Bernie Sanders Ends White House Bid, Leaves Biden As The Last Man Standing

Bernie Sanders has officially announced an end to his bid for the White House, as France24 reports, leaving Joe Biden as the “last man standing” and the most likely candidate for the Democrat party.

Senator Bernie Sanders ended his presidential bid on Wednesday, hiscampaign said in a statement, paving the way for former vice president Joe Biden to challenge President Donald Trump as the Democratic nominee.

Sanders saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment lined swiftly up behind his rival.

His withdrawal makes Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Donald Trump in November.

The Vermont senator plans to talk to his supporters later Wednesday. (source)

Biden is a complete pushover. His campaign is about as healthy as is the situation with his personal health. With clearly declining mental and physical faculties alongside his past history of strange behavior and now another (and also not surprising) sex scandal from his past, Biden is about as attractive to the general public as a gamer who dwells in his basement, subsiding on Cheetos and Doritos and who can remember neither his last shower for the last time he washed his clothes is attractive to women in general.

Trump is most likely going to win in 2020 a second term. This is desired.

But make no mistake, this is not the end of the Democrat party. Rather, it is the birth of a new beginning.

I have said before and I will say it again, watch immediately after the election for the creation of a new Democrat party. This will be a party that is vicious, young, attractive, and able to pull votes from a diverse bloc of people. It will likely be more attuned to the old Democrats pre-1960s, but will have the face of Sodom attached to it in a socially acceptable context.

At the same time this happens, Trump’s second term is likely going to take a dive for the worse. Just as soon as Trump was elected his son-in-law Jared Kushner slithered out from under the rock where he was hiding and began his program of MIGA (not MAGA) at taxpayer expense and ignoring all of the promises of the past, one may expect to see a resurgence of COVID-19 and calls for more financial bailouts that will further economically and socially cripple the US.

Many have criticized Obama for being the ‘worst president ever’ in the US, but this award may go to Trump for the reason that given his signing of the Families First Coronavirus Stimulus bill, he has engaged in what conservatives warned during the Obama years would be disastrous, which is the massive devaluation of the currency. These cries have conveniently become silent as Trump has been in office, but they are as legitimate as when Obama was there, and the result of this will be the same, which is the bankrupting of the US, giving Trump his biggest bankruptcy yet and arguably also the largest one in world history.

Trump may go down in US history books as the man who bankrupted and destroyed the American Empire. Obama is taking the short-term blame, but the long-term will go to Trump.

Try telling people regardless of party that their money is worthless and they cannot find work as they are losing their homes about how great Trump is, especially once they realize that it was Trump’s actions which caused this. Indeed, there is more to this than just Trump, but the fact is that it will be blamed on Trump because it happened while he was entrusted with a position of responsibility for the country.

A situation like this is ideal for the Democrats. They can position themselves as new ‘saviors’ and bring to power a candidate who will model himself or herself after that of FDR. As the Republican party flounders just as the Democrats are doing today over the situation, the Democrats will be the new ‘authority’ that people will look to in the game of theater and entertainment for the masses that is politics.

Political affiliation does not matter because both parties hate the people. What matters is that people ignore the political television show and focus instead on preparing themselves and their families for the inevitable, which is the coming instability in the system that will lead to violence, poverty, and eventually a major war on a global scale.

Biden is a nobody who is going to die soon. The man should be left to his peace with his family and prayers for the state of his soul, as we need to seek the good will of all.

But for most of the nation, who will have to experience what is to come, now is the time to focus on working harder, making as much money as one can, paying down debts, and stocking up on provisions for the future as there will come a time when preparation is no more and one will only be able to work with what one has.

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