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Pope Francis Says That We Must Make An Alliance With Mother Earth, And Then Says That Climate Change Is True

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis recently stated that we must make an alliance with Mother Earth and that climate change is real and man is responsible. In the statement he said: Even in this domain, the God of money reigns! And like people who have no feelings, they sell the family, they sell mothers, for […]

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Bill Maher Supports Islam, Hates The True Fighters Against Islam, And Despises True Christians

By Theodore Shoebat There are many people in the conservative movement who think that Bill Maher is “getting it” in regards to Islam and is becoming all of a sudden more sympathetic towards Christians and Christianity. This is far from the truth. Maher, like most people, condemns terrorism and Islam, but so what? Condemning evil […]

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Muslims Go To Christians And Threaten Them That If They Do Not Give Them Their Homes That They Will Slaughter All Of Them. The Muslims Then Throw Out All Of The Christians And Bulldoze Their Homes. The Christians Are Now Homeless

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan went to a good number of Christians and threatened them that if they did not give them their homes, that they will kill all of them. The Christians acquiesced. The Muslims entered their homes, threw out all of their belongings, and then bulldozed all of their homes. The Christians […]

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Watch The Terrifying Clip Showing Turkey Allowing Terrorists To Launch A Direct Terror Threat On Public Television Against All Western Tourists, Foreign Companies And Embassies, Saying That They Have Until February 11 To Leave Or They Will Be Killed

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) The main threat to world security, we have always argued is not ISIS but Turkey. Yesterday, Turkey has taken a brazen measure in allowing the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to issue direct terror threats that even mimic ISIS, not just against Egypt but against all western tourists, all foreign companies and […]

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Karl Rove Suggests Benghazi as Ridiculous to Investigate as Obama’s Birth Certificate in Apparent Effort to Protect Hillary Clinton, Dirtied Up Republicans, and Even Himself

During a recent interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, George W. Bush’s most trusted adviser during his administration – Karl Rove – made a stunning comparison. In so doing, it should be obvious why he’s doing it. While talking about the 2016 presidential race and Hillary Clinton’s chances, Rove suggested that people who want […]

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