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Muslim Refugee Decides To Murder His Three Children Ages Five, Three And ONE So He Throws Them Out Of A Two-Story Window

In a report from Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, Germany, a 35 year old Syrian Muslim man was arrested for attempting to murder his three children ages five, three, and one by throwing them out of a two-story window at the refugee center they were staying at. All three children were badly injured but survived and are currently in […]

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FORK IT OVER: Merkel Says Germans Need To Pay More In Taxes To Support Her Refugee Programs

38 billion UK Pounds- 55 billion USD- That is how much Chancellor Merkel’s refugee program will cost the German people by the end of 2017. Because Germany doesn’t have that much money to pay just one one program and is already borrowing on credit to fund their operations right now, Chancellor Merkel is “dreaming of new taxes” […]

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Migrant Tries To Commit Suicide, Police And Ambulance Come To Help, Muslims Turn And Attack The Police

According to reports, a “migrant” at one of the “refugee centers” tried to commit suicide. First responders were called, and when they got there they asked the Muslims to go into the center to get the person. The Muslims refused against the wishes of the first responders and brought the man out to them. When […]

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“We WILL Use Violence If You Go Through With This” Romanian Town REFUSES To Allow “Refugee Center” To Be Build In Their Town And Pledges To Fight It At All Costs

That’s the way to do it. Be firm, be civil, and NEVER give in. Building a “refugee center” is an act of war against the people because these invaders have only come to kill, steal, and destroy. If they went through with this project, these eople would have had every moral right to use whatever […]

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GO SWEDEN! Two Hundred Swedish Men Go To Stockholm Station And CLEAN The Muslim Gangs Out!

After hearing reports that Muslim gangs had taken over Stockholm Central Station, two hundred Swedish patriots wearing masks descended upon the area and purged it of the Muslim terrorists. They have called upon Swedish men of all ages and good faith, who love their country, their families, and their future, to stand up and fight […]

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Violent Brawling, Screaming As “Refugees” In Germany Destroy Their Own Shelter

Violence. Mayhem. Destruction. Amidst the horrible screams and brawling fists it appears that a group of “refugees” are also raping somebody amidst the chaos. Table are overturned. Garbage is everywhere. It looks like a scene out of an African war zone. Chancellor Merkel invited these people into Germany and said the Germans have to take […]

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“Get The Hell Out Of Here!” German Grandfather Furious At Mayor After He Blames His Ten-Year-Old Granddaughter For “Provoking The Refugees”

The incident started at a meeting in the small town of Bad Schelma on the German-Czech border about the “refugees.” A grandfather stood up an told the mayor that his 10-year-old granddaughter was being harassed by Muslim schoolchildren and he was concerned for her safety, especially with summertime approaching. The mayor’s response? Don’t provoke the refugees.

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Ex-Muslim Is Denied Refuge In Sweden, He Desecrates A Copy Of The Koran To Prove His Apostasy

Omar Makram. former Muslim In my years of working with Muslims and Islam, I have found that many Muslims who eventually become Christians at least for a time describe themselves as atheists. It is not that most of these people are actually atheists in the sense that they do not believe in God and have […]

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“Do Not Prosecute Crimes Involving Refugees” German Police Officer Of 17 Years Faces Charges For Exposing Secret Government Directive To German Police Department

In another explosive story proving the German government’s war against her own people, 17-year veteran officer Sven Kleuckling has been suspended without pay and will most likely be fired and face charges for exposing on Facebook a secret directive given to German police departments nationwide- that refugees are not to be prosecuted for any crime.  Naming the […]

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