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VIDEO: Five Muslims In England Take American Man, And Brutally And Horrifically Torture Him

By Theodore Shoebat Five Muslims attacked a 23 year old American man in England, and brutally and horrifically tortured him with punches, kicks, and a glass bottle. I did a whole video on this beating with footage of the attack: Here are the pictures of the savage heathens: More and more stories like this will […]

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The Japanese Government And Turkey Are Currently Using ISIS In Order To Revive Their Empires In Preparation For World War III

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exlcusive) We always get condemned every time we write negatively about Japan. The naive tell us that the Japanese are nice, this is true, but so are the Turks. Measuring good versus evil on the basis of niceness is bull, for in the east elegance always goes alongside with utter cruelty. Japan is […]

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French Military Officers Ambush Twelve Muslims, And Kill All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat French military officers in Mali ambushed twelve Muslim terrorists and killed all of them. As we read from Reuters: French forces in northern Mali have killed around a dozen Islamist militants in the region of the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains, France’s defense ministry said on Monday. No French soldiers were killed in […]

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China Is Preparing For War With Japan, And Will, For The First Time, Be Conducting A Full Scale Military Demonstration To Frighten Japan

By Theodore Shoebat China will be holding its first large scale military parade since 2009 for the 70th anniversary to remember the end of WW2, with the intention of frightening Japan. Chinese financial and global affairs commentator Hu Zhanhao, said: Only by showing its military capabilities can (China) show Japan its attitude and determination and […]

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Deposed Muslim Brotherhood Leader Going on Trial for Spying on Behalf of U.S. ‘Ally’ Alleged to have Paid Bribes in U.S. Dollars

Buried at the bottom of a report about how an Egyptian court has upheld the death sentences of nearly 200 Muslim Brotherhood loyalists could be a far more telling development. The deposed president of that country – Mohammed Mursi – is scheduled to go to trial later this month on charges that include spying for […]

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ISIS Steals Huge Amounts Of Christian Property And Is Now Selling All Of It In An Open Street Market

ISIS, after stealing a huge amount of Christian property is now selling all of it on an open market. As we read from a report written by Thomas D. Williams of Breibart: Islamist militants have opened a special market in Mosul for the sale of goods confiscated from the houses and churches of Christians. The […]

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Communist Government Of Vietnam Drives Christians Into Malaria Infested Jungle

By Theodore Shoebat The Communist government of Vietnam is persecuted a group of Christians so severely that they have now fled to a malaria infested jungle in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. According to a report: Some members of the minority group of Montagnard Christians are fleeing persecution from the Central Highlands of Vietnam and seeking asylum in […]

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Obama Tells Lie About Islam in Interview with Man who Has Told the Same Lie and Whose Father Was Islamic Scholar

When Barack Obama asserted that “99.9%” of Muslims reject the interpretation of Islam practiced by groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas, et. al., it wasn’t just another in a long line of lies he has told. Fareed Zakaria – the interviewer he told that lie to – has a history that should raise concerns about a […]

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German Jew Stands with Anti-Islam Protesters and Insists they are NOT Nazis but Admits He IS an ‘ISLAMOPHOBE’

The anti-Islamizaton PEGIDA movement in Germany is refusing to go away. In the clip below, a German Jew gives a fiery speech in which he shows solidarity with the PEGIDA protesters, a group he calls ‘patriots’. He also calls out German Chancellor Angela Merkel for referring to the group as Nazis and accuses politicians of […]

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Obama And The Bergdahls Should Stand Trial For Treason As Evidence Mounts That They Are Traitors To America

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Evidence is mounting as sources with close ties to military intelligence saying that the Army has concluded its investigation and will in fact charge Bergdahl with desertion. What is in this evidence must include some of our findings which we will show again here which prove that the Bergdahls, both […]

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