Russian Government Says Drugs Will Not Be Legalized In Russia, Not Even Marijuana

By Theodore Shoebat

The Russian government has ruled that drugs will not be legalized in Russia, not even marijuana. God bless Russia for this decision. The problem with the West is we have too many drug junkies running around, high off pot and influenced by hallucinogenic narcotics and substances. The ruling came after the Global Commission on Drug Policy, an international panel of leading politicians, urged nations all over the world to “decriminalize a variety of drugs and facilitate a legal drug trade.”

Viktor Ivanov, head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, explained his reasoning, saying

Marijuana users have a 50 or 60 times higher risk of switching to heroin. There is one step from dope to heroin … Today we live in the age of high technology, a lot of things are managed with the help of computer systems. Someone who works at a nuclear power plant can wreak real havoc after smoking marijuana

Viktor also rejected the modern notion that says that providing drug syringes to addicts will be helpful to society, saying:

If we want to hand out syringes we should do it in places with addicts, to prevent the spreading of diseases. If there are no addicts why would we give syringes to the people? Who would approve of people handing out syringes near his own home?

According to a Russian report:

Russian drug laws do not distinguish between soft and hard drugs, and drug production and trafficking is punished with lengthy prison terms. Drug use is punished with fines of up to 5000 rubles (about $135) or up to 15 days of administrative arrest. Compulsory treatment for addicts is possible but requires a court order.

Prohibiting the distribution of drug needles is what is needed. On the other side of the earth, Rick Warren, a religious pimp, distributes drug needles and condoms to poor people in other countries. He has an program called SLOW, which stands for Supply condoms and eventually microbicides for everyone”, “Limit the number of partners,” “Offer needle exchange.”

It is no surprise as to why the Russian people in general are weary of modernly minded western missionaries, with pimps and drug dealers like Rick Warren trying to ruin their Orthodox Christian culture, we really can’t blame them.

With tolerance, superficial teachings, empty preaching, being too nice to homosexuals and rejecting laws against homosexuality, the isolation of Christianity to “marriage counseling” and other symptoms of the modern self-centered disposition of the West, with its root cut and snipped by feminism, and the reduction of the churches into mere community clubs, it is of no marvel as to why Orthodox Christians fear that modern western Christians will only be exporting a feminist like theology that will tear down their traditions and replace them with cultish vintages to the likes of a Mark Discroll , a Bill Gothard, a Joel Osteen, or any other cult leaders and little tyrants.

I remember getting into a heated debate with a oneness Pentecostal heretic over laws against homosexuality. I was defending the idea of a governmental suppression of homosexual deviancies and propaganda. He argued from the position that since “God is love” we must tolerate them. I quoted 1 Peter 2:14, where St. Peter declares that governors are appointed by God “for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.”

I then asked him, “Is homosexuality evil?” He said yes. I then said, “Well then you must agree that homosexuals are evil doers, and since St. Peter says that governors are to punish evil doers, would you then agree that homosexuals are to be punished?” He was silent for 30 seconds. I said, “He does not have an answer.” He responded that he was “thinking” but never gave an answer but instead wanted to change the subject to “love.”

This is the type of trash that modern Christianity spreads, and I myself would not want it in my country, in the face of such sinister evils as the homosexual agenda and other reprobates. They distribute spiritual drugs that degrade the mind, darken the soul, and instill into the hearts the narcotic of indifference, that gives people an empty high that proceeds from their satisfaction in laziness and depraved lethargy.

God bless Russia for squashing the drug cult which is only going to bring more moral and spiritual decay, more left wingers and anarchical lunatics.



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