CAIR calls on CNN to throw dirt on peace activist

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CNN sends two reporters to ambush DHS event after CAIR circulates Press Release

“Just another ploy by CAIR to smear former Muslim terrorist Walid Shoebat?”

May 13, 2011 (MMD Newswire) — Former PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat spoke at a Department of Homeland Security event in Rapid City South Dakota on Wednesday, May 11th.” It was not promoted outside that state,” according to Walid Shoebat’s manager, Keith Davies. According to Davies and event organizer, Danielle Morem of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, “the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was consistently calling us and DHS, requesting that we ban former Muslim terrorist and anti-Islamic fundamentalist, Walid Shoebat from speaking at the event and said as much in their own press release:”

Keith Davies also states; “Since the only national press releases were those distributed by CAIR, I was pleased to learn that CNN was covering the event, and sending two investigative journalists, Kathleen Johnston and Drew Griffin. This was surprising since CNN has totally ignored Shoebat and given his events little attention or him, on-air time in the past.”

According to Davies; “CAIR has consistently opposed Shoebat’s presentations to college and university audiences, as well as those held for numerous police organizations, the FBI and Secret Service. It was immediately obvious that CNN was responding to CAIR’s release and was jumping to their rescue . CAIR’s primary agenda is to discredit people like Walid Shoebat so that the truth about Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists does not reach the American people.”

Event planner Morem also stated; “Johnson and Griffin mislead us and the DHS, stating that they were interested in reporting on the whole conference; where Shoebat was one of the speakers. However, CNN did not cover the conference or interview other speakers, focusing solely on Shoebat and his presentation, and interrogating Keith Davies about the fee that was paid to Shoebat, how his non-profit organization was funded, and who sat on the organization’s board.”

The questions directed to Shoebat and Davies had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism or how America can stop terrorism. No questions were asked based on the content of the event, but were totally focused on Shoebat.

CNN’s questioning was directed at the funding of the Shoebat Foundation, such as: Were you paid $13,000 for speaking? This question was very revealing, since CAIR had protested in the media three years ago when Walid Shoebat and two other former terrorists spoke at the Air Force Academy, where they were paid $13,000. At that time CAIR mounted a major campaign to get Shoebot and his fellow speakers barred from the event, to no avail.

Davies closed by saying; “It appeared that the whole purpose of the trip from Atlanta by CNN was to come to the rescue of CAIR. The question needing to be asked is why CNN is supporting CAIR’s agenda.


Born in Bethlehem, Israel and as a young man, Shoebat became a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and participated in acts of terror and violence against Israel, and was imprisoned in Jerusalem’s central prison for enticement of violence.

After entering the U.S, Shoebat worked as a counselor for the Arab Student Organization in Chicago and continued his anti-Israel activities. Later he was active with the Muslim Brotherhood during 1980-1981 in Chicago.

In 1993, Shoebat did some critical thinking, studied the Bible in a challenge to convert his wife to Islam and after intense study, realized that everything he had been taught about Jew hatred was a lie. Shoebat converted to Christianity and was convinced he needed to fight evil; he became an advocate for peace.

Driven by a deep passion to shed his former life he set out to tirelessly to combat terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalism worldwide speaking at churches and synagogues, civic groups, government agencies and in the media.

Shoebat has written four books, including ‘For God or For Tyranny,’ ‘God’s War on Terror,’ ‘Why We Want to Kill You,’ and ‘Why I Left Jihad.’

Walid Shoebat is an American citizen and lives in the USA with his wife and children, under this assumed name. He has spoken all over America and the world including Chile, Mexico, Canada, UK, and South Africa. Shoebat has appeared on national television also all over the world including CNN, CNN International, FOX News, ITN, RTE, NBC, CBS, and ABC and ABC Australia. He has also been featured on BBC radio 4, 5 and the largest radio audience on the BBC World Service reaching 180 million people.


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