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Mujahadeen Moments: Understanding Jihad and the confidence we have given them

Many so called experts from the West will give you all sorts of reasons for Jihad and terrorism. The lastest reason from our “expert” State Department say that the lack of jobs is the reason. The best way to understand the Jihadists is from their own mouths. Here is a ten minute video of Al […]

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Major College In Italy Completely Bans Women From Wearing Hijabs

By Theodore Shoebat  An Italian college in Italy, specifically in the area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, has completely banned from women from wearing the Islamic hijab on its campus. According to the college, the measure is being done in order to protect Muslim women from anti-Islamic violence, which is something that has taken place in the past […]

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BREAKING: Watch Video Of ISIS Parading Kurdish POWs Prior To Burning Them

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) ISIS calls it Qafas Al-Harq (English: The Cage Of Burning) and they released the video parading an array of these cages with Kurdish POWs as during the middle ages in a Rose Parade style in Kirkuk. As it seems, Muslims are getting board with beheadings and public shooting and it is time for a new […]

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ISIS Bloopers: Brought to you by “those evil Zionists”

While the evil of ISIS is not funny, our Israelii brethren just made a video to throw a little humor despite the seriousness of the situation. In America 65% of all comedians are Jews despite only being about 2% of the population. Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years but always seem to find […]

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MAJOR NEWS: The Ottoman Conquest Of The Middle East Begins. Turkey Invades Syria With 600 Troops On The Ground With 100 Tanks And Armored Vehicles While Syria Declared “This Is Pure Aggression”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Turkish soldiers launched an overnight raid into neighboring Syria sending 600 ground forces backed by  a combination of 100 tanks and armored vehicles crossing the border near the border town of Kobani. There were also drones and airplanes flew reconnaissance missions overhead as Davutoglu disclosed on Sunday today. The mission, they claim, is […]

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Muslim Tries to Bomb a Mosque in Strategy to Blame Americans for Islamophobia

What would cause a Muslim to threaten to bomb a Mosque? The best available logical explanation is that with the increase in talk about hate crimes, Islamophobia and backlash, the threats were intended to paint Muslims as victims of right-wing bigots. In the case of the suspect featured in the video below, schizophrenia is being […]

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ISIS is Islam: Shoebat provides comprehensive analysis on the Voice of Israel

Walid Shoebat explains the issues which the main street media will not tread: Share this interview with as many people who need to understand, that is your friends and neighbors who wish to awaken from their slumber. Thanks to Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel for giving ample time on the air to expose the issues.

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North Dakota GOP Show a Spine: Disinvites Imam for Prayer Invocation

North Dakota shows some leadership to stand up to the Islam victory delarations at our state and federal government insitutions. Ash Wednesday a holy day for all Christians was rightly found to be “inappropriate” to have a promoter of the faith of anti Christ saying prayers to Satan at the State Legislator Buildings. “House Republican […]

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Governor Tells people to ‘Look Elsewhere’ If They Want Him to Criticize Rudy Giuliani for saying Obama ‘Doesn’t Love America’

There haven’t been many prominent figures who’ve chosen to stand with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani after he said he doesn’t believe Obama loves America. As reported, not only did right-leaning Fox News host Megyn Kelly choose to distance herself from Rudy’s sentiment; she grilled him in an interview for making the […]

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