Nigeria Arrests Six Homosexuals For Crimes Against Nature, Paraded For The Public To See

In Nigeria, six homosexuals were arrested for committing crimes against nature, and they were paraded for the public to see according to a report:

Six men in Nigeria have been arrested and paraded in public because police suspect them of being gay.

In Nigeria, people convicted of having gay sex can spend up to 14 years in prison – apart from in 12 northern states which have Sharia law, where they are stoned to death.

Last year, 42 men were arrested at a hotel in Lagos state and charged with performing “homosexual acts.”

The latest arrests were made in Abia, where the men face a jail term rather than death.

The manager of the City Global Hotel phoned the police with allegations that the men had been seen kissing in the hotel bar, according to Nigerian news outlet Punch.

He then went to their room – which he said was meant for two people – and allegedly discovered six men kissing one another and getting intimate.

The police report states that the men told them under interrogation that they were part of a gang who travelled to Abia from different states to have sex with each other.

But the men gave a different version of events, explaining that they had come for a birthday party hosted by one of them.

One of the arrested men said that they were all in the same room because they couldn’t get one for six people.

“I arrived at the hotel at about 6pm and I asked my friend to book for a room for me,” he said.

“The hotel management said we should pay 5,000 Naira (£11) for a room and we could afford it. So, we decided to manage that one room.

“After drinking at the hotel bar, we went to the room to change our clothes,” he continued.

“It was at that time that we heard a knock on the door and when we opened the door, the manager started asking why we were six in the room.

“After explaining to him, he said they don’t allow more than three persons in a room and that was how he accused us of practising homosexuality in the room.”

The man denied that they had performed any sexual acts at the hotel, saying: “There was nothing like kissing or making love in the room and we are not gays.”

One of the arrested men backed up this account, saying: “I invited my friends for my birthday and I wanted to pay for two rooms but we couldn’t because the rooms were filled up.

“That was why we were in one room,” he added.

The state’s Commissioner of Police, Anthony Ogbizi, has said the men will face a trial. (source)