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UK Sniper Blows The Brains Out Of ISIS Suicide Bomber In Miracle ALMOST A MILE LONG Shot And Saves Hundreds From Certain Death

He had 20 seconds and one shot.   If he missed, hundreds would die, since the target were ISIS terrorists in Libya who were driving a suicide bomb into a major market place and nobody knew it was coming. In an amazing, 1000-meter long shot, this UK SAS sniper hit the driver of the vehicle right […]

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Muslims Beat Three Christians Giving Out Bibles With Iron Pipes And Kidnap Them, And Now Nobody Knows Where They Are

Last month we shared the story of Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil, a priest kidnapped by ISIS who was supposed to be crucified on Good Friday. Thanks to your prayers, he was in nothing short of a miracle not only freed from ISIS, but was able to return unharmed to his native India. Here is another similar […]

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Remember How Muslims Stone Jews In Israel? Well Muslims Are Now Stoning Dutch People And Their Businesses In Holland

Remember all of those photos and videos of Arab Muslims stoning Jews and Jewish businesses in Israel that have been in the news for decades? For those same years, Israel was saying this was the face of Islam, but nobody listened. People in the West insisted that the Palestinians were just “economically deprived,” or they […]

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Spanish Government Prosecutes Major Catholic Cardinal For “Hate Crimes” For Preaching Against Islam And Homosexuality

Fr. Antonio Cardinal Canizares is sometimes called “little Ratzinger.” As Archbishop of Valencia, he has been fearless in speaking out against the Islamic invasion of Europe, the LGBT attack on the family, and the evils of feminism. He even has the support of Pope Francis, who has encouraged him to ‘stay strong’ in his public […]

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ISIS Beheads Four-Year-Old Girl And Then Forces Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Blood

If there is anything that can be expected from ISIS, is that it will always find new, creative ways to inflict horrible suffering on the most innocent for the sake of Allah: “A mother told her 4-year daughter to go home and she refused and then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I […]

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Muslim Terrorists Are Using Boys As Honeypot Traps And Bargaining Chips Because The Afghan Police Are Addicted To Raping Little Boys

The best thing that has come out of this Orlando gay nightclub shooting is that is it finally, at least for  a time, forcing people to look at the prevalence of homosexuality in Islam. It is almost entertaining to watch, but it is rather sad how the current “hivemind” in the West is saying that […]

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War Criminals In US Government And Business Interests Are Provoking A Fight With Russia That Will End In Disaster

Last month, I wrote an article about how NATO’s top general is predicting war with Russia, beginning in the Baltic nations, in May 2017, which is also the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. Several days ago, I wrote about how the US government is working with NATO to set up advanced missile “defense” systems […]

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Muslim Terrorist Swears Allegiance To ISIS On Facebook Live Minutes After He Slaughtered A French Policeman And His Girlfriend And Took Their 3-Year-Old Son Hostage For Allah

Thankfully the French police responded quickly and shot this Muslim before he could harm the little boy. However, this man is a reflection of the mental and spiritual sickness of Islam, the only religion that could ritually murder non-Muslims and hold children hostage at the same time while making a video defending its actions and […]

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Muslim Man Approaches And Repeatedly Stabs Random French Teen Girl In Public, Says He Did It Because She Was A ‘Human Sacrifice For Ramadan’

  Remember that just like when Muslims blow themselves up on buses filled with schoolchildren in the West Bank or slit the throats of captured journalists on video, Islam is a barbaric religion that preserves the ancient pagan tradition of ritual human sacrifice, except this time it is for Allah and his “prophet.” Thankfully, the […]

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WE TOLD YOU SO: Orlando Muslim Terrorist’s Ex-Wife Says Omar Mateen Was GAY And Used To Troll For Casual Sex With Random Men

For years, people laughed when we said there is a connection between Islam and homosexuality. For years, people became infuriated when we said and showed through consistent proofs that homosexuals are the most violent, socially deviant people in society. Recently, we said that there were no martyrs in the Orlando shootings because not only are […]

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Merkel Prepares To Slice What Is Left Of Europe’s Wrists And Give Visa Free Travel To All 80 MILLION People In Turkey

To paraphrase what Turkish President Erdogan said, ‘what our ancestors failed to do through military might we will accomplish through intellect.’ That is, the Ottoman conquest and Islamization of Europe. Europe has been receiving Muslims into its border since post World War II, beginning under the guise of “rebuilding” the economy. However, all that Europe did […]

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While The Sick And Dying Western World Is Freaking Out Over Homosexuals Killing Homosexuals, It Is Also Provoking World War III With Christian-Friendly Russia

On thing that I learned a while ago was that when everybody is looking in one direction, if you want to know what is really going on you need to look in the opposite direction. Better stated, many times news stories are promoted in the mainstream media in order to give a pre-manufactured conclusion to […]

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Just Like Freddie Vs. Jason, The Orlando Shooting Was A Fight Between Two Denziens Of Hell

There has been a lot of talk about the Muslim terrorist attack at that night club for homosexuals in Orlando. A lot of people are talking about the evils of Islamic terrorism, Obama and his Democrat allies are trying to use this to push for gun bans, the ACLU has said that the blame is […]

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While The Formerly Christian Western World Burns The Real Glory Days Of Christendom Are Upon Us

By Andrew (Shoebat Sunday Special) When I was a child, I remember my parents and grandparents lamenting how it seemed the world was getting worse with each passing day. Now I grew up during the late 1980s and the 1990s, and everything seemed pretty good to me, although you could see there were changes. Now it […]

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Muslim Gang Viciously Hacks Christian Man With Machetes and Daggers At Restaurant After He Refuses To Fast For Ramadan

It’s Ramadan again, a time of Islamic fasting and prayer, and attacking non-Muslims who do not do the same. This man, Francis Emmanuel, was coming out of a restaurant where he just picked up some food when a group of six Muslims approached him. They asked him why he had food and when he said he said […]

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20 Muslims Severely Beat Christian Man For Selling Ice Cream, When He Goes To The Police Station The Police Force Him To Withdraw His Complaint

Khaleel Masih is a Christian from Pakistan who makes his living selling ice cream. One day two Muslim brother started screaming at and insulting Khaleel because he is a Christian. Before he even knew it, he was severely beaten by a mob of 20 Muslims who also destroyed his ice cream and his bicycle while […]

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