Muslims Enter The Home Of A Christian Girl, Grab Her, Drag Her Out, Shoot Her In The Head, And Feed Her Corpse To Dogs

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian woman named Mary was dragged out of her home in south-east Syria by Muslim jihadists, and shot her in the head. After they killed her, they declared that if anyone touched her corpse, they would slaughter her whole family. By the next day, her body was seen being eaten by dogs. According to the journalist, Nuri Kino, who first reported on the story:

So I must continue speaking out for Mary, a young woman in her mid-20s, who was dragged out of her house in Southeast Syria for being an Assyrian activist. She was pushed to the ground in the middle of the street and shot in the head. Then the terrorists shouted that they would murder the entire family of anyone attempting to touch the corpse. The same night dogs started to eat her body.

And I will continue talking about the Assyrian and Armenian girls who are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam and marry Jihadists, as one Iraqi and Syrian city after another is being emptied of Christians.

Before Syria’s civil war broke out, more than 200 Assyrian families and 1,000 individuals lived in Tabqa, a city in northern Syria. Nearly all of them have left the country; some of them are stranded all over the world, abandoned by cynical smugglers who failed to get them to Europe. Only three Assyrian families had remained in Tabqa. The rebels told them that they would not be harmed. The remaining Assyrians were poor and were trying to maintain what little they had.

One of them was 26-year-old Ninar Odisho. Ninar was brutally murdered by the terrorists. The reason he was killed could be found on his body. The Jihadists had burned a cross into his face. Every day I get reports of atrocities. Our nation, our Christian legacy and our way of life are being eradicated. Assassinated.

The prideful tone in which the perpetrators speak whenever I have interviewed them –both Al Qaeda and IS —- is equally shocking. These are mostly disgruntled young men who were teetering on the edges of society in their own homelands, often in European suburbs, and now believe they have the power to do whatever they want in the name of Islam. They can claim any house in IS-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria as their own, and tell the owners to either leave or risk being killed. They can take any woman as their wife.

Why? Because no one is stopping them.

At least 700, 000 non-Muslims — Christians, Mandeans, Yezidis and others — have left Iraq by now. No one knows how many have left Syria.

IS is also persecuting Muslims. They have killed Sunni Mullahs in Mosul to show that they do not tolerate any interpretation of the Koran other than their own hijacked and distorted version, and that they will accept no religious authority other than their own homemade version.

In other words, everyone other than them is a target: especially the more immediate rivals to their religious and communal authority, other Muslim sects such as the Shia and the Alawites.



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  • Lidia

    Hi Father. I wish both sides could come together to make peace too. But this is a dream that will not come true because Hamas and the other Muslim extremists want Israel destroyed. There will be no peace until Israel is gone, that is what they are saying. So what can the world do? We would have to get rid of all the extremists in order to have peace in the world!!! God will help us get rid of them!!

    • Lidia

      Look at all the innocent people dying from these extremists. Look at what happened to Mary from Syria. Her family is really suffering. If that was my daughter on the street getting eaten by dogs, I would just want to die!!!

  • Mark Mark

    when is the west going to wake up to itself while we sit back and allow this genocide to continue we sit back and talk peace respect and tolerance while these parasites in the name of Islam preach war hatred and intolerance they are a cancer on any western society and need to be removed why is it that every other religion can come together in peace except for these Barbarians called Muslim

  • Datrebor

    I guess they forget to say “Only if you belong to the Religion of Islam” all others must die.

  • Datrebor

    No we should pray for Jesus Christ to return those slain In God’s Name are already rewarded and Romans 12:19: Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

    • Cody Long

      The BIble also says an eye for an eye. Also, if you live by the sword you die by the sword.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    If you are a 7 year old Christian girl in Syria who is not martyred – here is what you can expect.

    President Obama has turned America and it’s MSM media into a nation that supports this – not to mention increasing numbers of Evangelical churches who support this by their silence.

  • yolanda

    You have to fight my friends. Europe is not going to help you. America is not going to help you and definitely not the UN. They expect you to turn your other cheek. Don’t do it. FIGHT!!!!