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British Police “Aggressively Investgating” Man Who Put Up Anti-Muslim Rapefugees Poster, Continue To Let Muslims Spew And Commit Real Acts of Hate With Impunity

  The French Philosopher Voltaire once noted that you could always tell which group or groups of people control a society by identifying which group(s) you are not allowed to criticize. If this observation is true, which it has been proven to be so repeatedly, then we can conclude that England is no longer controlled […]

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“We Want Chicken And Chips, Not Pasta!” Shameless “Refugees” Whine About Getting Free Food And Start A Riot Over It At The Shelter The Italian Government Is Housing Them In

Literally, these people were rioting because they did not get “chicken and chips.” If I was a child and made demands like what these “refugees” are making, I would be very lucky if I got anything that night to eat. VERY lucky. I knew better because I learned the potential consequences very quickly, and thankfully I […]

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How Working Out During This Past Lent Gave Me A New Perspective On Sacrifice And Easter

This past Lenten season I resolved, in addition to the normal Lenten penances of fasting and prayer, to do something I had not done before. I started to exercise on a routine schedule with running and weights, and to work as hard as I could with the goal of making small but visible improvements each […]

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Police Arrest 17 Muslim Men Firing Hundreds Of Rounds Of Ammo And Shouting “ALLAH AKBAR” In CA Desert, Then Releases Them

The FBI says they are still investigating, but anybody looking at this who knows anything about Islam can tell you it was obvious what was happening. This was likely some kind of practice run, a drill at the very least, for if not something imminent, something coming in the future. Now, in all fairness, this […]

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Greece Closes Border To Macedonia, Muslim Refugees Nearby Set Themselves On Fire In Protest

Setting yourself on fire is never a smart idea. Ever. Not only does this seldom get you what you want, but often times it gets you severe burns, maybe even skin grafts, and a lot of unusable clothing. It is also a good way to make yourself not liked, since most people don’t like hanging […]

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Belgian Muslim Leaders Refuse To Pray For The Souls Of Those Murdered By The Terrorists Because The Victims Are Not Muslims

This is not about whether or not anybody needs a Muslim’s prayers, but about principle. The fact is that the Muslims who did the Brussels attacks believeed (and were theologically speaking) justified in their actions, and the Muslim  leadres know this. They are perfectly right not to pray for the victims, as far as their understanding is […]

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President Erdogan Is So Furious Over This German Satirical Video Of Him He Registered A Formal Protest With The German Government To “Demand An Explanation”

The video, called “Erdo-how, Erdo-where, Erdo-wan” is a German satirical parody of Turkish President Erdogan’s increasingly tyrannical and power-hungry behaviors. What makes this video particularly funny is that wahn in German also means “crazy,” which is a fitting description for the wannabe sultan candidate. It is good to see oriental despots like Erdogan get so angry […]

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“The Real Threat Is The Smug Left- NOT The Far Right!” UK Journalist Rips European Politicians For Blaming The Violence Of The Muslim Invaders On The People They Attacked

In an excellent article from the UK Daily Mail, Journalist Kate Hopkins clearly lays out the problem with European politics today. It is not the “far right,” but rather the self-righteous left who thinks they “know better” that cause the Muslim invasion and are only making it worse while trying to avoid blame for the […]

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“Add Another Ten Feet, Donald!” Mexicans Burn Effigy And Shout “Death To Trump” Because He Actually Supports American Law And Does Not Kowtow To The Whims Of Foreigners

Burning people in effigy is an old way of protesting, but really, if these people were looking to make a more effective point, they only one they made was that Donald’s proposed wall should be even bigger and badder than what it already is. That and they have solidified in the minds of many people, […]

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“Fight The Westerners” Muslims Sent Out Mass Text Messages Encouraging Teens To Fight And Kill Europeans Before Brussels Attacks

How’s that integration coming, Europe? Muslims will never integrate into European society because they simply do not want to. Every reason which the left has and still gives- discrimination, jobs, housing, education- none of this amounts to anything because these are all external fixes. It is like putting a bandage on a festering wound. The […]

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“It’s The Way They Stare At Women” Austrian Bar Bans “Refugees” Because They Are Harassing Clients

Trust is an essential component of any society. Once the trust is gone, a society falls apart because people can no longer relate to others safely. By default, such a nation will descend, like much of the Middle East, into protracted stagnation and chaos. The Muslim “refugees” in Europe have been essential in undermining social […]

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Muslims Vandalize Statue Of Mary Outside Catholic Church In Massachusetts, Spraypaint “Allah” On It

The exact details are still emerging, but according to the sources, the attack happened just in time for Easter Vigil at St. Catherine’s Church in Norwood, MA. Notice how the article from the Boston Globe talks about how this is “disrespectful to all religions and not just Catholics.” No, this is disrespectful to Catholics, period. Everybody […]

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“Germany Will Never Recover” Trump Rips Merkel’s Muslim “Refugee” Policy, Calls Hillary Clinton “Close To Incompetent” In Interview

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump opened up about German Chancellor Angela Merkel where he ripped her for being irresponsible and destroying Germany “in a matter of 2 years” so badly that the country may never be the same again. In the same interview, he fired shot at Hillary Clinton, calling her “close […]

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Sick Irony: One Of The Brussels Terrorists Was a “Migrants Rights Activist”

In this July 2014 video you can see Faycal Cheffou, a self-proclaimed “migrants rights activist” complaining that Muslim prisoners in Europe were being denied proper food during Ramadan. Yet only a few days ago, he was arrested as one of the Belgian Bombers: Now think about this: Muslim “migrants” demand free stuff and rob people […]

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A Catholic Prayer That All Christians Should Say (UPDATED 3:/26)

I posted earlier that this year is the year of Mercy, and the Divine Mercy Novena begins today. As promised, this is a “crash” tutorial in how to say the prayers. Traditionally, they are done on rosary beads. However, it is not required. All that you need are your fingers and some basic counting skills. […]

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Divine Mercy Begins This Friday And This Is For The Year Of Mercy (This May Be The Most Important Post I Make All Year)

This is going to be (possibly) the most important post for this year. God is love (1 John 4:8), and in God there is no darkness or imperfection. He is perfect truth and as such He demands perfect obedience- even so much as one sin can be enough to condemn a man to eternal perdition […]

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