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“MUSLIMS BOMB FRANCE”: The Charlie Hebdo Most Wanted Female Muslim Terrorist Can Now Be Watched On Video Running A Promotional Calling On Muslims to “Bomb France”

By Walid Shoebat French authorities reveal that the woman most wanted by French authorities during the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France is now back in circulation with ISIS in Syria. Hayat Boumeddiene, who is believed to have knowledge about the deadly January 9 attack on a Paris kosher grocery is now in an ISIS video promotional to […]

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The King Strikes Back At The Islamic Caliphate On The First Round Of Attacks After ISIS Burned Jordan’s POW

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) As promised from our report yesterday, the King has delivered his first gift to Caliph Al-Baghdadi, a parcel of raids against ISIS. Or lets say Raid, the bug killer. That including a tactic to demoralize ISIS’s troops (more on that later) The TV screen shows Al-Kassasbeh on the top left corner with several […]

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Shoebat Questions Chris Kyle’s Killer as possible Muslim Terrorist, on WRKO radio with Jeff Kuhner

Jeff Kuhner who does the drive time on WRKO from Boston interviews Walid Shoebat on the suspicion that Eddie Routh the accused killer of the American Sniper Chris Kyle was a possible Muslim terrorist. While the eveidence today is inconclusive there are several questions that need to be answered as to why this man murdered […]

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Watch Obama’s Speech Slandering Christians… Again… Just as a Typical Muslim Would

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack As part of his shocking claims during the National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama referenced acts of Islamic terrorism taking place around the globe without identifying them for what they really are. While insisting that the perpetrators are twisting religion to justify murder, it was Obama who twisted history to […]

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Is this the TEXAS Version of Michele Bachmann?

Texas State Rep. Molly White made national news last week on Texas Muslim Capitol Day, which was sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Among other things, she placed an Israeli flag next to an American flag on her desk and asked that any Muslim who stops by her office pledge loyalty to the […]

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Presidential Speech Writer Who Partnered with Muslim Leaders and who Aided in Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration is CAUGHT Smearing Governor and Talk Radio For Telling Truth

Former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush from 2001-06 Michael Gerson has decided that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and talk radio represent the voices of extremists who should be demagogued and marginalized. Jindal should be targeted for expressing concerns about Islamic infiltration and talk radio for providing him a forum while giving voice to similar […]

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The Showdown Begins Tomorrow On Thursday As The King Of Jordan Vowed To Fight Personally On Raids Against ISIS Which Scrambled For Cover

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) It seems now that the war is between a King and a Caliph. King Abdullah II is not someone who is to be underestimated, a bulldog of a fighter and a trained jet pilot himself promised that on Thursday he will personally carry out air strikes on ISIS sites in […]

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