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New Jersey Town Rejects Mega Mosque Application After It Doesn’t Get Enough Votes, Now The Justice Department Is Investigating

Last year we documented how a major mosque was being placed in a quiet suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. The city voted in favor of the mosque, but it did not receive enough votes for approval. Now in a sudden change, the Federal Justice Department is going to investigate the matter: The federal Justice Department […]

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Iraqi Christians Declare To The West- ‘Our Muslim Neighbors Robbed, Raped, And Murdered Us And Our Children- We Are NOT Going Back To Iraq!’

Since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, Christianity in Iraq and Syria has been under constant attack by Muslim groups such as ISIS. Once over a million Christians in the area, most have either fled, been murdered, or are now refugees so much that there are only a few thousand left. Now that […]

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“Yugoslavian Man” With “Mental Problems” Goes On Axe Murder Rampage In German Train Station

In Germany, a “Yugoslavian man” with “mental problems” has just been arrested after he took and axe and went on a murderous rampage, hacking a people in a public train station and leaving a bloody mess wherever he went: A MAN armed with an axe has gone on a rampage at a train station in Germany, […]

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Thirty People Are Dead After Muslim Terrorists Disguise Themselves As Doctors, Walk Into A Hospital And Go On A Murderous Rampage

One of the terrorists In a report coming out of Afghanistan, terrorists claiming to be with ISIS disguised themselves as doctors and walked into a hospital. Once inside, they pulled out automatic rifles, grenades, and machetes, and began indescriminately attacking doctors and sick people alike. So far, 30 people were murdered and at least 50 […]

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Demon-Possessed Hindu Cooks A Piece Of Human Brain, Gives It To A Famous American Muslim Writer And CNN Reporter, He Eats The Brains On Camera And Says ‘It Tastes Like Charcoal’

Reza Aslan is a famous Muslim American writer and journalist for CNN. In a recent documentary where he was spending time with the “aghoris,” which are a Hindu death-worshipping cult that feasts on human remains and surrounds themselves with death, he was given a piece of human brain to eat. Aslan picked up the cooked […]

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Married Man Abandons His Wife Of 17 Years And Four Children So He Can Go Sleep With Other Men

Jeff Smokler was married for almost two decades and the father of four children. However, one day he decided to divorce his wife, abandon his children, and start sleeping with other men because he wanted to: A woman has shared her heartbreak after her husband of 17 years told her he is gay. Jill and […]

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Bosnian Muslim Jailed For Kidnapping Serbian Man, Cutting His Head Off With An Axe, Then Sawing His Genitals Off And Stuffing Them In His Mouth

During the Bosnian war, Muslims went on a rampage of murder and mayhem across the land. Their primary target was the Christian population, which consisted mostly of Serbians. The violence was so bad that Muslims were rounding up Christians and then shipping them to actual human slaughterhouses where they were butchered like animals and their organs sold […]

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Muslim Family In Somalia Secretly Abandons Islam And Becomes Christians, Muslims Find Out, Break Into Their House In The Night And Riddle The Family With Bullets While They Sleep

Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian in. The Muslims there are so hateful of Christianity they are known to murder even other Muslims they think might be a Christian. Because of this, converts in Somalia have to keep their Christianity a secret for fear of their […]

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‘They Are Monsters’ Nine Year Old Girls Captured By ISIS Are Beaten, Tortured, And Raped Continually For Almost Two Years Until Escaping

Nadya and Lamya, pictured above, are two girls who have been through hell. Captured by ISIS, for the next two years they were raped, tortured, beaten, and forced to carry dangerous weapons, including suicide belts, for the terrorists until they were able to escape, according to one report: Lamya Aji Bashar Taha, a young Yazidi […]

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Devout Muslims On Facebook Call For Dissolving Muslim Woman’s Face In Acid After She Puts Up Picture Without Hijab And Sitting With Non-Muslims

The woman on the far right of this photo is Azniya Ashmin. A Muslim from Kerala, India, this photo of her and sitting with these Hindus caused a firestorm on Facebook, with Muslims calling for dissolving her face in acid as a punishment for ‘barking against Islam’: Azniya Ashmin, a Bengaluru-based Kerala woman, put up […]

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A Massive Move Of God Is Taking Place As Thousands Of Muslim Refugees Are Converting To Christianity From Europe To The Middle East

Ever since the beginning of this year the reports have been pouring in from across Europe and the Middle East- there is a mass move of God taking place as thousands of Muslim refugees are abandoning Islam and becoming Christians. Churches of all denominations- Catholic, Orthodox, Mainline and Evangelical- are reporting record numbers of Muslims […]

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Unrepentant ISIS Soldier On Death Row Brags ‘Allah Has Given Us License To Destroy You Americans- I Tortured And Murdered Over 300 People For Allah And Would Happily Do It Again’

Sitting on death row waiting for execution, ISIS fighters opened up about their deeds. Unsurprisingly, they were unrepentant. They said Allah had given them license to kill, and some even bragged about how many they butchered and said they would gladly do it again: Inside a low-slung concrete building ringed by blast walls and razor […]

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Major Terrorist Supporter And Muslim Convert Declares To Muslims ‘Don’t Worry About Going To War- Conquer The Infidels By Outbreeding Them’

I have been warning what this woman is saying over and over: A Sydney Muslim psychologist and ABC religion contributor writer has called on her ‘brothers and sisters in Islam’ to keep reproducing so their religion can one day overtake Christianity. Hanan Dover made the seemingly tongue-in-cheek comments on Facebook next to a story predicting […]

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Muslim Raiders Attack Three Men, Rip Their Eyes Out And Then Slice Them To Death With Swords

Nigeria is the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian, as Muslim Fulani raiders carry out random, savage attacks against the Christians and anybody who happens to cross their path. In another act of heinous violence, the Muslim raiders captured three men. They ripped their eyeballs out and then sliced them to death […]

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‘I Was Beaten, Tortured, And Humiliated Daily In Prison’ Christian Missionary Imprisoned For Over A Year In Sudanese Hell Hole Prison Tells His Story

Frequent beatings, public humiliation, and torture including torture with freezing cold air was what Czech Christian missionary Petr Jasek endured for a year in a Sudanese hell hole of a prison. Arrested for spreading the Gospel and convicted in a kangaroo court trial, he was sentenced 24 years to life in prison but was just […]

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Christian Professor Shills For Islam As He Bans Christian Man From Criticizing Islam After He Discovers He Is A Convert

Sometimes a story comes up that brings back memories from a long time ago that you forgot about. Recently, a story about a professor in the UK who forbade a Christian convert from Islam reminded me about my years in graduate school: The student, Shahriar Ashrafkhorasani, 33, is an Iranian-born convert from Islam. He will […]

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