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Major Counter-Jihad Think Tank Now Promoting The Danger Of “Child Radicalization”

The Gatestone Institute is a notorious “counter-jihad” think tank whose members are tied to many causes that, like the rest of the counter-jihad movement, use the threat of Islamic terrorism to advance nationalistic ideas for the purpose of political manipulation on behalf of interests in finance and industry, such as those tied to Silicon Valley […]

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UK PM Boris Johnson Says He Wants To Allow Massive Amnesty For Illegals In The UK

UK PM Boris Johnson, in a move that has surprised some, has now moved to advance amnesty for what he estimates is approximately a half-million illegal migrants to the UK Boris Johnson has ripped up Theresa May’s plans for immigration after Brexit – including her infamous pledge to slash annual numbers to “tens of thousands” […]

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Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Grandiose Dreams Do Not Change Reality, He Still Feels The Tip Of The Turkish Khazouk At His Backside

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently spoke about building a new city in Saudi Arabia that would be one of the future, filled with super technology promoting genetic modification, massive entertainments, and robots who serve people all around the place: This seaside corner of northwest Saudi Arabia is so barren that the only abundant resources […]

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Trump Says He’s Going To Build The Wall Again

“Build the wall” was Trump’s campaign slogan, a promise he has abjectly failed at and continues to do so. Now, as the election season for 2020 moves along, Trump has declared that he has been able to secure 2.5 billion in “funding” for the project: The Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration on Friday […]

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