Hundreds Of Young People Have Died From COVID-19

COVID-19, in spite of many claims, is a very serious thing that continues to worsen. The Washington Post reports that now hundreds of people under the age of fifty have died and the number is expected to rise.

…at least 759 people under age 50 across the United States who have perished amid the deepening pandemic, according to a Washington Post analysis of state data. These deaths underscore the tragic fact that while the novel coronavirus might be most threatening to the old and compromised, no one is immune.

For the very young — people under the age of 20 — death is extremely rare in the current pandemic. But it happens: The Post identified nine such cases.

The risk appears to rise with every decade of age. The Post found at least 45 deaths among people in their 20s. (It’s hard to give a precise number because of the divergent ways states present age groups: For instance, this figure does not include 15 deaths under the age of 30 in Louisiana and New Jersey.)

As ages progress, The Post found at least 190 deaths among people in their 30s, and at least 413 among people in their 40s.

Evans said the vast majority of young people who contract the disease fare well and recover. But for a minority, it appears to cause a unique change in the blood’s oxygen-carrying hemoglobin cells. (source)

There has been a lot of talk about how COVID-19 affects the lungs. However, as noted, it appears to also cause changes to the blood itself.

This naturally prompts one to ask if the virus, possibly, may be a kind of blood disorder that is acquired through or caused by the virus.

The fact is that we do not know what is happening or how it happens- even for scientists.

If even scientists do not know exactly what COVID-19 may be other than it is a virus and the effects it may have, how can one be sure of how to cure it?

This speaks directly to the fact that, as I have repeatedly pointed out, there are eight strains of COVID-19 going around right now.

Some people say that COVID-19 is a very deadly illness. They are correct.

Some people say that COVID-19 just gives a man a small cough. They are also correct.

The reason why they are both correct is most likely because of strains. As I have noted before, the HPV virus has dozens of different strains. One strain is harmless and will give a man a wart on the bottom of his foot one time. One strain is acquired from sex and causes cancer. The former is harmless. The latter is very harmful.

This is what it appears to be with COVID-19. There is one strain that is harmless, and another that can kill a man quickly.

People are not even being told what strain is where. Instead, men are arguing about either (a) the validity or not of the virus or (b) how to cure it without ever stopping to consider what variant of the illness is where and affecting who.

This does not mean that the current quarantine should end.

What is means is that the public is in dire need of information, and clear information at that.

The current confusion and chaos right now is the product of a series of half-truths mixed with disinformation being presented with certainty but lacking clear facts in other areas that can render what was considered fact for one moment invalid the next.

Until the public figures out what one is dealing with, caution on all sides is necessary. There can be no presumptions, lest one respond in a way to this is a way that causes one to unintentionally hurt oneself and others, and given the seriousness of the virus, accidentally leads to death.

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