Catholic Monk Attacked By Irish Pagans And Clergy For Declaring The Sodomites Are Like “Infected Zombies”

An Irish Catholic monk has come under attack from the largely pagan Irish as well as fellow Catholics, including members of the clergy, for describing sodomites as “infected zombies” for which there is largely no cure other than death:

A bishop has been urged to address comments made by a religious brother who compared gay people to infected zombies.

Brother Tom Forde sparked outrage when he made the comparison in a homily in which he began speaking about what he viewed as self-destructive and irrational behaviour.

He said this was “the abuse of drugs and alcohol, adultery, fornication and homosexuality, as well as in the acceptance of abortion and contraception and in the move to legalise euthanasia”.

“We sense that many of those around us are physically alive but spiritually dead, morally rotten or at least infected,” he said at the Capuchin friary in Kilkenny on Saturday.

Referencing the horror genre, he admitted being a fan of TV programmes like ‘The Walking Dead’.

And speaking about zombies, he said: “Once you are bitten you are infected and there is no hope.

“The only way to deal with the monsters is to stab or shoot them in the brain.”

The former chaplain at University College Cork (UCC) said that the cure for “moral and spiritual infection” was Christ.

Some of the congregation reportedly walked out in protest following the remarks.

The homily had been published as a blog, but it was no longer online last night.

It is understood that Br Forde took down the blog amid the outcry.

Its contents were brought to wider public attention after being featured on RTÉ’s ‘Liveline’ programme.


The head of Amnesty Ireland yesterday called on the Catholic Bishop of Ossory to address “vitriolic and homophobic” comments.

Colm O’Gorman also told the Irish Independent it was up to gardaí to investigate if the comments constituted hate speech.

“There is no excuse for this. Brother Forde must apologise and withdraw his comments and say they were wrong,” he said.

“This is pride month and that is the kind of utterance that fuels homophobic attacks like the one we saw in London on the lesbian couple.

“Imagine if there was a member of the LGBTQ community in the congregation or a young person working through their sexuality,” he said.

Mr O’Gorman added: “It is hateful and profoundly bigoted language that must be called out.

“He made those comments in an official capacity… speaking from the altar and the diocese and bishop need to clarify whether they stand over those comments and consider them acceptable.”

A Garda spokesperson said they would not discuss an individual case.

But they said any accusation of hate speech would be investigated if a complaint were made, and gardaí would then seek to determine if a criminal act had occurred.

The Capuchin Order apologised for Br Forde’s contentious comments, saying that “the Capuchin Order wishes to state that all are welcome in our churches, irrespective of sexual orientation”.

It added: “Unfortunate comments were made about homosexuality last Saturday, which gay people would have found hurtful, and we deeply regret this.”

It also stated: “On reflection Br Tom removed the blog as it was not his intention to cause hurt to anyone.” (source, source)

Scripturally speaking, where is the lie? has been emphatic on the point that the sin of Sodom is one that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” and is “worthy of death” per the words of Sacred Scripture. The saints of the Church also speak to the evil nature of this sin, how it consumes the brain, and how people who seriously partake of it seldom recover. The saints of the past have described homosexuality as inducing qualities similar to madness or an illness, and given the prevalence of incurable STDs among them, the modern idea of an “infected zombie” is a very apt description of the reality of life in sodom.

What this brother did was to speak in the same tradition of all of the great saints of old on the sin of Sodom and her sister cities. He spoke bluntly, in plain language, in the context of a homily to preach the truth to a society that is no longer Christian and is in desperate need of Christian truth.

Ted interviewed Riobhca Labhaoise about the state of the Church in Ireland, and how it is no more:

The entire interview is worth listening to. She describes Ireland as the most corrupt nation in Europe, and how the Catholic Church is not only not doing her job, but is directly complicit in worsening the corruption in society because many of the priests do not believe.

The attacks that this brother experienced from his fellow priests and citizens is similar to the attacks that has received. The hatred of those who criticize sodomitic behavior, including from fellow Christians, is vitriolic and reaches levels of violence.

People talk about calling out the evils of the times and exposing them, yet one of the greatest evils that has ever existed is now a practical condition for any sort of social acceptance in this world, regardless of the nation save certain parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

The Muslims did not take over the world. The sodomites did, and they are attempting to infect all with their malicious and sinful view.

Some may ask what the world may have been like in “the days of Noah,” as Jesus wars so it will be when the Son of Man returns (Matthew 24:37), yet has one looked around? There has never been such a proliferation of heinous sin around the entire world, to which the Gospel has been preached and most have rejected it, the world has never been closer than before, and with more dangerous weapons capable of wiping out the world.

Yet when people of good will- those who are charged with spreading the truth -are attacked by their own for doing so, what does that say about the future?

It speaks for itself.

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