America Helping Japan, The Future Enemy Of Christendom, And May Give Weapons Used For Offensive Attacks To The Japanese Military

By Theodore Shoebat

America is helping Japan, which is going to be part of the future enemy of Christendom. As I have said, Japan is being supported by the US on account of its fear against a rising China and a powerful Russia.

Now, the Japanese have said that America could give weapons built for offensive attacks to the Japanese military, as we read from one report:

The United States could provide offensively geared weapons to the Japanese military within five years, Tokyo officials say. The discussions between the two countries come as Japan’s rivalry with China intensifies and alliances shift among Pacific powers.

The talks with the US cover what Japan regards as a “strike capability,” and are still preliminary. As such, they do not cover specific hardware at this stage, three Japanese officials involved in the process told Reuters. US officials said there were no formal discussions between the two countries, but did not rule out the possibility that informal talks on the issue had taken place. One American official said Japan had approached the US informally last year about the matter.

Japan would need US backing for any shift in military doctrine because it would change the framework of the alliance, often described as America supplying the “sword” of forward-based troops and nuclear deterrence while Japan holds the defensive “shield.”

Washington did not have a position on upgrading Japan’s offensive capabilities, “in part because the Japanese have not developed a specific concept or come to us with a specific request.” said another US official.

“We’re not there yet – and they’re not there yet,” the official said. “We’re prepared to have that conversation when they’re ready.”

This whole time America has been on the side of Japan, going so far as to allow Japan to give itself the capabilities to conduct collective self defense, a measure unheard of since the end of WW2.

The more these reports come out, the more obvious it is becoming that a vicious Japan is on the rise, and both itself, America, China, and Russia, know it.

Russia recently conducted a large military training exercise around a northern pacific island chain known to the Japanese as the Southern Territories, and to the Russians as the southern Kurils. Both Russia and Japan are claiming the series of islands for themselves, and this recent move by Russia is only intensifying the conflict between the two countries.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the training sessions involved over 1000 troops and approximately 100 pieces of “military hardware” from the Eastern Military District, and it also consisted of the participation of the Russian air force, army and a task force of the Pacific Fleet.

Col. Alexander Gordeyev, an Eastern Military District spokesman, said:

These are routine exercises, a stage of the training of multi-service forces and units of the district

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, declared these strong words:

This is utterly unacceptable for our country

With the conflict between China and Japan increasing, Russia is increasing its military activities in the region. From April to June, Japan’s air force has sent fighter jets against Russia’s aircraft on 235 occasions. From last year to March of 2014, Japan has responded to Russia’s aircraft with fighter jets 359 times.

Ikuo Kayahara, a visiting professor at Takushoku University in Tokyo, explained the potential danger to what Russia is doing:

If you hold an exercise on the Northern Territories, in our territory, Japan will be angry… So it is clearly not logical for them to go out of their way to do this. But they’ve gone and done it. They may be trying to put Japan off balance.

In the month of May Russia and China conducted a joint training sessions near Japanese controlled islands, with about 800 Russian troops taking part in the exercise.

Sergei Markov, a political analyst who consults for the Russian government, affirmed that there is indeed a divide between Russia and China on one side, and Japan and America on the other, with America dictating the actions of Japan:

There is a rather clear partnership of Russia and China in the region on the one hand, and of Japan with the U.S. on the other… Japan can’t be considered a fully independent country. It’s taking decisions against its own interests. This is the reality we have to deal with.

According to some estimates, Japan has the capabilities to produce nuclear weapons within six months. It is no wonder why Japan, in April of 2013, refused to sign a joint-statement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Be prepared to see Japan gradually become the enemy, but now without first seeing America side with this Buddhist pagan nation.

While Japan would like America’s help, it in reality is using the US while it is working to independently design its own fighter jet.

Japan will be building its own fighter jet in order to become more independent of the United States. It is said that by 2015 Japan will begin testing experimental engines, and stealth air-frame designs that can dodge radar systems, completely fit for a Japanese fighter.

Japan is planning to determine whether it will proceed with the plan by 2018. By prediction is that they will go foreword with the enterprise. This is obviously foreshadowed by the determination of Japan, both past and current, to be militarily independent of America, and also its increasing fanaticism for the so-called ‘glory day’ of imperial Japan, and its denial of past atrocities.

In the eighties Japan attempted to start building its own fighter jet, but the move was resisted by the US, and Japan was made to have a joint US-Japan development and production of the F-2.

But now Japan has been given more freedom by the US, on account of fears for China’s ascending power, to become more self-governing in regards to defense and demonstrating military strength and independence. This of course is evidenced by Shinzo Abe’s recent and unprecedented measure to allow Japan to partake in collective self-defense.

Just four years ago Japan began its so-called Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X (ATD-X) plane in order to test the project’s convenient capacity “by studying lightweight airframe designs and built-in missile-firing mechanisms,” as we read from one source.

By January Japan will begin testing experimental engines, and by April it will begin testing its stealth airframe designs. The building of the Japanese air fighter is estimated to cost US$4.8-7.7 billion.

All of these plans and signs indicate that Japan will be proceeding with this plan, and its all portending to a revived imperial Japan. When Japan becomes militarily independent, we will see its true colors. It will desire to crush China, and take control of East Asia. It will become an ally to Turkey, and an Ottoman-Japanese alliance will forge, to become the enemy of Christendom.

People may laugh at my warnings on Japan, but the same people would have laughed at us in our forewarnings on Islam before 9/11.



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