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Man Kidnaps Mentally Challenged People And Imprisons Them In His Basement, Forces Them To Take Drugs And Have Sex For Money

A self-professed “preacher” was arrested, put on trial, and jailed for kidnapping people with mental problems and keeping them in his basement, where he gave them drugs and forced them to have sex for money according to a report: A self-proclaimed street preacher who had a role in kidnapping, torturing and enslaving mentally disabled adults […]

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Generation Z Set To Become “Generation HIV” As New Study Shows 25% Of Sodomites Between 18 And 25 Do Not Know If They Have AIDS Or Not

Generation Z has been promoted as the most pro-LGBT generation of people yet. However, right now it appears that “Gen Z” may need to be renamed “Gen HIV” as 25% of homosexuals between 18 and 25 have never been tested for HIV according to a report: In the United States, HIV could be all but […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Daughter Follows In Her Mother’s Path, Says That Murdering Babies Is What Good Christians Do

Chelsea Clinton recently stated in an interview that to oppose abortion is “un-Christian” (courtesy of The Right Scoop): Chelsea Clinton just said the most absurd thing once again on the issue of abortion. In the past she’s suggested that the economy was better after abortions were made legal in the US. … Now she’s saying […]

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US And NATO-Occupied Ukraine Is Now Promoting Homosexuality On The Radio

For at least five years, Ukraine has been in a state of civil war. The western part of Ukraine, which has been supported by the US and the E.U. (Germany) is now formally promoting homosexuality and all things LGBT on the radio according to a report: irst release of a weekly one-hour project called Good […]

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