In Addition To The Catholics, Protestants, And Muslims, It Is Overdue For The Eastern Orthodox, Hindus, And Jews To Be Exposed For Their Sex Crimes

The Catholic Church is receiving an overdue scrutiny into sexual abuse cases that wrongly were ignored and suppressed by the Church hierarchy. However, cases of sexual abuse are not unique to simply Catholics, as sexual abuse is a human phenomenon. The exposure of the Church’s scandals will ideally lead to more scandals being revealed not just in the church, but in other religious groups, and for the better of all in that by such revelations of past crimes, real healing can begin.


There is tremendous amount of sexual abuse that takes place in Protestant churches. However, there are many Protestants of good will who acknowledge this and instead of ignoring the issue and focusing simply on the Catholic Church will attempt to address and combat it. Billy Graham’s grandson Boz Tchividjian runs a ministry dedicated to fighting and exposing sexual abuse in these churches, and he freely admits that the problem in Protestant churches is worse than in the Catholic Church.

There are more cases that must be exposed with the Protestants. However, one cannot say that there is not a noted bloc among them who are attempting to expose this.



Muslims are another major religious group where there is a lot of sexual abuse. They will try to hide the sexual abuse, but the fact is that Muslims are terrible at hiding their misdeeds, especially sexual ones. It is an admitted fact from Islamic sacred tradition and supported by sacred scripture that Mohammed was a pedophile and a necrophile with homosexual tendencies. When Muslims act in these ways, they are simply following the example of their prophet, and their degeneracy is so blatant and poorly hidden that it is impossible to deny to a man with eyes to see.

There are three other religious groups that have been seldom scrutinized regarding cases of sexual misconduct such as those taking place in the Catholic Church and are in need of it. They are the Eastern Orthodox, the Hindus, and the Jews.


Eastern Orthodox (including Oriental Orthodox and Assyrian Church of the East)

The orthodox have been disturbingly silent on issues of sexual abuse. Speaking from personal experience, I have seldom heard a discussion of sexual abuse and Orthodoxy, and the times it has been mentioned too often it is to say that the sexual abuse issue is a “Catholic problem.” However, there are some news stories and Orthodox voices who have spoken up about massive sexual abuse allegations in the church, and they have been quickly silenced.

In August 2018, there was a story about a Coptic bishop who was murdered. While the first suspicion was Muslims, it came out that the bishop was murdered by a homosexual monk that was having gay sex orgies with at least one other monk and a local farmer near the monastery. While specific details are still emerging, the Coptic Church has ordered a complete social media shutdown of the monastery and banned all monks from so much as leaving the property without explicit approval. No further information has yet been released from the Coptic Church.

The actions of the Coptic Church do not speak to any sort of open investigation. They are indicative of what the Catholic Church did in the USA and abroad, which was to silence allegations, destroy evidence, and cover up the crime and then pretend it did not happen. One must ask not if, but what other cases such as these have taken place over the last century in the Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church is in an even more serious position. The decorated and acclaimed Russian Orthodox priest Fr. Andrei Kuraev has admitted that the Russian Orthodox Church has the exact same problem as the Catholic Church, which is an entrenched “gay lobby” that has taken it over and is using the Church to help themselves at the expense of the people:

The question is that somewhere in the 1960s, one of the most direct career paths was, unfortunately, connected with this kind of compliance in relation to some, very, very, powerful bishops. And, as a result, there is such a lobby. This does not mean that all the bishops are such, no. They are a minority- maybe 50 people out of our 360 bishops. But the trouble is that the rest are intimidated, the rest are silent. This lobby – these are not those who do something, they are those who are silent and patronize. (source)

Similar to the Catholic Church, Kurayev’s exposure of the rampant sexual abuse in the ROC resulted in his public condemnation, harassment, and ostracism by bishops and priests. Instead of looking into the problem, he was told he had to “repent”.

The Greek Orthodox Church has admitted that there is a problem with sexual abuse among priest and even at the hands of bishops, with bishops actively working to cover up the crimes.

There is even a website, Pokrov, which reaches out to both Orthodox and Eastern Catholics who have been subjected to abuse.

It is important that the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church involved in serious scandal be addressed and dealt with appropriately. However, as Constantinople was the seat of St. Andrew just as Rome is the seat of St. Peter, and just as Andrew is Peter’s younger brother, what applies to the older brother must apply to the younger as well. The crimes within the ranks of the Orthodox must be exposed for the health of the church.



Hinduism is an evil pagan religion that gives license to homosexuality. Because of this, homosexuality and pedophilia is rampant all over south Asia. If one goes to Google Trends and puts in the words “boy”, “little boy,” or “child” with sexual terminology, if India is not the #1 country for searching for them, it is consistently in the top five.

Homosexual child rape brothels have existed in India for centuries. The Englishman Sir Richard Burton wrote about them in British India, calling the Hindus and the Turks a “race of born pederasts” because of the rampant sodomy. While prostitution is illegal in India, it takes place regularly and tourists to India will go to seek out boy prostitutes.

One can only imagine the full scale of the crimes that are taking place.



To the credit of the Jews, there are some Jews of good will who are beginning to talk about sexual abuse in Jewish circles. Jews admit that there is systematic underreporting of sexual abuse cases that happen, especially among the Orthodox Jews, where just like with priests, concealment and cover-ups are the standard procedure and those who do report are shunned from their communities. Sexual abuse is listed as the major reason why Jews leave the practice of Judaism, especially among the Orthodox,.

Moshe Schapiro, who worked with Jewish children in situations of sexual abuse or other kinds of mistreatment, says that from his experience, about 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys, or 33% and 14%, have been sexually abused. Both of these numbers are, in terms of prevalence, much higher than in the Catholic Church for either boys or girls. However, as one Jewish group who works against sexual violence notes:

We do not have good numbers as to the incidence of abuse in the Jewish community; many Jews and Jewish groups are uncooperative in identifying the problem. Many involved in the field suggest that the incidence of abuse is on par with that of other communities. (source)

Regardless of whether one is a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu, or Jew, sexual abuse is a problem common to all people. The Catholic Church is a particular issue because she is the Church founded by Christ and against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. Judgment begins with the house of God, and so it is out of God’s mercy that the Church is going through the troubles she is, because this is part of what is going to be long and painful, but a necessary, healthy, and good purge of the filth that she is covered in.

But after the house of God, the others will follow. There will be more scandals coming from the Protestants and Muslims without question. However, their sins are known about and have been for a while, and there are some Protestants who are trying to expose the same evils. The Muslims cannot hide their evils. What is needed to be revealed and will come out is the scandals of the Orthodox, the Hindus, and the Jews. That will come in its own time, and none should be shocked by it.