Man Arrested For Looking To Cannibalize Another Man And Kidnap A Child To Make Into A Sex Slave Released On Probation

In March 2018, reported on a man who was arrested on multiple charges, including attempting to kidnap and sexually abuse a child and attempted cannibalism. The court has ruled on his case, and he has been allowed to walk free on probation:

A man deputies said wanted to make an underage girl a sex slave and “cannibalize” her has pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal solicitation of a minor.

Justin Teeter Bensing, 36, of Myrtle Beach, was sentenced to five years of probation, according to court documents. A sentencing sheet obtained from the Greenville County Clerk of Court’s Office included judge’s notes that stated Bensing has autism and was considered a low risk after an evaluation.

He had been charged in February during a high-profile child predator sting in Greenville County. A grand jury indicted him in April.

Bensing was sentenced to his five years of probation on Aug. 9. He had been out of jail on a $10,000 cash bond since his Feb. 12 arrest, court records show.

Arrest warrants stated that Bensing used the name “Rebel Deese” in online chats and asked the supposed underage girl if she was “ready to be a full time baby maker and sex slave.” He also referred to the sexual fetish of coprophilia and explained that he wanted to drink her urine when they met.

Bensing’s Samsung Galaxy S5 was seized as part of the investigation, court records show.

Bensing was one of 14 suspects tied to a child predator sting operation that took place in January and February. An additional 29 suspects were tied to prostitution and human trafficking in the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office’s Operation Millstone.

The operation that spanned several days involved investigators posing as underage children to lure suspects to a location to meet for sex. Instead, they were met with an arrest.

Suspended Sheriff Will Lewis held a press conference at the end of the sting operation, pointing out Bensing and explaining that the suspect wanted to “cannibalize” the girl. He said Bensing drove from Myrtle Beach to Greenville to meet the supposed girl.

“Depravity doesn’t even describe this,” Lewis said at the February press conference.

Bensing’s attorney, James Brehm of Greenville, could not be reached for comment. (source)