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Jordan Says That “We Will Kill Caliph Al-Baghdadi Next” While Rumors Say That Al-Baghdadi Fled From Raqqa To Nineveh After Loosing 7000 Of His Fighters

By Walid Shoebat  In a press conference today General Mansour Al-Jbour, head of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, said that the coalition’s air strikes have killed 7,000 ISIS members while Jordan alone conducted 946 sorties out of 5000 total for the U.S.-led coalition as a whole, registering nearly one fifth of all efforts to destroy ISIS […]

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8,700 Soldiers Gather Together To Crush Jihadist Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat 8700 soldiers, all from five African nations, have gathered together to do a full attack on the Islamic jihadist group Boko Haram. According to the report: Nigeria and its four neighbouring nations on Saturday pledged to deploy 8,700 troops, police and civilians as part of a regional effort to fight Boko Haram […]

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Will Republican Congressman From Texas Who Stood with Registered SOCIALIST on Immigration Also Stand with Texas State Rep. Who Spoke Out Against Muslim Brotherhood?

Freshman Texas State Rep. Molly White (R-Temple 55) came under tremendous fire recently for rightly pointing out that the group which sponsored Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin – CAIR – has connections to terrorism. If there is a U.S. Congressman who should stand with her, it’s veteran Rep. John Carter (R-TX). White’s district sits […]

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Prince Charles Sends Out This Message: I Fear That There Will Soon Be No Christians Left In The Middle East

By Theodore Shoebat Prince Charles has given the world a message that should be grabbing all of our attention: he fears that there will be no more Christians left. According to the report: Britain’s Prince Charles says he fears there will be “very, very few” Christians left in the Middle East after the turmoil wracking […]

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Truth About Why Politicians IGNORE Islam EXPLAINED PERFECTLY

No one knows better than readers the frustration of Americans – and westerners in general – have with political leaders who so blatantly ignore Islam. The video below doesn’t eliminate that frustration but it may help prevent you from beating your head against the wall as hard. In the video below (cued up at […]

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Vigorous Prosecution of DESERTER Bowe Bergdahl Would REVEAL Connections of TOP INTERNATIONAL Muslim Terrorists To NOTORIOUS U.S. Mosque

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer referred to the issue of charging Bowe Bergdahl with desertion as a “titanic struggle behind the scenes” between the Pentagon, which wants to charge Bergdahl, and the White House, which wants to continue stonewalling. Based on Barack Obama repeatedly showing a proclivity for defending all things Islam, the absurd terms on […]

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Crusades Were All About Fighting the Islamic State

The Islamic State / ISIS / ISIL / Da’ish is not a new idea. It’s been around for centuries. Islam’s goal since its founding has been to conquer the world and create… an Islamic State. When Barack Obama equated Christian Crusaders to ISIS at the National Prayer Breakfast this week, he actually did Christians a […]

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Al-Sisi Leaks: Secret Phone Conversations of Egypt’s Al-Sisi Mocking Arab Gulf States

By Walid Shoebat It looks like Turkey with its Muslim Brotherhood which camped in Istanbul has there eye on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and are trying to do anything to destroy his relationship with other Arab nations in the region. So the Muslim Brotherhood had tapped his phone and aired the recordings today (Saturday […]

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Three Hundred Muslims Charge Into Christian Village To Slaughter Christians, The Christians Surprise The Muslims With Bows And Arrows, Kill A Muslim And Wound Many Others (MODERN DAY CHRISTIAN WARRIORS, RISE UP!)

By Theodore Shoebat There was a war in Heaven, and that very battle has come down to us, and we must partake in it. The Armies of the Cross arise like the roaring torrent of ascending waves, to strike the griddle rocks and shatter them, and to every devil that tries to break them, they […]

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