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Greek Orthodox Patriarch Declares To Catholics On Easter “Even If It Is Slow, The Walk Towards Unity Of Our Churches Is Unstoppable”

Eastern Orthodox Christians recently celebrated Easter, and Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople sent his greetings to Catholics around the world, and said that “even if it is slow, the walk towards the unity of our Churches is unstoppable”, and even spoke of celebrating a “joint Easter”: “Since the XVI century, the distance the Julian and Gregorian […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Captures Man, Puts A Collar On Him And Chains Him To The Ground Like A Dog, Then Slowly Cuts Off Each Of His Limbs As He Screams For Help And They Beat Him With His Dismembered Limbs

One of the major drug cartels in Mexico, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, has recently released a video showing a horrible execution of a man. The cartel tied the man to the ground using a collar and chain like a dog, then slowly filmed themselves as they sawed off each of his limbs while he screamed […]

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Scandal After North Dakota School District Caught Covering Up The Systematic Homosexual “Rape Game” Of Male Students By Other Students

A North Dakota school district is under investigation after teachers and administrators covered up for years the homosexual rape hazing of male students by other boys in what students called the “rape game”: Disturbing details of sodomy and sexual assault dating back to 2015 in the Richland 44 School District are described in an independent […]

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Man Murders Farmer, Eats Most Of His Body, Then Takes His Blood And Paints On Canvas With It

A Venezuelan man was arrested after he confessed to murdering a farmer, eating most of the body, and then making artistic paintings on canvas with the rest of his blood: Luis Alfredo González Hernández was arrested Thursday for murdering and devouring part of the remains of a man in the city of Barlovento, in the […]

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Death-Worshipping Hindu “Holy Man” Terrorist Attacks Elderly Christian Pastor With An Axe, Slashes Him All Over His Body And Head

A Hindu self-professed “holy man” with a devotion to Shiva, the god of death and destruction, attacked an elderly Christian pastor with an axe, slashing him all over his body and head: A hard-line Hindu has confessed to attempting to murder a pastor in southern India as the Christian leader was praying at night, according […]

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