Woman Married To Muslim Man: “I was raped hundreds of times”

By Theodore Shoebat

A woman named Naila was married to a Muslim man and she describes how for years she was raped hundreds of times, physically abused and horrendously tortured. She said:

Every time my husband approached me, it was sheer torture. Sometimes physical, and forever mental and emotional torture. He was physically brutal and wanted me to indulge in behaviour I was not okay with. He never cared about what I wanted or needed. He did not care about whether I was unwell or pregnant or had recently given birth to a child

Naila tried to talk to her family, but like true cultists, her family blamed her as opposed to her husband:

They thought something was wrong with me. ‘You have to fulfil his needs. He has a right over you. Besides, your three sons will suffer. Think of them’, is what they’d say every time. So many times, I wanted to say ‘but what about my rights?’ but did not have the courage. When something is packaged in social norms and misunderstood religious ethics, one is conditioned into staying silent even in the face of pain and suffering.

Blame the victim and never the perpetrator. This is the logic of the cult mindset. When I exposed Gothard and the cultish Duggar family who continuously promote him, I was amazed to see how many people got upset with me for exposing child molestation, as opposed to conceding with the evils of the Gothard cult. It is truly disturbing how many sick people are out there.

The rape and abuse that happen in American cults happen at an international level in the Muslim world. Its the same evil, only differing in their size of power. Muslims have nations, American cults have compounds. But if the latter had their way, they would have an empire.

There was one horrible story I read about children in a homeschooling family in America who were raped thousands of times by their Pentecostal cult father. According to one report:

The abuse began in 1982 and continued until 2003. Collectively, the girls were raped over a thousand times and lived in abject fear of their parents. The couple, who homeschooled the children, were known as friendly churchgoers, but their squeaky-clean public appearance masked what was actually going on in the home. The girls were homeschooled, and in 1995 they told the pastor of their Pentecostal church about their abuse in a desperate cry for help. He responded by telling the Dutros of their daughters’ accusations and then discussing the matter with a church member who was also a police officer.

This police officer then spoke with the girls, violating common procedure in a multitude of ways in an effort to protect his fellow church member. After both the church and the city failed to take action, the torture worsened. The girls were “isolated, starved, tortured, sleep-deprived and beaten.” The abuse only came to light in 2009, when the girls, now grown, once again reported their childhood abuse after learning that the Dutros were looking at adopting children from Mexico. The young women then sued the city for failing to protect them.

If these heretics overran the nation, America would become another Afghanistan.



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