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Muslims Who Insist ISIS Not Islamic Get Mad when Non-Muslims Publish ISIS Cartoon

Barack Obama told us that ‘ISIL is not Islamic’. Leaders of Muslim groups told us that ISIS is even ‘anti-Islamic’. Yet, the editor of a newspaper that published a cartoon that mocked ISIS may be facing the wrath of Islamic blasphemy laws. #Indonesia: Jakarta Post editor faces blasphemy charge for cartoon mocking #ISIS – Absurd. […]

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Prince Charles Blames The Internet for Beheadings By Muslims

To quote Jonathan Gruber, Prince Charles has used some very “tortured language” in an attempt to defend Islam. Charles is clearly attempting to do his dhimmi duty to help Islam separate itself politically from ISIS and the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has a PhD in Islamic Studies. File this story in the “If […]

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Tennessee Imam Suggests Posting Images of James Foley Beheading equal to Publishing Muhammad Cartoons

An Imam in Tennessee named Yasir Qadhi is using the ban on images of James Foley’s beheading to argue for the ban of speech critical of Islam. This is exactly what the purpose behind the Innocence of Muslims video was. It was designed to gin up Muslim protests in order to pressure western governments to […]

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Obama Blasphemes Islam on Easter Weekend

On Today’s show (Video on T-Span Channel 5)… Shouldn’t the Muslims be outraged at Malik Obama, the brother of the President of the United States? After all, on his own website, Malik Obama lists as a partner organization, one that is headed by a false prophet named Yisrayl Hawkins. Hawkins, founder and head of the […]

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Sami ul Haq

Pakistan is walking towards Sharia

By Meer Khan Negotiators representing Pakistani Taliban insurgents said that there could be no peace until Pakistan embraces Islamic Sharia Law and US-led forces withdraw completely from the neighboring Afghanistan. Sami ul Haq, founder of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the head of the TTP’s three man talks team, said that there could be no peace in the […]

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Mahmood: British MP wants Qur'an page-tearer 'dealt with severely'.

Man Arrested for Ripping Qur’an pages… in the U.K.

Khalid Mahmood is a Muslim MP in the British Parliament. He thinks a soccer fan who tore up pages of the Qur’an at a match should be charged with incitement to religious hatred. Apparently lost on Mahmoud is the responsibility of those who are offended by such actions. Part of that responsibility requires them to […]

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Halawi: Heathrow's unpitied sacrifice to Islam?

Harbinger at Heathrow: Woman fired for Blasphemy

There is perhaps no better example of what is meant by the following quote than the story out of London, England that follows it below: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” – Edmund Burke A female employee at London’s […]

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Banner in Gojra City: "Immediately Hang the Blasphemer and revoke the lifetime imprisonment. Oh ruler, act sanely."

Help us Rescue Shagufta and Shafaqat in Pakistan!

More from our contact in Pakistan… On 21st July 2013, A crippled Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel, and his wife Shagufta Kausar were arrested in Gojra District for allegedly sending Blasphemous text messages to the Local Muslims. Police registered the FIR 407/13 under section 295-B and 295-C. Complainants Muhmmad Hussain and Tehsil Bar Association President, Anwar […]

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Rescue Christians Reunites Children with Jailed Parents

From our contact in Pakistan… On 21st July, 2013, a new case of blasphemy was registered against a Christian couple in Gojra City. Shafaqat Masih and his wife Shagufta Bibi were falsely accused under the strict blasphemy law Under Section 295/B and 295/C bearing FIR No.407/13. Police and the complainant claimed that the couple sent […]

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Christian Given Life Sentence In Pakistan

On the evening of July 21, 2013, another Blasphemy case was registered against the Christian couple in Gojra City in Punjab province. From our contact in Pakistan… Shafaqat Masih and his wife Shagufta Bibi were accused of blasphemy and arrested on July 21, 2013. The First Investigation Report (FIR) (No. 407/13) was registered under 295-B […]

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Rescue Christians Exclusive: Original Photos / on-the-ground report about Mob Attacks in Pakistan

Note: All but one of the photos (the one at the very bottom) in this post were provided by our Rescue Christians contact in Pakistan. After Sawan Masih was arrested and charged with blasphemy in Pakistan, an angry Muslim mob – estimated to be about 3000 strong – descended on the Christian area of Joseph […]

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Another story of Christian Persecution in Pakistan

From our contact in Pakistan… The Local Muslims of Saddiqabad in the town Mandi Farooqabad (district of Shiekhpura) tried to falsely accuse a Christian man named Jan Masih under Pakistan Blasphemy law. A Muslim resident of Saddiqabad named Sehar-ul-Zaman accused Jan Masih, saying that he used a cloth sheet on which there is a foot […]

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Must-see Video: Interview with Courageous former Pakistani Muslim Imran Firasat

Imran Firasat is a former Muslim from Pakistan who now resides in Spain. He is the voice behind a film on which he collaborated with Florida Pastor Terry Jones. That film, The Innocent Prophet, can be seen here. In a clear sign of the cowardice western times, Firasat is being threatened with deportation by the […]

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Rimsha now in Europe…

The following post is from our contact in Pakistan. On August 16, 2012 Rimsha Masih – a Christian girl of 14 years – was arrested under the accusation of Blasphemy Law in the federal capital Islamabad-Pakistan. Rimsha Masih, along with her family, was living in the Maharabadi (Mahar Jaffar) – a slum Area of Islamabad. […]

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Raymond Ibrahim: How ‘Religious Defamation’ Laws Would Ban Islam

Interesting take. Basically, if there was a quid-pro-quo on the whole blasphemy law thing, Islam would have a tough time existing. Via Front Page Magazine: As the Islamic world, in the guise of the 57-member state Organization of Islamic Cooperation, continues to push for the enforcement of “religious defamation” laws in the international arena—theoretically developed […]

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