Report: Chinese Communist Party Is Burning People Alive As Snipers Execute ISIS Terrorists From Over A Mile Away

According to Radio Free Asia and reported on by Breitbart, the Chinese government has been taking people infected with COVID-19 to funeral homes and possibly cremating them alive.

Ma said reports have emerged of people restrained and forced into body bags when they were still moving.

“One old lady was saying that they put one guy into … a body bag when he wasn’t even dead yet, and took him off to the crematorium because there was no way of saving him,” he said.

“Some people are saying that … there are video clips of screams coming from funeral homes, from inside the furnaces … which tells us that some people were taken to the funeral homes while they were still alive.”

RFA was unable to confirm these reports independently.

Meanwhile, authorities in the central province of Henan have handed an official reprimand to a lawyer who posted about the numbers of people lining up outside funeral homes in Wuhan.

Liu Yingying is the subject of a disciplinary action by the official lawyers’ association in Henan’s provincial capital, Zhengzhou after she posted a photo of people lining up outside an Wuhan funeral home to her WeChat account. (source, source)

Would such a horrible act be possible from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)? Yes, for the CCP has no regard for human life, and given the remarkable constant of Chinese history for a brutal disregard for the humanity of other fellow citizens, such should be considered a potential event.

However, there needs to be more proof with such a serious claim, and on the basis of two reasons.

First, this report is coming not from Breitbart, but is a relisting from Radio Free Asia, which is an extension of US intelligence and counterintelligence operations around the world. It is similar to Russia Today, except that the Americans are far more adept and successful in doing what Russia does and what the Chinese have been attempting to do but are failing miserably at. There is nothing unique about this.

We know that whether it is the CIA, KGB/FSB (Russia), MSS (China), RAW (India), ISI (Pakistan), Mossad (Israel), MI5 (UK), FIS (Germany), or any other group, while they do have direct national purposes for the protection of the nation, they also are known for lying by way of misinformation or disinformation.

Anything that is said from them or a source closely associated with the needs to be scrutinized carefully, especially if the report could be geopolitically sensitive with major potential consequences such as here with China and COVID-19.

Second, is that very extreme and serious claims can be just propaganda unless they can be further coroborrated.

Years ago, during the ‘ISIS panic’ of 2014 to 2016, there were a series of stories that appeared in the news media about ISIS terrorists attempting to murder whole families, and just seconds before carrying out the act, were shot by a UK sniper. This story and versions of it was reprinted a dozen times in two years. You can read the full analysis of this here.

There was no sniper who made twelve ‘one-in-a-million’ kills. All of the evidence points to the story being bogus. It was just meant to rile up anti-Islamic sentiment for the purpose of inciting nationalism, not because of a genuine opposition to Islam on the basis of principle (which Ted, Walid, and I all have been in agreement with years before Islam became a household name and still to this day hold the same principles about it).

Therefore, given the circumstances with China and the US, what proof is there that this story is the truth? There needs to be more evidence because while the CCP is not good, it is imperative that the truth about what really is happening get told, and the truth is something in short supply today.

Until further details emerge, one should not rush to believe this story, lest one be taken in by a false worldview.

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