Another story of Christian Persecution in Pakistan

From our contact in Pakistan…

The Local Muslims of Saddiqabad in the town Mandi Farooqabad (district of Shiekhpura) tried to falsely accuse a Christian man named Jan Masih under Pakistan Blasphemy law. A Muslim resident of Saddiqabad named Sehar-ul-Zaman accused Jan Masih, saying that he used a cloth sheet on which there is a foot print which showed great disrespect for the Prophet of Islam. It was stated that it is a blasphemous act against the Prophet as Jan Masih used to spread that sheet on the floor and sat on it, that he even used the sheet to sleep on as well (image resembles the print on the sheet).


Sehar–ul-Zaman instigated other local Muslims who all gathered around Jan Masih’s home and started shouting against the Christians and Jan Masih. Sehar-ul-Zaman also contacted his senior leaders of Sunni Tehreek and Caravan-e-Islam. Our people in Pakistan were informed by the local Christian community of this incident.

Sehar-ul-Zaman is the same man who charged a young Christian boy, Sajid Masih (whom we helped save) under a Blasphemy law a year ago on 19th May 2012.

Our people contacted the local Muslim leaders regarding this issue. They also informed the police that Sehar-ul-Zaman has a track record of blackmail and harassment of the Christian community. One of the Muslim leaders – Haji Rasheed – initiated an investigation and Jan Masih was found innocent as he was not the one who made foot prints on the cloth sheet. Haji Rasheed also stated that they should take action against the factory owner who designed such sheet, not the innocent Christian Jan Masih.

After two days of dialogue with the police and other Muslim leaders, our people successfully saved Jan Masih from being trapped by such a false accusation. No FIR (Pakistan charge sheet) was registered against Jan Masih but his life is still in danger from the extremists. We plan to relocate him within next 48 hours. We would like to request you to keep praying for the Christians of Pakistan. It is apparent that over the last two years, the Blasphemy laws are being enforced even more, in order to persecute the Christian community.

We urge the international Community to lift your voice against these Dark laws and put pressure on the Pakistan government to repeal these laws.

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