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SHOCKING AND AMAZING: Erdogan Has Now Declared Himself To Be GOD

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Erdogan proclaimed himself God. You heard it correctly. But before I break it to you, I was asked yesterday by a friend (Vinny Zee) if Erdogan ever declared himself to be God, that my article yesterday Vinny alluded that if others calling Erdogan “God” and “prophet,” does not qualify, since in 2 Thessalonians […]

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Muslims Make Major Massacre, Take Thirty Innocent People, Burn Them To Death And Stab Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria, all members of ISIS, attacked he al-Mab’oucja village in which they slaughtered at least thirty people, burning them to death, and stabbing them to death as well. According to one Syrian report: At least 30 citizens from the Sunni, Alawite, and Ismaili sects were killed by shooting, burning and […]

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Shocking: Muslims Are Now Declaring Erdogan As God

By Walid Shoebat As shocking as it may be, Erdogan is being proclaimed as God amongst diehard leaders in Turkey. And if in doubt, read this (link here) Erdogan proclaimed himself as God. Everyday I wake up I am not just shocked at what I find in my researches on Erdogan of Turkey, but amazed […]

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Opera Director Places A Crucifix Between A Woman’s Legs, Putin Has Him Fired From His Job For Blaspheming Our Lord Jesus Christ

By Theodore Shoebat An opera director in Russia, named Boris Mezdrich, designed a painting for an advertisement for one of his plays, in which a crucifix is placed in between the legs of a woman. This enraged the pious Christians of Russia who gathered together by the thousands to protest against the opera. Putin and […]

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CHINA CRACKDOWN ON MUSLIMS: Court jails man for six years for growing ‘illegal beard’ and his wife for two years for wearing Islamic ‘headbag’

By BI: A court in China’s volatile Uighur Muslim region of Xinjiang has sentenced a man to six years in prison for ‘provoking trouble’ by growing a Muslim-style beard, a practice discouraged by local authorities. The man’s wife was also given a two-year prison sentence for disobeying the ‘NO Headbag’ rule. Tribune The law in the predominantly […]

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Has anyone told John Kerry that they don’t speak Arabic in Iran?

By BI: When asked about an Iran deal, Secretary of State John Kerry, says: “Inshallah” (Translated as “If Allah wills it”) in Arabic. Examiner  It’s not everyday that the United States Secretary of State invokes the Islamic deity, but as reported, that’s just what John Kerry did. As reported by the Western Journalism news portal  on March 30, 2015, […]

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Sweden Sells Its Soul To The God Of Mamon, Reverses Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses In Order To Please The Savage Saudi Muslim Arabs

So lets see, a Sweden criticized Saudi Arabia’s human rights. Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, had called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a “dictatorship” and said that the Kingdom’s flogging of Raif Badawi was ‘medieval.’ She also strongly criticized Saudi Arabia’s record on women’s rights. Sweden cancelled a lucrative arms export contract with Saudi Arabia shortly afterwards, as Wallstrom […]

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A Crowd Of Muslims Barge Into A Church Built In Dedication To The 21 Copts Beheaded By ISIS And Threaten The Families Of The 21 Copts, And Say, ‘We Will Kill You!’ They Then Burn The Whole Church Down

By Walid Shoebat And Theodore Shoebat  In the Minya province of Egypt, Christians built a church in dedication to the twenty-one Christian Copts who were beheaded by ISIS. The construction of the church was accepted by Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, but this did not stop a mob of Muslims from surrounding the church, threatening with death the […]

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Muslims Ambush 25 People, Burn Them To Death And Behead Them Alive With Chainsaws

By Theodore Shoebat  Muslims in Nigeria attacked twenty five, burning some of them to death and beheading others with chainsaws in a cruel and extremely gruesome massacre. They also burned down half of the village of Buratai, which they attacked. Local politician Ibrahim Adamu, who fled from the attack, said that Boko Haram “slaughtered their victims like […]

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Three Muslims Attack Man For Running Anti-Islamic Blog, And Hack Him To Death With Meat Cleavers, And Force His Wife To Watch

By Theodore Shoebat  Three Muslims in Bangladesh attacked a blogger, accused of running an anti-Islamic blog, and beat him to death with meat cleavers, and on top of this, they forced his wife to watch. Here is a photo (thanks to Right Scoop) of the scene, with the corpse of the husband and the horrified […]

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Muslims Ambush Twenty Three People, And Behead All Of Them In Mass Beheading Ritual

By Theodore Shoebat  Muslims in Nigeria, all members of Boko Haram, captured twenty three innocent people and beheaded them in a mass Islamic beheading ritual. According to one report: Suspected Boko Haram gunmen beheaded 23 people and set fire to homes in Buratai community, Borno State, on the eve of Saturday’s general elections, a federal […]

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Sickening images show blindfolded and bound couple being brutally stoned to death by Muslim mobs for having sex before marriage

ISIS jihadis accused the couple of having sex without being married. They were blindfolded and tied up and taken to a square in central Mosul. Charges against the pair were read out in front of a large crowd. Militants then threw rocks at the couple until they died in pools of blood. ISIS said that […]

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Anti-Armenian Acts on the Rise in Turkey

Anti-Armenian hate speech graffiti appeared on the walls of an Armenian church, around the same time as the Mayor of Ankara called Armenians “disgusting.” All this ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The St. Mary’s (Sourp Astvadzadzin) Church in the Bakirköy neighborhood of Istanbul was desecrated with hate speech graffiti that read […]

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It Turns Out That The German Pilot Who Crashed The Germanwings Plane Was A Homosexual. The Crashing Of The Plane Was Homosexual Jihad

By Theodore Shoebat  It turns out that the pilot who crashed the Germanwings, Andreas Lubitz, was a homosexual. According to a police report: We have a team disassembling his computer, and that of his girlfriend, because the information that we received was that he trawled the dark side of the web visiting, among other things, […]

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Understanding The Sunni Alliance And Why Turkey Is Not Fighting In Yemen And Why Eventually They Will Turn On Saudi Arabia

By Walid Shoebat In this article we will attempt to answer: The Sunni Coalition with Saudi Arabia. Will it hold? Who are the real players in the coalition? Why this coalition will eventually turn on Saudi Arabia? Will Turkey have a showdown with Iran and why? If we look at the Sunni Coalition against the […]

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