  • disqus_eYvcSkOcNL

    Jep,start at the head, that’s what the Muslims do.

  • Ursula Abrahams

    totally agree Kabir..but why are muslims all over the world not openly condemning these atrocities? If you don’t speak out against these crimes you are actually an accomplice to them. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing” Edmund Burke

  • Darwin Allen

    Hi Kabir Hussain. Question: Why is it that ALL “Holy Quran” followers do NOTHING about it?? I have NEVER EVER heard one Muslim or a Muslim Leader of any sort say a damn thing about it. Nothing publicly on any media. Not just now, but NEVER. I find it very odd that the “Good” Muslims of the world do not denounce the “extremest” terrorizing the world in your religion’s name. Why not rise up against them? So obviously the “majority” know all about it and yet sit there without taking action. Do something about it, if your Quran is so Holy. Where is the Good Muslims Against the Bad Muslim Groups and Pickett’s and Marches?? Yeah the “minority scums” are crapping on all of you and your beliefs, but the “majority” just sit there and just say “bad Muslims, bad”. YOU allow it. YOU are the bad Muslim, Kabir. YOU give just like your Majority all give it a bad name. Get a clue, ALL of you!! Pathetic!

  • Melina

    That’s what i once thought, but sometimes you just have to look deep, and the Islamic belief system is sometimes just too much to bare.

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  • adam

    Big liars Christian.!!!!!!


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  • Yos Hunny Chuby

    you disagree because u are a human !!! but that is the fact the quran and allah is the mastermind of that.