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Muslims Take 1.5 MILLION Homeless Children, And Rape Ninety Percent Of Them, Young Boys And Girls

By Theodore Shoebat In the Muslim nation of Pakistan, there are 1.5 million homeless children, and Muslim men have raped and molested 90% of them. As read from a report: There are 1.5 million street kids in Pakistan — an estimated 90% of them have been sexually abused at some point in their lives. Rape […]

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America Helping Japan, The Future Enemy Of Christendom, And May Give Weapons Used For Offensive Attacks To The Japanese Military

By Theodore Shoebat America is helping Japan, which is going to be part of the future enemy of Christendom. As I have said, Japan is being supported by the US on account of its fear against a rising China and a powerful Russia. Now, the Japanese have said that America could give weapons built for […]

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Christians Get Prepared For Final Stand Against ISIS, Pick Up Guns And Are Ready To Fight

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Lebanon are preparing for a final stand against ISIS who wants to invade their country through the border. As we read from one report: Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanese believers have watched as Christians in Syria and Iraq were forced to flee their homes and villages as ISIS takes more territory. […]

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Pope Francis Will Be Going To The Antichrist Nation Of Turkey, And The Muslims Want To Assassinate Him

Pope Francis is planning on visiting Turkey in November, and it is a possibility that he will be assassinated there. The visit was announced after the Pope being invited by both Erdogan and the Orthodox Church’ Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. As an embassy representative said The pope has been invited by both the Orthodox Church […]

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The Cult Of Glenn Beck, The Duggars, And Chick-Fil-A

By Theodore Shoebat For a number of years in my observation of the world, I have noticed that there is indeed a cult of Glenn Beck, the Duggars, and Chick-Fil-A. These three are revered by many American Christians, and seen as exempt from any criticism. Essentially, they are infallible, esteemed as being undeserving of any […]

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Woman Married To Muslim Man: “I was raped hundreds of times”

By Theodore Shoebat A woman named Naila was married to a Muslim man and she describes how for years she was raped hundreds of times, physically abused and horrendously tortured. She said: Every time my husband approached me, it was sheer torture. Sometimes physical, and forever mental and emotional torture. He was physically brutal and […]

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Russian Government Says Drugs Will Not Be Legalized In Russia, Not Even Marijuana

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has ruled that drugs will not be legalized in Russia, not even marijuana. God bless Russia for this decision. The problem with the West is we have too many drug junkies running around, high off pot and influenced by hallucinogenic narcotics and substances. The ruling came after the Global […]

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