By Peace We Will and Continue to be Deceived‏

As our leaders and media continue to try and hide what is going on in the Middle East and in your local US mosque, we as a nation choose peace over truth and justice. We choose self-deception and delusion because the truth is ugly. We choose to vilify and isolate those that speak the truth because it is easier to shoot the messenger than to face the reality.

The Middle East is on fire and on one hand we have dictators who have outlived their usefulness to the world and their people, apparently the policy makers in Washington know the next regimes are to be the Muslim Brotherhood. Our State controlled media and our foreign policy makers see the writing on the wall and are preparing the gullible public for the “peaceful” Muslim Brotherhood. Who knew? Usama Bin Laden, Ayman Al Zawahiri the chief conspirators of the 911 attacks stem from the Muslim Brotherhood; so we are now to believe that ten years later it has evolved into a peaceful cuddly organization who we can do business. We must continue to do business in the Middle East even if it is the Muslim Brotherhood, as the inane policies of the last sixty years has us addicted to foreign oil, which we have allowed to endanger our national security interests and to be subservient to the whims of evil. Yet on the surface we see the main stream media championing the “democratic f
orces” in the Middle East yet sidestepping the overwhelming evidence that fundamentalist Islam is now dominant amongst the masses, as well as ignoring the acclaimed return of Muslim Brotherhood clerical leaders like Sheik Yousef Al Qaradawi to Egypt and Rashid Al-Ghanushi to Tunisia who up to recently were in forced exile by the now defunct dictators.

According to the talking heads on the liberal media the self deception and delusion is incredulous. In one astounding quote from Tarek Masoud assistant professor at the Faculty of the Harvard Kennedy school of Government in the Middle East studies department on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Show, he says concerning the Muslim Brotherhood quote, “ They have lines that say all sorts of blood curdling things in it like, ‘Die for the sake of Allah is our highest aspiration’, but when those lines are uttered by roly poly physicians they become far less frightening.” Wow! I am really reassured Professor Masoud, was not Ayman Al Zawahiri the number two leader of Al Qaeda a qualified and former practicing pediatrician, and were not the nineteen sky jockeys who blew up the twin towers and the Pentagon all highly educated and from middle class families? The staggering naivety or deception from Muslim scholars in our finest universities is breathtaking, but the fools in the media choose to listen to these charlatans who pass themselves off as Ivy League professors.

Our conservative media is better but not much; as we continue to allow the terror front CAIR (Council for American Islamic relations) a platform to give their side of the story yet are reluctant to allow former Muslims their place as a counter balance. The right wing talk show hosts continually trot out their token “moderate Muslim” Zuhdi Jasser who I like and think he is brave, but has absolutely no constituency amongst the Muslim community in the USA or the Middle East. He was even been cast out of his own mosque. It is so politically correct though to give the sole “moderate” Muslim a major platform so we can have hope. Hope is not reality and it is certainly not the truth, is not two years of “Hope and Change” not enough to tell us that?

Our political leaders toe the politically correct line and their favorite quote is that “most Muslims are peaceful law abiding citizens.” Well most Germans were law abiding citizens during the 1930s, yet that did not stop the Nazis from controlling Germany and we ended up with sixty million dead because of our self delusion. It is an irrelevant argument but makes us feel good.

It was politically incorrect to say we need to stamp out Nazism in 1933 and if you critique Islam you are labeled an “Islamaphobe.” If you criticized Nazism by definition you were a Naziphobe. Winston Churchill was a minority voice calling out the warning that world would not heed. The Naziphobes were right and were hated in their time, so again does history repeat and us small band of “Islamaphobes” sound the alarm to warn another great darkness that will befall us if we do not awaken from our deep stupor.

Keith Davies
Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation



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