Kayla Mueller was an Anti Israel activist and human shield for Palestinian Terror Groups

Shoebat Exclusive by Lee Kaplan expert on Palestinian terrorism and the ISM

Kay Mueller was allegedly killed by the Jordanian air raid attacks according to ISIS who held her hostage. The truth of how Kayla Mueller, 26, died may never be discerned. However, the myth that she was wonderful altruistic young woman needs to be exposed. Event Prime Minister Netanyahu extolled the woman as virtuous. But little did he know this is another Rachel Corrie propaganda story in the making, and the western media is falling for it again.

Honoring Kay Mueller

Honoring Kay Mueller

Kayla Mueller was a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who spent at least two years working with that terrorist support group. She was involved in demonstrations against Israel in Sheikh Jarrah (part of East Jerusalem) after a 20 year-long court decision recognized their rights to homes they were chased from in earlier wars launched by the Arabs. She also participated in demonstrations to interfere with the IDF demolishing the homes of terrorists and suicide bombers.

Just as with Rachel Corrie, the press tries to paint Kayla as a selfless volunteer helping poor Arab refugees. She may have even helped some injured Arabs in refugee camps. But don’t be fooled where her sympathies laid; she was working to support the goals of Palestinian irredentist/terrorists and to interfere with the IDF on behalf of terrorist groups. As an ISM activist she was a tool for the worldwide jihad.

A letter she wrote which appears on the ISM’s website describes the usual ISM claims of atrocities that never occurred, but were fabrications worthy of Pallywood.

First, she lived and rioted with other ISM activists with an Arab family that refused to vacate a home they were squatting in after a legal case that took 20 years established it was stolen from the Jewish owners.

She wrote propaganda letters for the ISM website:

“Just the next year in 2009 Ashraf’s brother, Bassem Abu Rahma, was participating in the demonstration and was attempting to communicate with the IDF soldiers telling them to stop shooting the steel-coated rubber bullets as an Israeli activist had been shot in the leg and needed medical attention. Not soon after an Israeli soldier illegally used a tear gas canister as a bullet hitting Bassem in the chest, stopping his heart and killing him instantly,” she wrote.

Of course, the Arab propaganda media outlet of Al Jazeera told the story differently. This occurred during one of the weekly riots in Bi’ilin in the West Bank where the Arabs demonstrate “nonviolently” by throwing rocks at the IDF soldiers as well as incendiaries. Kayla was there with the ISM to participate. Kayla admitted to being present as the weekly riots.

She was also a human shield in support of terrorists. She wrote:

“I could tell a few stories about sleeping in front of half demolished buildings waiting for the one night when the bulldozers come to finish them off; fearing sleep because you don’t know what could wake you. . . . I could tell a few stories about walking children home from school because settlers next door are keen to throw stones, threaten and curse at them. Seeing the honest fear in young boys eyes when heavily armed settlers arise from the outpost; pure fear, frozen from further steps, lip trembling.”

Most settlers are religious Jews. They do not generally engage in violence. The ISM hit on a strategy of accusing the Jews in Judea and Samaria of what the Arabs do continually by attacks on Jews: throw stones, attack school children, destroy produce etc. Another ISM strategy is to try to disable Israeli security tactics. One of the newer tactics is to try and suggest when the IDF uses tear gas to avoid lethality in controlling weekly Arab rioters, the gas is really deadly and must be stopped altogether. The real reason for this inversion about tear gas is the Palestinians and their ISM lackeys hope they can make it impossible for the IDF to control the weekly riots such as in Bi’ilin riots, Kayla was a part of.

“The smell and taste of tear gas has lodged itself in the pores of my throat and the skin around my nose, mouth and eyes,” she whined. “It still burns when I close them. It still hangs in the air like invisible fire burning the oxygen I breathe. When I cry tears for this land, my eyes still sting. This land that is beautiful as the poetry of the mystics. This land with the people who’s (sic) hearts are more expansive than any wall that any man could ever build. Yes, the wall will fall. The nature of impermanence is our greatest ally and soon the rules will change, the tide will turn and just as the moon waxes and wanes over this land so to the cycles of life here will continue. One day the cycle will once again return to freedom.”

Freedom? For who? The Palestinians are setting up another Arab dictatorship or theocracy. Arabs who are Israeli citizens are free, but Kayla wanted the Palestinian-state-to-be from the “river to sea” as a good ISM activist. Her writings suggest the classical thought processes of pampered American student “radicals” and “revolutionaries” who can’t get enough of supporting dictatorships and terrorists overseas as liberation movements, the complete opposite of what they are.

“Oppression greets us from all angles”, she wrote. “Oppression wails from the soldiers radio and floats through tear gas clouds in the air. Oppression explodes with every sound bomb and sinks deeper into the heart of the mother who has lost her son. But resistance is nestled in the cracks in the wall, resistance flows from the minaret 5 times a day and resistance sits quietly in jail knowing its time will come again. Resistance lives in the grieving mother’s wails and resistance lives in the anger at the lies broadcasted across the globe. Though it is sometimes hard to see and even harder sometimes to harbor, resistance lives. Do not be fooled, resistance lives,” Kayla concluded in her letter.

This certainly doesn’t sound like a tireless “aid worker” to me. Rather it connotes a supporter of Palestinian terrorist groups. Her praise of the muezzin calls and “resistance” suggests she’s on the side of the worldwide jihad, not viewing all human beings, even Jews, as having the same rights.

Kayla Meuller made clear she was involved in the weekly riots in Bi’ilin. She wrote of Arabs who died at the hands of the IDF, due to non lethal tear gas usage that resulted in several members of the same family who she roomed with dying. Rachel Corrie did the same thing, creating a story for the ISM of protecting an Arab family from IDF bulldozers. One family daughter Kayla guested with died in her own home, not at a demonstration. The fact was the woman was very ill, with leukemia and other internal infections. As in good ISM tactics, her corpse then became another propaganda tool. But like any good ISM activist, Kayla Mueller didn’t let this stand in the way of her propaganda letter home:

“And now just today, the daughter of the Rahmah family, Jawaher, has been asphyxiated from tear gas inhalation. Jawaher was not even participating in the weekly demonstration but was in her home approximately 500 meters away from where the tear gas canisters were being fired (by wind the tear gas reaches the village and even the nearby illegal settlement often). There is currently little information as to how she suffocated but the doctor that attended her said a mixture of the tear gas from the IDF soldiers and phosphorus poisoned her lungs causing asphyxiation, the stopping of the heart and death this afternoon after fighting for her life last night in the hospital. The following is a clip from today showing hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and international activist carrying her body to her families (sic) home where they said their final goodbyes.”

The IDF doesn’t use phosphorous in the West Bank. The ISM always claims it does. It’s good for propaganda.

“This family has a tragic story, but it is the story of life in Palestine. Thank you for reading. Ask me questions and ask yourself questions but most importantly, question the answers. Forever in solidarity, Kayla”, she concluded.

Kayla Mueller came from Prescott, Arizona where she once volunteered at a women’s shelter. Instead of continuing to help those who needed it in America, she chose to take the ISM’s revolutionary path and to embrace part of the worldwide jihad and she died for it. But let us not mourn her as some type of true altruist. She sought “freedom” working to support fascist groups that provide just the opposite for their people and she paid the ultimate price for her stupidity.


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  • Countryflowers

    When you stand against God’s people you are cursed by God himself. I have no sympathy for Jew haters.

  • Keith Davies

    The quotes from Kayla are from her own letters. The ISM “honored her”
    check out who exactly who are the ISM, and then you maybe convinced. If you are not, then you are obviously a sympathizer of the terrorists, then you will have to face judgement when the time comes won’t you?

  • Keith Davies


    the above is from ISM official web site admitting she was a member.

  • mackykam

    Not only do I hope she was well used, I hope they used, and abused, each one of her orifices. She was another Rachel Corrie, an enabler of arab terrorism hoping they would be successful murdering Jewish children.

    • theophorus

      Walid, how does this idiotic filth not get deleted? You’re being trolled.

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    Don’t you think that tells you something.

  • Jeremy Grimes

    Lying comes so easy to some people. And who is the father of lies?

  • Suzanne

    Oops…will need to investigate this report further….be careful what stories you believe!

  • richinnameonly

    The IMS website tries to put on a good face, but lays the problem of violence at the feet of the Israeli government and military. Like all the governments and people that surround Israel have nothing to do with it.

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    That was a vulgar inappropriate comment. I do not recognize that person as a regular in here. Sounds like a hit and run to me. Did you flag it?

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    How does this get any upvotes?

  • theophorus

    You are no better than your supposed enemies, wishing rape and murder on people.
    Examine yourself, to see that you are in the faith.

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    Why have the comments here suddenly become no better than youtube comments?

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      Many need to reflect and confess. Venting is one thing. Vulgar hateful comments about a misguided youth who was sucked into the vortex of evil is another.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Good Point!

  • Julynn Pittman

    If you ask me, those fucks are good at brainwashing otherwise well-intentioned kids. Get in your child’s business and find out who they are affiliating themselves with before you let them go to the other side of the world. If my daughter wants to save children, we have plenty right here in America that need saving. I would lay down in front of her damned car to keep her from going anywhere near an American border!

  • CrushAllDems

    Typical liberal “Feelings-over-Facts” claptrap.

    This creature simply got what it deserved. Nothing more; nothing less…

  • Julynn Pittman

    Rachael, that was one hell of a long read but very educational and very point on. I like your writing and your style.

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    I am glad you took Grandmere’s advice and didn’t finish that thought about the flag. You can vent without getting into the sewer.

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    God does not condone rape. It is a vile SIN.

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    My apologies. Even grandmothers get the hiccups sometimes.

  • Fhr68

    This all makes perfect sense, after listening to the letter she wrote to her family on the radio, teaching her guards how to make crafts! It sounded as if she befriended them, and I questioned it, this article confirms it. Thank you Lee, you answered my question about her.

  • Greg Perterson

    “Pretty Westerner” ? You got it half right.

  • Ray Donovan

    Both sides lie, cheat, fabricate and use whatever means to forward their political agenda. Kayla was a pawn, willingly or not, but still a pawn in a political game that she thought there was good and evil. What she failed to realize is there are no Democrats or Republicans, no Sunni’s or Shiites, there only the haves and the have nots. Players in the game.

  • SickOfLibs Patriot

    They might not all be RADICALIZED, but why has the Muslim community not been more vocal in condemning the radicals starting with 9-11. Their silence makes them complicit. Even God has no sympathy for fence sitters……Rev 3:15-16 15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I will spit you out of my mouth.