The Story Of American Hostage (Kayla Jean Mueller) That ISIS Claims Was Killed In The Latest Jordanian Air Raids On ISIS

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The Islamic State (IS) claimed that an American female hostage was killed when a Jordanian aircraft struck the building in which she was located in Syria’s ar-Raqqah governorate.

In a report distributed on Twitter on February 6, 2015, the group stated that Kayla Jean Mueller was killed when she was buried beneath the rubble of the building. Pictures show the alleged targeted site.

It had long been known that ISIS had a female U.S. aid worker in captivity. CBS News reported in August 2014 that ISIS had demanded a ransom of $6.6 million for her. She was being held in Syria. Mueller was captured there in August 2013 with a group of other aid workers. Those other aid workers have since been released.

The media says that Kayla Jean Mueller worked at the hospital of Aleppo at the time of the abduction, in August 2013. At the time, “there is no evidence” that the cooperating American Kayla Jean Mueller has been killed in a bombing of the Jordanian fighter against targets jihadists in Raqqa, in northern Syria says the Pentagon.

“A gimmick that has to do with public relations”, said officials of the Jordanian government – cited by CNN accusing the jihadists to resort once again to the propaganda denouncing the death of the American woman held hostage during the air raids of Jordan.

ISIS has a track-record of lying about hostage deaths. On February 6, a video showing the execution of a Jordanian pilot was released. The video was dated from early January. Despite this, the group had been negotiating for his release in exchange for a failed suicide bomber, Sajida al-Rishawi. The day after Kasasbeh’s execution video was uploaded, al-Rishawi was hanged by the Jordanian government.


The Daily Courier says of Muller that she was a volunteer career began with her interest in the Darfur Crisis. She’s a native of Prescott, Arizona. Her parents are Carl and Marsha Mueller. The Daily Courier in Prescott reported on her enrolling at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff in 2007.

Prescott native Kayla Mueller has spent most of her 19 years in the same house and attended local schools.

However, the outside world is at her back door, and she is broadening her horizons by moving away from home for the first time to attend Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. An undeclared major, she said that she will consider anthropology, environmental science or international relations.

I love cultures and language and learning about people’s cultures,” she said.

Her interest in other cultures and world affairs might explain her activism on behalf of genocide victims in the Darfur region of Sudan.

She has volunteered for three years with the Save Darfur Coalition. She wrote letters and placed calls to members of Congress, and conducted two silent walks locally.

Mueller, daughter of Marsha and Carl Mueller, also has acted locally as well as globally. She became involved with the Youth Count volunteer program in Prescott Valley five years ago, and that connection led to numerous projects.

Projects included successfully applying for a $5,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection to design a program at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Yavapai College.

The volunteer work took Mueller and Cindy Craig, program director of the Youth Volunteer Corps at Youth Count, to the national conference of Afterschool Alliance in July in Washington, D.C. She said that she and Craig gave a talk about environmental and intergenerational programs.


Mueller, who graduated this spring from Tri-City College Prep High School in Prescott, said Dave Somerville was her favorite teacher in high school. He taught science classes before retiring at the end of the school year.

“She is very organized, very dedicated to environmental issues, and she has a very good mind,” Somerville said. “She can reason things out very well.”

Somerville said that he can envision Mueller running an activism group, or getting involved in national or international politics.

Others are recognizing Mueller’s achievements. Craig successfully nominated her for the 2007 Joy of Giving, Youth Services Award from the Yavapai County Community Foundation. She is due to receive the honor in November.

Mueller said she plans to continue her volunteer work while attending NAU.

“I always feel that no matter how much I give I always get back more through these projects,” Mueller said.

In one story of her work in Syria, a man searching for his Syrian family after their refugee camp in Turkey was bombed was reunited with a 6-year-old relative thanks to Prescott resident Kayla Mueller.

After looking frantically for missing family members, he eventually found an 11-year-old girl alive at a hospital, but learned his wife had died, and could not find the boy.

The man turned to Mueller, who works in Turkey with the international humanitarian aid agency Support to Life. He gave her a video image of the boy, and she later found him after he came out of surgery at another hospital.

Mueller spoke Wednesday about her experiences to the Prescott Kiwanis Club, where her father Carl Mueller is a member.

“This story is not rare in Syria,” Mueller said. “This is the reality for Syrians two and a half years on. When Syrians hear I’m an American, they ask, ‘Where is the world?’ All I can do is cry with them, because I don’t know.”

Mueller said after learning more about the situation in Syria, she was drawn to help and finds now she “can’t do enough.”

Mueller said she’s heard of children being hurt by unexploded bombs, women being forced into early marriages, and children being forced to fight for both sides.

Children as young as 8 are working because there’s no access to school, Mueller added, as schools have been targeted by the Syrian government for bombing. People who have lost their homes to the bombs and fighting are living in groups in caves and large businesses, Mueller said.

“Syrians are dying by the thousands, and they’re fighting just to talk about the rights we have,” Mueller said.

“For as long as I live, I will not let this suffering be normal. (I will not let this be) something we just accept,” Mueller said. “It’s important to stop and realize what we have, why we have it and how privileged we are. And from that place, start caring and get a lot done.”

As part of her work, Mueller draws, paints and plays with Syrian children in the refugee camps and helps with psycho-social interventions.

“We give and get joy from playing with these children,” Mueller said.

During one activity, Mueller said they asked the Syrian children to draw their ideal place, and each child drew his or her own home.

“They told us everything about their house,” Mueller said. “They said, ‘There’s a tree in front of my house that I climb.’ ‘There’s this squeaky door that my dad never fixed.’

“Half the 1.5 million refugees the U.N. has registered are children,” Mueller continued. “In the chaos of waking up in the middle of the night and being shelled, we’re hearing of more children being separated from their families by accident.”

Kiwanis Member Kurt Vogel asked what actions Mueller would recommend.

“A no-fly zone over refugee camps would be number one,” Mueller said.

The U.S. is one of the biggest donors to humanitarian relief, but Mueller said she believes the media is not portraying the situation accurately, because people would react if they saw what she has.

“The people of the United States would see that something needs to be done,” Mueller said.

Mueller also works with a nongovernment organization whose name translates to Dignity to help Syrian refugee women develop the skills they need to support themselves and their family. For more information about the project and how to help, email [email protected]

Pray for the best.

  • AnthonyM

    Jordan’s bombing of ISIS killed her? I strongly doubt it. It would not be above ISIS to kill her and plant her there afterwards. Jordan needs to keep up their effort, with our support. Our President has no stomach to fight against radical Islam.

  • momprayn

    Yes, I heard it too. For those that didn’t – (paraphrasing summary) – they were also talking about that guy who killed Chris Kyle – what Walid said they had found out about him and could be an Islamic sympathizer and/or converted to Islam. I was happy about that part. Then Beck’s buddy on there (forgot name) started trying to shoot that down, criticizing Walid and came out that it probably is because he bashed Mormons that was at the root cause.
    But to be fair, Glenn came back with just because a person criticizes him, doesn’t like Mormons, that doesn’t mean they can’t be right about other things such as this and they needed to check it out better, etc. I’m just grateful that they had Walid’s info on there.

    • Julie

      I know some what about Mormonism…very nice to you but the other face is very clannish….I have been watching their shows…like Dana…but there is this cliquey sense there and not drawing on too much on other in put except that which would fit Mormon mindset.

      My husband really wanted to transfer to SLC…i called a Catholic pastor in town and asked if they would try to get my kids to become Mormon and he said yes…we would have lived up by University of Utah…but I just couldn’t do it. My son’s teacher told us we made right decision..she grew up there…the Mormon neighbors coming up all the time to their house to convert them…and their position on the Catholic Church…this former position is now being quickly buried among themselves…like they never were…this kind of stuff…

      They are very patriotic people. They see America as truly chosen by God….they greatly value our Constitution.

  • Owen Schumacher

    Beck is BLECH!

  • A good soul. We need brave missionaries out there, but a bit of common sense is needed as well. You don’t walk into the lion’s den and expect God to save you. He is with you, but gave you a mind to use. May the girl come home safe, and contribute much here.

    • susan

      This is just my opinion. Maybe you know you have to go into the Lions den and you know God’s not going to “save” you. I don’t know this child other than she cared for others in a wonderful caring way.

      • There’s logic in your statement, Susan. She is an exemplary person for doing what she did. But we don’t know why she did it. I’m going to sit back, hope she’s saved, comes home, and perhaps we’ll see how this horrid situation happened. Based on what we know, however, she has done God’s work. For that, she should be commended.

        • Julie

          True…we can say she gave the flower of her youth to the Lord…He is the author of our life..she may have died earlier…and the goodness of her soul would shine even more against ISIS if it was revealed…but who knows…

  • Trevor

    One thing I am not clear on – is Kayla a Christian or a humanist? From reading about her, while I commend her for her charity, I can’t help but wonder what she truly is on the inside.

  • Trevor

    Glenn Beck = FART NOISE!

    That’s all that comes out of his mouth now.

    • RodK1975

      It’s gotta be uncomfortable for GB aka FART NOISE because Mormonism recognizes MuHAMmad as a prophet basically.

      • EBH54

        Here is the main thing to know about Mormonism.

        They deny the Trinity. Listen to this to song by their famous choir.

        Instead of singing God in three persons blessed Trinity. They sing “God in thy glory thru eternity.

        They reject the true and living triune God.

        • RodK1975

          I knew they were anti-trinitatrian, but I had never heard that blasphemous mutilation of one of my favorites hymns. Thanks for the info EBH54!

        • Julie

          I used to watch their shows and some from their services….and the ending recess song was on Joseph Smith…rather than the Lord.

  • Dan Knight

    We will pray for this kid.

  • Johnny Stevenson

    Diversity is a just a code word for less White People.

    Nobody says an Asian country that is virtually 100% Asian needs more diversity.
    Nobody says an African country that is almost all Black needs more diversity.

    Anti-Whites claim “anti-racism” but ONLY demand diversity for White countries.

    They say it’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY. They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    • Julie

      Haven’t heard such an expression…great!…I think what we are dealing with is inferiority complexes at heart.

  • Marco Vincent

    Joseph Smith , THE American Muhammad.

  • EBH54

    Paul, a bond-servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, for the faith of those chosen of God and the knowledge of the truth which is according to godliness, 2 in the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised [b]long ages ago, 3 but at the proper time manifested, even His word, in the proclamation with which I was entrusted according to the commandment of God our Savior, 4 To Titus, my true child [c]in a common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. Titus 1:1-4

    In these verses you have. God the Father, person #1 of the Trinity. God our Savior (the Son) person #2 of the Trinity, and Christ Jesus our Savior person #2 again.
    From God our Savior and Christ Jesus our Savior we can deduce that Jesus Christ is God.

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. I John 4:1-4
    In verse 2 we the Spirit of God the third person of the Trinity.
    Can you confess with me that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh?

    • Julie

      The Catholic Church summed it up by naming God as such the Holy Trinity….it is all taken from scripture….just easier to refer to……

      • EBH54

        A Mormon or a Jehovah’s witness will not confess (agree) that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. I expect the Orthodox and the Catholic to agree Jesus Christ is God in the flesh unless I am missing something.

        • Julie

          God in the flesh is most Catholic/Orthodox and is the summit of our faith.

          Mormons have traditionally a very different and contrary concept of Christ based on their own original concepts.

          They have been changing their beliefs over 3,000 times…and it is happening again because of all the expose’s coming out to their young people.

          They are finally admitting Joseph Smith was a polygamist.

          It all started when Joseph Smith got this revelation with eye glasses…not the Holy Spirit…that he and his followers were going to restore the church after the last apostle died and strange doctrines came which are an abomination…yes, the Great Roman Church..when in fact it was called the Universal Christian Church so named in 107 ad.

          The Holy Spirit at Pentecost just didn’t blow up and out and then disappear and cause the Church to collapse…the Great Apostasy…only 60 plus years for the Church to live and then collapse.

          By 100 AD, the books of Scripture, worship, episcopacy governance, and foundation of Creed in place…not disappeared with the last apostle…

          And like the Quorum of 12…now the 70 plus something…they can pick successors…but the apostles, witness to the Lord, could not. Ridiculous.

          They want to achieve the same stature and ‘esteem’ the world has for the Vatican for themselves…their building of the long awaited temple in Rome as a competition to the Church of Rome…a secular mayor ok’d it. Most Italian clergy in the Church don’t know anything about Mormonism.

          Finally in 2008, an American priest got back with the Vatican showed them their beliefs, showed them how Mormons were accessing our sacramental records to baptize our people into their belief system..I read one complaint/article by a Mormon that they had uncovered a ‘treasure trove’ of priests, religious and canonized saints to baptize….they baptized John Paul II 6 times in the temple in San Diego, California…again…these kooky beliefs coming out of our country…………….

          What bugs me is that they are obsessed with the Catholic Church…they say things that they ‘discovered’ the Early Church Fathers were actually proving Joseph Smith right a long time ago in the concept of ‘Theosis’…you can find it first week of May, 2008….about people becoming gods…and using the Catholic Catechism 460 to show that even the Catholic Church believes we become gods…when they refuse to read all the doctrines coming to that and the footnotes of St. Ireneaus and St. Thomas Aquinas who are pointing to baptism and the Eucharist…and we become godly from being pagan..and it is show by how we serve others…not lording over them some day from another planet…some still believe that one.

          They copy the language of the Church, they are gleaning all our parish practices…and then switching them into forms of Mormonism…to compete.

          Their idea is that when they have a certain number of temples erected…they will have taken over the world as the one true church.

          Now the Vatican has let them go into the Vatican Archives to study so many documents pertaining to history and anthropology…and we are concerned…as the Vatican still doesn’t see how so much they are obsessed and want to take over as the main Church…they can get the documents and make them talk ‘mormon talk’…

          The Orthodox do not believe in Theosis as the Mormons do…but the Mormons are using Theosis….someone called himself that no a Catholic forum…a latent Catholic who later became Mormon….

          We will never be gods. But through baptism, the Word, the life of the Sacraments and becoming servants of the Lord…we are witnessing ourselves as heirs as adopted children of the Lord…but again…we will never be gods.

          The Lord has shared so much good of Himself with us..we should be satisfied.

        • Julie

          I would also add that I thought JW’s did not believe in the Trinity either…………..

          • EBH54

            I once talked with a Jehovah’s Witness who came to my house door. I centered on who Jesus Christ was. He would not agree Jesus Christ is God. He would say he was “a god” and then try to explain how he became a god. Since we disagreed on the Trinity I felt there was little point in trying to understand the rest of what he was saying.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Shows that Satan has subtle means of undermining God’s being and essence, i.e., JW, Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals, as well as the overt, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, etc.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            The gifts of gold and frankincense brought from the Wise Men to the infant Jesus are invaluable in showing the Kingship of Jesus (Gold), and the Divinity of Jesus (Frankincense).

          • Julie

            I didn’t know they also believed…this is all coming from that Restorationist movement from the mid 1800’s…only in America. I know they are terribly anti Catholic..I was in a first meeting with a group about a study on a particular psalm. Former JW….when she found out I was Catholic, her faced dropped…the group got no where but i got a very nice book on the Psalm…it takes these people alot of time to detox from these cults.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          You aren’t missing a thing, we confess that Jesus came in the flesh and proclaim that He provides His glorified flesh through communion, the gift and sacrifices of His Melchizedekian priesthood ‘hence it is necessary for this priest to have something to offer’ Hebrews 8:3 ‘by the new and LIVING way he opened for us through the veil, that is, His flesh..” Hebrews 10:20 “he entered once for all into the sanctuary…but with His own blood…” Hebrews 9:12

          • EBH54

            Thank you to both Julie’s, I have a Bachelor of Science degree and I was conducting an experiment. Opie Taylor was one bug in a beaker and you two became the bug(s) in the other beaker. I feel much better that one part has been proven correct. So far the Opie Taylor beaker is confirmation by silence.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            The silence is deafening, I just posted another reply to his request, see above.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            With your training and education in science, you may be interested in the Miracle of the Eucharist that occurred in Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century, both miraculous transformations of bread to flesh and wine to blood, still exist. The miracle of the wine changing to blood is beyond imagination, the blood separated and dried into 5 separate globules, all differing in size, but all of the same weight: even more incredulous is that all five weigh in totality what each globule weighs singularly.

          • EBH54

            I have always found the shroud of Turin very interesting also. It seems to defy an easy explanation.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Blood type from the Shroud of Turin match the Blood of the Miracle at Lanciano and other scientifically studied and verified Eucharistic miracles, i.e., Buenos Aires 1996

    • Julie LaBrecque

      AMEN and 10-4. The Gnostics denied it, The Church defined it, and a swell job they did.

  • j7h

    I don’t think she was a narcissist. She is typical of a young person that has a lot of zeal and passion and energy. She is one of the movers and shakers, who actually try to get something done. So she wanted to save the world? That makes her a narcissist? Hardly. She was/is just passionate. Maybe naive would be a better word. She grew up in PC America, where she was taught by lefty idologues, who believe that everyone is essentially good on the inside. She was mislead in her zeal and misguided, maybe. But her heart was clearly in the right place. Hardly a symptom of narcissism.

  • Julie

    I wonder if the only businesses they promote..look like the typical multiple marketing types…are Mormon based….most of the MLM’s are.

    Again..I try to hold on to the good they do realizing I would never be fully accepted unless i was Mormon.

  • Julie

    If anything from my end…she is part of the People of Good Will who share in salvation.

  • EBH54

    Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord God, and his Spirit, hath sent me. Isaiah 48:16

    You do not see the Trinity?

    I (God the Son) have not spoken…..

    and now the Lord God (God the Father)…

    and his Spirit (God the Holy Spirit)

    hath sent me (God the Son)

    Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. John 8:58

    Jesus the Great I Am.

    Since you do not see the Trinity:

    Can you Opie Taylor confess with me that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh?

  • EBH54

    Opie I do not mean any disrespect, but the Athenasian creed makes more sense to me than Devine investiture authority. (I googled it). I am not knowledgable about Christian creeds. I do know this. When I put my faith in Christ many years ago. I was taught God is faithful. Now I know He is faithful. I was once taught the Trinity. Now I know the Trinity. I know the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and anticipate knowing them better in the future. The Holy Spirit thru fellowship in His word, other believers and life experiences teaches me about the Father and the Son. They are a reality in my life not just a creed. If you ever want to change horses look up John 3:16

    You have a choice.

  • passionflower3

    some people hate the raw truth