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If Trump “Ends” The Korean War, It Is Only Proof That A US-Backed War Between Japan And China Is Coming

The Korean War has technically never ended, with hostilities ceasing only in 1953 with a negotiated armistice but no peace. President Trump and President Moon of South Korea may soon put an “end” to the war as early as this week according to a report: South Korean officials on Monday indicated that President Trump and […]

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Jewish Veterans Group Unites With Atheistic “Humanists” To Take Down Century-Old Cross In Potentially Major Supreme Court Case

Religious issues in US courts are often times important because they can establish long-standing precedents with serious consequences for the legal system. In an interesting Supreme Court case with the potential for massive changes, a Jewish group has united with an atheistic “humanist” group to have a cross removed honoring World War I veterans that […]

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Church Of England Abolishes Itself, Declares That It Knows Better Than All Of Church History

The Catholic Church mandates church attendance at least once a week on Sundays because Sunday is the day that Christ rose from the dead, and in so gathering Christians follow in His command to eat His flesh and drink His blood “in remembrance of (Him).” Protestants have continued to observe this for centuries, but do […]

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Federal Judge Rules That Men And Women Can Be Drafted

The draft has been a controversial issue in the US for the last century. With talk of enforcing “equal right” and “equal access” for men as well as women in society, and with the increasing push for another major foreign war, a federal judge has ruled that men as well as women can be drafted […]

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