The Cult Of Glenn Beck, The Duggars, And Chick-Fil-A

By Theodore Shoebat

For a number of years in my observation of the world, I have noticed that there is indeed a cult of Glenn Beck, the Duggars, and Chick-Fil-A.

These three are revered by many American Christians, and seen as exempt from any criticism. Essentially, they are infallible, esteemed as being undeserving of any reproach.

Even though Beck teaches heresy, even though the Duggars promote and work with a man know to use his religious position to sexually harass and molest young girls under the guise of “spiritual authority,” and even though the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, after millions of Christians supported the restaurant, bent the knee to the homosexual mafia, people still expect us to refrain from exposing their heresy and evil.

Those who fall into this movement of venerating “Christian” figures who have popular status, I call them Chick-fil-a Christians.

I did a video addressing this very issue:

Many of you will say, “Muslims are killing people, and you have nothing better to do than to separate the sheep?” First off, the majority of my posts are on Islam, so you don’t have to tell me to talk about Muslim terror. This is the first time I have exposed the Duggars and the Bill Gothard cult, so stop this stupidity that this is all I ever do. Either you don’t read this blog, or you are deliberately being slanderous. Moreover, the Duggars are not sheep, but deceivers who are also deceiving.

“But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:13)

It is absolutely sickening to see people get angry at an article exposing sexual deviancy in religious garb. These people who complain at my article are quite sick, and this is putting it lightly. Imagine a pastor sexually molesting girls, and then someone exposes it. Why get angry at that, unless you were part of a cult yourself?

If the Duggars were Muslim, nobody would be complaining. And if Bill Gothard violated one of your daughters, you would not be one to be amongst his sycophants, nor the sycophants of the Duggars.

Secondly, St. Paul dedicated much of his writings to false Christians, the ones who wanted to enforce circumcision, while writing less on paganism. Could you imagine someone telling Paul, “Paul, pagans are killing Christians, and you have nothing better to do than attack these Christians just because they want to honor God’s law and have circumcision?” This is the same mindset as the people complaining and whining about my piece on the Duggars and their disgusting and trash promotion of a pimp and rubbish man named Bill Gothard.

This man molested children, to attack him and those who shamelessly support him, is completely justified. Those who object, are just as sick as Muslims when they protest against the exposing of Muhammad’s pedophilia.

St. Paul was beheaded by pagans, even though he wrote more against false Christians. Muslims want to behead me, but that does not stop me from going against all evil.

The only reason why these sycophants want to just focus on Islam, is because they are fixated on self-preservation, not spiritual warfare.

I am focusing on spiritual warfare, fighting the devil. I don’t do this with the motivation of self-preservation, but of restoring Christendom, and we cannot have Christendom with the frequent presence of religious pimps and church trash.



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