The Sexual Abuse Scandal Is Just One Link In A Massive Chain Of Deceit And Debauchery That Goes Far Beyond The Church

It is very important that more revelations and investigations into the sexual abuse in the Church come out and for reasons completely unrelated to the fundamentals of mercy, justice, truth, and cleaning out what are known problems particularly involving the LGBT. For the crimes in the Church, of which there is no doubt they lead right into the Vatican itself, penetrate far beyond the Church and into the most powerful governments and even more so, the major families of industry and finance who run the world today.

To understand how this works, one needs to take a trip back to the early 20th century to obtain clear insight into how the situation of today came to be.

The Bible calls homosexuality a sin that is “worthy of death,” and as St. Paul notes in the Letter to the Romans, homosexuality is a manifestation of serious sin from a long period of continual sin without repentance. It is a clear embrace of evil as opposed to war against it. This is the reason why there is both a strong correlation between homosexuality and terrible types of crimes, for having embraced such a horrible form of evil, there is seldom an evil that a homosexual will not commit.

If one places this view of homosexuality in a power context, it can mean that not only does a homosexual possess the potential to do anything for power, but that in the appropriate context he will do anything to fulfill a task assigned to him. Just as governments throughout history with no moral limits have weaponized Islam in order to expand their own power, governments also have weaponized homosexuality to serve nationalistic or business ends by exploiting the inherent narcissism and lack of morality common to the average homosexual to commit atrocities that most persons would be unwilling to commit.

As the homosexual pagan speaker Jack Donovan notes, homosexuality is not inherently associated with effeminate behavior, and a homosexual can just as easily be very “masculine.” The example of Sparta also confirms this, where it was a militarist society made up of sodomites. In combination with the mindset of power regardless of means to attain it and in an authoritative structure, a trained homosexual makes an ideal “Special Forces” type soldier or a spy.

The British made extensive use of homosexuals in their spy services, so much that becoming an intern with the MI5 spy unit was not described as an internship, but a “homintern.” The Soviets also copied the British and by extension, the Americans, and made extensive use of homosexuals as spies:

As all spywatchers know, they have never been out there. Right from their formation in 1909, Britain’s secret services have been thick with homosexual officers, as has the opposition. At the peak of the Cold War we had been so penetrated by gay agents working for the Comintern that they privately referred to their spy ring as “the Homintern”.

Guy Burgess, of Burgess and Maclean notoriety, was a prominent Homintern member and such a dedicated homosexual that even the Russians, prudish about such matters, had to provide him with a boyfriend after he defected to Moscow in 1951.

Sir Anthony Blunt, an MI5 officer with a fine war record, Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures, a distant relative of hers, and an art historian of international renown, also had a secret gay life. Alex Kellar, director of MI5’s F Branch (Communist subversion) in the mid-1960s, was homosexual, and there are doubts about the sexual orientation of Sir Maurice Oldfield, who retired as chief of MI6 in 1978. He confessed in 1980 that he had lied about his preferences. (In fairness, I must add that when I drove Sir Maurice home after dinner one night and he asked me up to his flat for a nightcap, he behaved impeccably.)

The Russians may have been prudish but that did not stop them employing homosexual agents to compromise Western gays and then blackmail them. The best-known case involved Jeremy Wolfenden, the Daily Telegraph correspondent in Moscow in the early 1960s. The barber for the Soviet Ministry for Foreign Trade seduced Wolfenden on KGB orders. Just as they were going to bed in Wolfenden’s room at the Ukraine Hotel, a KGB photographer jumped out of the wardrobe and said: “Allya, allya. Schta tut proiskhodit?” (literally, “Hello, hello. What’s going on here?”) as he photographed them. (source)

Spies and sodomy, at least during the 20th century, were virtually synonymous. This must be remembered when discussing the situation with the Church.

Again, it must be said that there is much which one CANNOT confirm but can SPECULATE based upon evidence through past actions. I will attempt to distinguish between that which one can speculate, and what is reported from a source.

It is a known fact that both the KGB and the CIA attempted to infiltrate the ranks of the Catholic Church. The difference was in the approach.

The Soviets had trained direct agents to enter into the clergy, and in other cases attempted to bribe priests to promulgate Soviet doctrines, as one CIA document notes:

The Americans had many Catholics of good will who fought against the Nazis along side them, and so many willingly entered the CIA and were generally well-received. However, the CIA also had its own program of what was called “doctrinal warfare,” where the agency sought to use the authority of the Church to promulgate “American” ideas under the cover of doctrine. This program, called “Doctrinal Warfare,” was critical in forwarding many of the changes that happened in the 1960s with the Church.

In this situation, one must remember that both the Soviets and the Americans were equally promoting socialism, with the only difference being in emphasis. The Soviets promoted “international” socialism with an emphasis on economics and class warfare. The “West” promoted National Socialism with an emphasis on culture, race, and identity and has been confirmed under the program Operation Gladio.

There were no good sides. Both were using the same philosophy to their own ends.

It is known that in the USA, satanism was also rampant in the military and intelligence ranks. Jewish satanist and founder of the church of satan Anton LaVey was a close associate of Michael Aquino, a high-ranking US military officer with an extensive resume and an expert in psychological warfare who is involved in promoting occultism and National Socialism. Jack Parsons, a communist who founded the American rocketry program, was an open satanist who worked directly with Aleister Crowley. The military and DARPA were known to embrace projects involving direct attempts to manipulate or otherwise harness the forces of the occult.

Which brings up the issue of a man named Joseph Bernardin, who became Cardinal Bernardin and was one of the most powerful men in the Church in the USA.

What exactly happened with Bernardin is unknown in the year from when he left home as a religiously indifferent man at 16 to attend medical school and returned home having dropped out of medical school and now wanting to be a priest. It is rumored that he was a homosexual who was introduced to a satanist who was a spy with a yet unidentified intelligence agency who, after having homosexual relations, recruited him to their program. This is a speculation that has yet to be absolutely confirmed, but should not be dismissed because of the years that followed in his life. It has been suspected that it was a KGB agent because of Bella Dodd‘s admission of the communist infiltration into the American hierarchy, but this cannot be confirmed in the context of Bernardin.

Bernardin was a notorious homosexual with a reputation for engaging in homosexual activity and promoting LGBT causes, even at his funeral. He was also accused of being involved in several murders of a ritualistic nature. The biggest of these murders was reported by Fr. Malachi Martin in which he says that Bernardin was involved in a satanic ritual that took place on June 29th, 1963 in St. Paul’s church at St. Paul’s Church in the Vatican, and at which point a young woman who was said to have been sexually abused in the ritual confronted Bernardin about it in 1993.(1) Bernardin was also tied to a series of other scandals, including the murder of Frank Pellegrini, who allegedly was involved with Bernardin in a homosexual group involved in the ritual abuse of young boys in Chicago and he wanted to leave. (2)

Randy Engel’s Rite of Sodomy gives an excellent study into his case. What emerges about Bernardin are four points:

1) He was absolutely a homosexual and central to a homosexual ring that goes right up to the Vatican
2) He was absolutely involved in the homosexual abuse of boys and young men
3) He was very likely involved in a satanic ring that goes right up to the Vatican
4) He was central to Vatican II and many of the changes that happened

Bernardin is important because given the power he had, how he directly received awards from President Clinton himself (who also is tied to extensive crimes of the same nature along with his associates), indicate that the issue of child abuse goes beyond the church walls as well as has been going on for many years.

For example, there is the infamous case of Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of both the Clintons and President Trump who is a convicted pedophile and is known for running an island where men with great wealth can pay him to sexually abuse children.

Some years ago, there was a documentary which discussed a connection between the Catholic Boys Town orphanage and pedophile rings that go up to the high ranks of the Republican Party and US Government.

We know that very powerful members of the US government partake in strange rituals, including a “mock” human sacrifice at the elite Bohemia Grove club.

The connection between members in government, business, finance, and the Church who are engaged in the most abominable things that a man can imagine all bear a disturbing relation to each other in their nature and practice with some connections that are curious and close.

There will be more sexual abuse cases that emerge. That is for sure. And the blame will be placed on the Church.

However, if one blames or wants to blame merely the Church, one is actively making the problem worse that one can even begin to imagine.

In firefighting, sometimes firefighters will start fires while another fire is raging or they will start a fire where there is no fire. In both cases, the idea that because there is no way to eliminate either the fire or the conditions that could cause a fire in a reasonable way, it is better to consume excess fuel that will either stop a current fire or prevent a future one from starting. This is called a “controlled burn,” because it helps to “control” the fire taking place or a future fire should one happen by altering the environment.

But a “controlled burn” doesn’t just apply to firefighting. It applies to people too, that by allowing certain persons to be destroyed or information to emerge, it protects a larger group doing the same thing.

Take for example the case of Harvey Weinstein. People love to hate him because of his sexual activities, and one cannot disagree that much of what he did was objectively abhorrent. However, why has there not been a similar outrage an inquiry into other members involved in Hollywood sexual abuse of a worse nature, such as Milo Yiannopoulos’ admissions of child sexual abuse or the infamous “Sanctum” club? While the full story is not known, it is curious that so much outrage would be directed towards Weinstein, for while what he did was wrong, he was certainly not the worst of the abusers. However, by effectively focusing in and placing the wrath of the public on him, it has caused other crimes to emerge but also directed public attention away from potentially more serious cases.

It is important that the seriousness of what happened in the Church be fully exposed. However, the last century’s history of government influence in the church, the use of occultism in government and intelligence circles, the sexual abuse and its widespread but strange reflection between the major institutions of power throughout the world, and the influence of the LGBT in all of this speak to something that is greater than the Church but is using the Church to advance its own ends and then destroy the institution’s moral mission, blaming the crisis on her but ignoring the role of other entities so that they can continue to engage in the same practices. It is to engage in a “controlled burn” using the Church as a central point so that the fires of public outrage can be focused on her but extinguish inquiry into how the scandal connects with government, finance, and industry.

(1) Engel, Randy. Rite of Sodomy. Page 908-909
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