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Gang Of 17-Year-Old Muslim Thugs Beat Up 9-Year-Old German Boy For Fun And Attack His Parents, German Police Come And Beat Up The German Boy’s Father And Say That It’s His Fault Because He Provoked The Muslims

This video has been working its way around the German and European Media. I have transcribed the entire text below. Folks, this is the future of America and Europe if we are not careful- these Muslims are coming to kill us, our children, and rob our civilization and the government is enabling it. The traitor Merkel has […]

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EU Politician Says “Europe Must Embrace “Diversity” Or Face War,” Calls For The Religious, Ethnic, And Cultural Destruction Of Europe And Then Claims Europeans “Never Existed”

Muslims suicide bombers strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up on buses. Western Politicians do the same thing but with cleverly crafted laws and statements that mask religious, cultural, and ethnic genocide under the guise of “diversity.” This speech was given by Franz Timmermans in October 2015 at the first EU Fundamental Rights […]

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“Islam Has No Place In Germany” German Political Party Calls For Banning All Mosques And The Koran Because They “Spread Lies And Deception”

It is taking longer than it should, but the German people are waking up to the reality that Islam comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and they have to get rid of it like a cancer before it consumes them. Chancellor Merkel’s support continues to decline in spite of her increasingly tyrannical behavior. German political […]

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imwith stupid

Belgian Government Wants New “Migrants” To Sign An “Integration Pledge” Promising They Will Be Good And Obey The Laws, Yet Muslim “Refugees” Are Exempt From It

This is so stupid I can hardly believe it, yet it proves again that truth is always stranger than fiction. Asking grown men, fully capable of making mature decisions and taking responsibility for the consequences, are being asked to sign a pledge promising they will obey the laws of the country, when most of the recent arrivals […]

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Turkish Nationalists In Germany: “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You”

Merkel’s new refugees on parade in Duisberg, Germany. Notice how the German police allow them to protest and do not try to stop them. There is so much emphasis in Germany on “right wing extremism,” which is code word for “pro-European ideas.” The fact that Germany allows this to happen is proof that the German […]

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“I Am Sick And Tired Of You, Liberal Church” EWTN’s Mother Angelica Foretold The Anti-Catholic Goals Of Liberalism Years Ago

This past Easter Sunday, Claretian Nun Mother Angelica (born Rita Rizzo), founder of the International Catholic Television Station EWTN died. In addition to this, she founded the monastery of Our Lady Of The Angels, which is found at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. Mother Angelica was funny and witty, but […]

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Mayor of Brussels Says That The Way To Stop Muslim Terrorism Is With Bringing In More Muslims

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur When Europeans say “multicultural” or “diversity,” you can simply replace the terms with “anti-Christian” and “Muslim” to find out what is really being said. Muslims caused the Brussels attacks. They caused the mass rapes in Germany and many other countries throughout Europe. They are the reason why the streets of major […]

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Polish FM Slams US Policy Towards Poland, Says Poland Will No Longer Be America’s Slave

As the Polish and greater European press has noted, and translated into American English, “Them’s fightin’ words.” This statement, made by FM Witold Waszczykowski, has roots going back at least to 2014 in conversation with Polish Minister of Finance Jacek Rostowski, in which he said in a private conversation that Poland suffered from a “negro mentality” […]

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Black Racist Assaults White Liberal For Having Dreadlocks, Says His Crime Is “Cultural Appropriation”

Talk about poetic justice. I don’t know any of the people in this video personally. Thankfully the woman in question, Bonita Tindle, is now “under investigation.” From what I have looked into, the man with the dreadlocks is a liberal. Now, he is correct to say that he has a right to wear his hair as […]

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British Police “Aggressively Investgating” Man Who Put Up Anti-Muslim Rapefugees Poster, Continue To Let Muslims Spew And Commit Real Acts of Hate With Impunity

  The French Philosopher Voltaire once noted that you could always tell which group or groups of people control a society by identifying which group(s) you are not allowed to criticize. If this observation is true, which it has been proven to be so repeatedly, then we can conclude that England is no longer controlled […]

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“We Want Chicken And Chips, Not Pasta!” Shameless “Refugees” Whine About Getting Free Food And Start A Riot Over It At The Shelter The Italian Government Is Housing Them In

Literally, these people were rioting because they did not get “chicken and chips.” If I was a child and made demands like what these “refugees” are making, I would be very lucky if I got anything that night to eat. VERY lucky. I knew better because I learned the potential consequences very quickly, and thankfully I […]

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Police Arrest 17 Muslim Men Firing Hundreds Of Rounds Of Ammo And Shouting “ALLAH AKBAR” In CA Desert, Then Releases Them

The FBI says they are still investigating, but anybody looking at this who knows anything about Islam can tell you it was obvious what was happening. This was likely some kind of practice run, a drill at the very least, for if not something imminent, something coming in the future. Now, in all fairness, this […]

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Belgian Muslim Leaders Refuse To Pray For The Souls Of Those Murdered By The Terrorists Because The Victims Are Not Muslims

This is not about whether or not anybody needs a Muslim’s prayers, but about principle. The fact is that the Muslims who did the Brussels attacks believeed (and were theologically speaking) justified in their actions, and the Muslim  leadres know this. They are perfectly right not to pray for the victims, as far as their understanding is […]

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President Erdogan Is So Furious Over This German Satirical Video Of Him He Registered A Formal Protest With The German Government To “Demand An Explanation”

The video, called “Erdo-how, Erdo-where, Erdo-wan” is a German satirical parody of Turkish President Erdogan’s increasingly tyrannical and power-hungry behaviors. What makes this video particularly funny is that wahn in German also means “crazy,” which is a fitting description for the wannabe sultan candidate. It is good to see oriental despots like Erdogan get so angry […]

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