Harbinger at Heathrow: Woman fired for Blasphemy

There is perhaps no better example of what is meant by the following quote than the story out of London, England that follows it below:

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” – Edmund Burke

A female employee at London’s Heathrow airport has been fired for allegedly insulting Islam. Those who fired her obviously did so for one simple reason; they didn’t want to insult her accusers by leaving her employed. She became an ‘unpitied sacrifice’ by her employer. Such is the essence and effectiveness of Islamic blasphemy laws.

Halawi: Heathrow's unpitied sacrifice to Islam?

Halawi: Heathrow’s unpitied sacrifice to Islam?

Via CBN:

Nohad Halawi learned that in today’s Britain, you’d better not be perceived as having insulted Islam at work because it could ruin your life.

Halawi worked the cosmetics counter in the duty free zone inside London’s Heathrow Airport for 13 years. She was by all accounts hardworking and well-liked.

But when Halwai ran afoul of her Muslim co-workers, she was effectively fired.

“I didn’t say anything wrong. I was complimenting a colleague of mine,” she said.

Halawi, a Christian from Lebanon, was having a conversation in Arabic with a co-worker and praising a Muslim colleague when it was misinterpreted by another Muslim employee as an insult.

Here is a corresponding video report:

The dynamics at work don’t simply end with Heathrow’s acquiescence.

All one has to do in order to understand where this is headed, is to look at what’s going on in Pakistan and other Muslim countries right now.

In Pakistan, Blasphemy laws are not only ridiculously absurd but they are also easily exploited. If a Muslim wants to intimidate or terrorize a non-Muslim, all he / she has to do is find a way to accuse that individual of insulting Islam. In many cases, the ‘game’ is all about creating a rabid mob. The larger the mob, the more successful the accuser is in a sick and twisted high stakes game.

It’s the worst form of bearing false witness because it puts the safety of the accused at great risk. Property is destroyed and innocent people are subsequently persecuted, jailed, or murdered for something they did not do. Worse, even if such individuals had done what they’re accused of doing, it has no business being a crime in the first place.

The accused is essentially sacrificed by the authorities to satiate the mobs. In essence, the guilty parties – the mobs – are rewarded and their behavior is reinforced. The situation in Pakistan has deteriorated, in part because the sacrificing of one victim is viewed as a better option than allowing the mob to grow and / or levy more destruction. Rescuing the victims of such mobs is at the heart of our work at Rescue Christians.

What happened to Halawi is nothing less than an earlier stage, a stage Pakistan has long since passed.

This is precisely why the Muslim world attempted to blame a video for the Benghazi attacks (instead of the attackers). Doing so was planned in advance to intimidate western nations into adopting laws that criminalize insults to Islam.

It’s worth noting that the Obama administration went along with this strategy for two weeks after those attacks.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron – instead of standing up for people like Halawi – has decided to embrace Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF).

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