Muslim Children Parade The Heads Of Their Victims, While A Crowd Of Muslim Adults Praise Them

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

The Islamic State social networking site has a photo showing a child holding a severed head amid a gathering of other children, which was tweeted and went viral with an attached phrase that said “This is how the cubs of the Caliphate are raised up”, boasting of this heinous act.


It should be noted that it is not the first time that such boast is made in which the heads of victims are being carried by children. An Australian Muslim child held in his hand the heads of severed Syrian troops. The head of the Shariah judge of the General brigades “Hawks of Sham,” had been carried by children after the ISIS killed him.

This image comes after the disclosure that the children are being trained to kill in the name of religion, in the framework of the preparation of the Islamic state raising a generation of fighters to rid the world of “infidels”.

Iraq and Syria are in a very bad situation, but there is one country that is much more severe when it comes to Christian persecution: Mexico. ISIS has killed hundreds of Christians, but the pagan drug cartels in Mexico have killed tens of thousands of Christians. They behead people, they kidnap children, tear out their hearts and cannibalize them in pagan rituals; they kidnap women and make them sex slaves; they melt people alive in giant vats of acid. These victims are not in the hundreds, but the tens of thousands. The cartels worship the devil and the abysmal spirits.

Victims of the cartel

Victims of the cartel


The Mexican cartels are just as evil as Muslim terrorists, and they have butchered tens of thousands of Christians in Mexico. A major militia leader in Mexico, Jorge Vasquez Valencia, joined us at to explain the nature of the fight against the cartels, how the cartels have butchered tens of thousands of Christians, and why Donald Trump is right about the border:




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  • Futz

    I’m sure that part in the old testament where God’s prophet Elisha, the good Christian man, calls a curse on the boys who were calling him names and two bears come out of the woods and tear 42 boys to pieces will really help these Muslims out. If only they could read it. Good guy that Elisha, loving God in that Bible, that book about peace and love, and tearing children to shreds.

  • yahshua love’s you

    While Muslims are raising up young children to become killer soldiers Christians are learning their kids to be peaceful and to turn the other cheek. well I’m not going to teach mi kids that peaceful stuff because G-d has told us to be bold and to be a soldier of ha moshiach and not to put up with no ones crap shalom

  • richinnameonly

    Maybe, just maybe if the TV media showed things like this people would wake up. Didn’t Hitler ask for the youth so he could indoctrinate them? And we think Common Core in this U.S. is bad. It is, but what do we teach kids in the home?

  • Spongwoggler

    Now this is what I call quality education. Start them young and they will turn out to be the best barbarians of all time. What an unbelievable bunch of sickos. They need to be removed fro this world.

  • ayyam


  • this is evil / demonic / satanic of these Satan worshiping muslims!!

  • As I recall, Jesus told us if we didn’t have a sword, to sell our cloak and buy one.

  • disqus_HrncY6oFas

    Allah is ABSOLUTELY NOT the same God as Jehovah or the Christian/Jewish
    God. The Bible teaches that Jesus died on the cross and that his
    sacrifice gets rid of our sins (2 Cor. 5:21) , muslims believe it was
    Judas and that staying away from major sins gets rid of smaller ones
    (4:31) . The Bible teaches Isaac was going to be sacrificed, Muslims
    teach that it was Ishmael. Christians believe in the Trinity, Muslims
    do not. Christians Bible teaches that Jesus is God (Jehovah/Yahweh) and
    the creator (John 1:1, John 10:30, Col 1:16), Muslims do not believe
    Jesus is God but just a prophet. And his is only a couple differences.

  • Uzoma Joe

    i v considered switchn to the hindi philosophy though i m a catholic xtian…but i m sincerely tired of all these killings that go in the name of God/allah..religion makes us not to see the humanity of others i m afraid…and its sad really…we blame the muslims a lot for some quotes of the koran but there r equally ruthless quotes in the old testament of the i really dont know…even as xtians we divided…my jehovah witness friends tell me i ll go to hell as all catholics r guilty of idolatry…ditto for other xtian faiths who dont see eye to eye with catholics..there’s so much division elsewhere…even xtians believe the jews r gonna go to hell cos they killed Jesus…several catholic philosophers like saint augustine and thomas aquinas say the only path to salvation is through the catholic church!!!!I really do get tired when i read all this and do my research

  • Stephen Holmstock

    your an idiot…

  • Stephen Holmstock

    Amber your truly ignorant

  • arlowoodenhead

    Your point seems to be that Jehovah likes to do his own killing.

  • TexanCowgirl

    First of all, what mother? I did not mention any mother. And who are you saying he gave wholesale agency right to? The Jews? Well, first of all, the Jews are Gods chosen people, they are the people of Abraham, Christ came to save them first, but most of them rejected Him, so he turned to we Gentiles (non-Jews) and let Himself be crucified, to pay the punishment for the sins of man, then and forever. And He did not save the world just for the Christians and Muslims, there are plenty of other religions out there, (the ONLY true way is through Christ) and yes, he is my personal Lord and Saviour because I asked him personally to come into my life and save me, and I put my life into His hands, whatever happens to me, is what Christ planned, and I will always give Him glory for it, no matter what happens. Now…about where Jesus said, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” He said that, because at that moment, all the sins of man, past, present, and future, were laid upon Him (even though He did NOT sin, the sins of the world, he put upon Himself) and since He did that, God the Father could not look upon Him, so when he gave up the ghost,(died) and the temple veil was rent, he was placed in a tomb, which was then sealed, and rose again on the third day. (yes, I skipped passages because it is a bit long, but if you want to read for yourself, it is Matthew 27. (KJV) And Christ has NOT forsaken we Christians, this is NOT our home, once we accept Jesus, Heaven then becomes our home, so it does not matter if we die, we go straight to heaven! 😀 That is why you don’t hear me complaining about all of my brothers and sisters in Christ being martyred in other countries, because I know that once they are dead, they are in a much happier place. Yes, there are plenty of Christians who have problems with stuff, such as paying bills, sick loved ones ect. BUT, remember, this is NOT our home, this life on earth, no matter what happens, that is the WORST we will go through, once we get to heaven, it will be all worth it! No matter what! Oh, and there is this thing called the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. (or Ghost) They are all ONE, but three. We do NOT know everything, but God says that when we get to heaven, that all mysteries will be revealed unto us. “dont have these stupid notions of God…there is a difference between spirituality and organized religion” I’m not really sure what you are trying to say here, we are just followers of Jesus Christ, but there are different groups, such as me, I am Mennonite, (or will be, once the pastor and deacons decide if I can join the church, then I will be officially Mennonite. 😀 i.e. I was raised Baptist, but chose (like 3 of my brothers) to be Mennonite) there are Baptists, and there are Amish that are saved,Jews, (yes, there are plenty of born again Jews out there) you can call yourself whatever you want, as long as you are saved, and are following/worshiping the Lord, the rest is between you and God. The hindu philosophy is full of errors and contradictions. The Holy KJV Bible is pure, without blemish. That is what I (and other born again Christians) live by.

  • TexanCowgirl

    Yes, I was just trying to point out, that a lot of people say ”christian”, but they also use that term for catholics, who are not true Christians, and it confuses people who don’t know that. When I first saw WBC on the news, I was really confused, because we are NOT to do that sort of thing. I respect all branches of our military, even though I don’t agree with them in any aspect of being over seas, when they should be here protecting our borders. (my parents were both in the Army, and went overseas, and I have a LOT of friends/family members (past and present) who serve in the military. And brothers that are planning to join) I don’t get WHY they do it, I just pray they see the error of their ways, and stop. 🙂

  • TexanCowgirl

    Show me ONE contradiction in the KJV Bible.

  • Marie Mellor

    These people are not religious they are evil sick barbaric human being’s using religion as an excuse for inexcusable actions

  • TexanCowgirl

    And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.
    And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

    How are you saying that these are contradictions? These are obviously two different points in time. In one verse, God was angry at Israel, and moved David against them, in the other, Satan provoked David, how is that a contradiction? Are you trying to say that David did/should not sin? He(like EVERYONE) sinned, committed adultery even. Please explain how you think these two verses are contradictions.

  • skybox offor

    crooked cooked lie,

  • Merhawi Tesfai

    Jesus said the only way through the father is through him, his son. Muslims reject the trinity and the divinity of Jesus and said that he was just an ordinary prophet.

  • sandra hurley

    I was going to join in this discussion but there are too many bible bashers harping on!

  • bowie1

    Don’t these kids shudder holding the head of a real person?

  • Carlos Huerta

    Golam, if you are too a humpy about this country, why don’t you get the hell out of here and go back to the hellhole you came from?

  • Marsha Moore

    What is the problem. there are more pictures of the atrocities of these barbaric heathen than most civilized people can stomach. It Is REAL. the only question is why are we not stopping it?

  • mayorofshadyvil

    @Golam Dawood something like 350,000 people died at the hand of a gun of another American in the years 2000 through 2010, and yet somehow, I still bust my ass everyday, feeling as safe and insulated as ever, living my version of the American dream. Every 4 years I vote for a President, and watch half of the country complain about him, for a second, and then chat up about the latest crazy news story they try and distract us with. I listen to This American Life every Monday morning, Football on Sundays, I drink when I want, smoke even less, love coffee, play with my kids, making love to my wife, laughing with friends, and I wouldn’t trade it for the frikcin’ World. The people in this photo are garbage. They are sheep, being led to a slaughter in the name of their God. They are desolate, they are angry, they are uneducated, they have leaders that literal freaking steal from them, hold them to standards they themselves don’t even pretend to try and follow, and all the while blaming their great satan. I will cop to the fact that we can do better. I will admit our leaders can do better, and some of them bring shame upon themselves and our flag. I will absofrickinlutely admit I can do better. What can you say about the people in this photo? Not a goddamned thing, and that is why I will NEVER respect you. They are brainwashed cult members that have no idea that their entire religion has been hijacked by psychopaths that have to wear masks when they commit the acts they state they are proud of. That’s how you can tell an ACTUAL soldier on their side, he’s hiding his fricking face. And yet somehow, you stare at your Galaxy S5 and read their horrors committed to westerners like yourself with a sense of pride. Shame on you, shame on people like you. We need to come together and figure this shiite out sunni or later. My kid was gasping at a drop of blood on my bed sheets from a lost tooth yesterday, he will be 7 soon. This kid is in the “acts of atrocity” head start(no pun intended) program, and I hate having my kid be behind in anything. But also he’s light years ahead of his class in math, and he would be able to calculate the distance the drone needed to travel to obliterate the area that may be a danger to us if need be. Read that and gasp, then look at the photo. My sentence was hypothetical. The child in that photo is holding a man’s head like it’s a 20 inch flounder he intends to enter into the spring tournament for all the pot money.

    • Janet Kerce Weir

      Very good! No, excellent! – from one proud American to another, thanks!

    • Randy Dowdy

      Check your numbers…….that would be 35,000 per year……….it is not happening………any number is bad, but you should have your info right before posting like this.

  • chrisvanoire

    i looked everywhere and didn’t see any…so please…

  • Michael Gene Myrick Jr

    well when you kill fleas you gotta kill the eggs too because if not they come back

  • Charles Burgher

    Why let them stay there, when we can have these 3rd world pieces of sh*t over here? Obama is one of them. I’m not nuts, nor am I a right wing crazy. If we don’t take a lesson from Europe, we deserve everything we get.

  • Charles Burgher

    The truth is that Muslims behead people and boast about it. Who cares about this ONE picture?

  • Charles Burgher

    Come again, I missed your point.

  • Charles Burgher

    What are you saying?

  • Charles Burgher

    Sorry, but something is missing there.

  • Golam Dawood

    Christians are part of the Arab Spring. Your depend on lies for your world view.

  • Golam Dawood

    No. South Africa is not. Lies. You need lies. Alternative facts as you’d call them.

  • Golam Dawood

    You are confused. You need critical reading skills. I’m not here out to harass people. I’m here asking US Americans to be honest. Do me a favour, and research depleted uranium in Fallujah, or agent orange in Vietnam. Conduct your own independent research. Tell me then what you learn about your government/society. Thanks.