Walid Shoebat Discusses ISIS on National Television

Walid on One America News diescussing ISIS

One America News a relatively new Cable network. It is the best news network for giving you the truth about what is happening in the Middle East. Their web site is oann.com and here is how you can watch them instead of the other vegetable soup news stations click here


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  • Tom_mcewen

    Perhaps since ISIS is one of the richest non-state actors they can buy a nuclear weapon from pakistan and it can become our problem, but they love Obama right?

    • shoebat

      In time they could expand into Pakistan and by then they will not need to buy nukes.

      • Tom_mcewen

        That is good, so all they have to do come up the money to Fed Ex it to the US, and they are home free, an early Christmas present for the Great Satan

  • richinnameonly

    Most of the world has no idea how outmoded and erroneous their views of world happenings are. Bookmarked OAN to check for future news.

  • Kathy Reynolds

    Good work, Mr. Shoebat.

    • shoebat

      Thank Kathy

  • Kamau40

    Great insight. It is amazing to watch and see how Bible Prophecy is unfolding everyday right before our very eyes in the Middle East.

  • AnthonyM

    Good report, Walid. The subject is complex and they don’t give you much time.

  • RodK1975

    Informative video… very! Basically the same old game with different players and higher stakes… Divide and conquer. The fomentation of chaos which gives Turkey and the MB the excuse to come in and take over to restore order… and presto… Islamic Caliphate/Revived Ottoman Empire. And, on top of that, every nation in the world with a population of “moderate” muslims just awaiting orders to pop off. Man, they have a perfect set up. Just the right amount of so called “radicalism” in the muslim population and just the right amount of apathy and ignorance the the rest of the world. Wow…

  • billobillo54

    God bless you Walid. May God help you communicate with inferiors. I don’t mean that in a mean or nasty way. Just the fact. I consider myself extremely inferior in knowledge and perspective. I believe that it is really important that many people hear you and you get through to them and that you are understood.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Great Interview Mr. Shoebot! I watched the entire interview.

    You nailed it once again! I am calling this the Obama Caliphate!

    Obama and his Full Hoards of Obama appointed Muslim Brotherhood Advisors in OUR White knew exactly what they were doing when they pulled out of Iraq with their silly excuses and blamed Iraq for American Forces leaving!

    Obama has also Fired any American Military General and high ranking Officer who does not agree with him! And has issued pink slips to our Military even serving on the battlefield in Afghanistan! This IS…..Obama’s Caliphate! This IS an Obama Created world wide Crisis! No question! The Obama pattern is very very clear!

    Remember…..Obama is the one who tried to spin all of this into NO Problem, and call ISIS just a JV Team. And proclaim that ISIS is not Islamic! Acting like there was no problem for months, while ISIS gained strength!

    Obama does not fool me one bit!

  • FF

    Very good. Glad you reached the screens again. God blss you.

  • royal

    Great interview. …..Very clear..Watchmen , God bless