Righteous Muslim Man Demands Food For Hundreds Of Out-Of-Work Starving Christians

The lockdown right now in the US means that people cannot enjoy their Big Macs inside of McDonalds, but can still get it by way of drive through, although maybe only three times a week instead of six, because one is paying from state-sponsored unemployment instead of from a job.

It’s not fun, but it’s not a bad life.

However, one can compare this with the situation of Christians in Pakistan, who neither have unemployment insurance and who earn pennies a day and nothing more, barely being able to pay for their own bills. While Americans cannot enjoy nice and fancy meals out daily any more, Christians in Pakistan are starving because they cannot even buy so much as a bowl of gruel, and with being out of work indefinitely, it means that many will likely starve. In the case of Pakistan, where Christians are systematically discriminated against in favor of Muslims, this could mean the death of many.

However, according to Asia News, one Muslim activists saw exactly this happening, and instead of idly sitting back, he chose to use his influence to force food distribution to hundreds of poor Christian families in Pakistan.

After the case of a Karachi NGO, which refused to help poor Hindus and Christians in the Korangi (Sindh) area, food donations were also denied to Christians in the village of Sanda Kalan.

“Food was only delivered to Muslims,” ​​Ahmed tells AsiaNews. The Christians living in this area are almost all wage earners who have lost their quarantine jobs. They are vulnerable and risk hunger without external support. One of them, Zeshan Masihhas, says he hasn’t earned a rupee in over two weeks. He is locked up in the house with his wife and children, without food or medicine.

On March 4, aid was distributed to the poor in the village mosque. Sheikh Abdul Rahim Hamid, the local imam, organized the collection and distribution of food rations. Hungry, Christian residents turned up to receive their share, but were rejected. They were told that aid was only for the 500 local Muslims.

At that point, Ahmed came to their rescue. He contacted Christian organizations that brought food to the Christian population of Sanda Kalan. The distribution took place thanks to the collaboration of some local activists. But there is a desperate need for other help for these people.

Ahmed maintains that the treatment received by Christians in his village is inhuman and contrary to the teachings of Islam. Everyone must be helped, regardless of their religious faith. (source)

Islam is an evil religion. The position of Shoebat.com has not changed on this.

However, the fact is that there are many Muslim people of good will who sincerely desire to do what is morally right, and given that they were born into Islam, their framework for doing right and wrong is what they knew. As with all people, they have free will, and can act as they are able to choose. They are not automatons, but real individuals.

This is the reason why it is so important when opposing Islam to not do so at the expense of the humanity of the Muslims. Opposition to Islam must never, ever be equivocated with a support for eugenics or strange political movements. It must always be first rooted in the evangelical concern for the salvation of all men and a desire that they should, like with those who have been chosen through the holy sacrament of Baptism, be able to partake of the heavenly banquet by their sincere conversion.

Hundreds of Christians may have died if this Muslim man did not do what he did. He deserves a lot more than just a simple thanks or human respect. Rather, he should be given a gift of sincere prayers and sacrifice for his conversion, for the sake of his own soul, since he clearly shows an inclination to do what is right regardless of the potential social cost that he may have to bear.

He did not have to do this. He chose to do it because he believed it was wrong to see people suffer needlessly.

Remember men such as him when people, especially those in politics, rant and rave about “the Muslims” and what they do, for while there are many Muslims who do evil, there are also a lot- and a lot more -who do good and who want to live as all other people do.

One cannot seek the good will of society- the body of people -without seeking the good will of people first, for people are what make up a society. It does not matter if they are a foreigner or a native, or what race they are, or even what beliefs they are, for while one must not submit to abuse and sometimes it is necessary to militarily stand up in various circumstances, military action often comes as a result of consistent human failures to properly execute other options for helping people in their various situations.

In the coming years, there will likely be a lot of talk, even from “Christian” people, about getting rid of Islam from Europe. The reality is that while Islam is a challenge, it is largely self-inflicted by a Europe who hates God and hates herself. Islam is just moving into a vacuum as she always does and is actually very weak with many inclining to Christianity because they have seen the evils of Islamic theology.

Don’t be a fool and blindly follow such marches to war without making serious attempts to be good to Muslims in the name of Christian charity and mercy lest one also receive the heavy hand of justice without mercy for oneself.

In the words of Our Lord, ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you so that you may be children of your Father in Heaven…If you love only those who love you, what do you have? Do not the tax collectors do the same?’

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