CNN Demonstrates Pro-Islamist bias… Again… this time over French deportations

During an appearance on The View, Bill O’Reilly stated that “Muslims” attacked the United States on 9/11. The comment so enraged Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar that the two unhinged liberal celebrities stormed off the set. The feigned outrage was directed at O’Reilly not drawing a line of distinction between Muslims and terrorists.

That’s what makes a headline by CNN about France’s decision to deport radical Islamists so interesting.

The CNN headline reads:

France begins Muslim deportations after shootings

Reading that headline, one might believe that France has only just begun to deport a countless number of innocent Muslims. Here are the first few paragraphs of the article:

The French Interior Ministry announced Monday it has deported two Muslims and plans to expel three more in a crackdown after the killing of seven people by a suspected Islamic extremist.

A statement by Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the moves were part of “an acceleration of the deportation procedures of foreign Islamic radicals.”

An Islamic militant from Algeria who was involved in 1994 attacks in Marrakech, Morocco, was sent to his home country Monday, the statement said. In addition, a Malian imam was returned to his home country for sermons that promoted anti-Semitism and rejection of the West, it said.

Deportation proceedings also have started or are planned against three others: an imam of Saudi nationality, a militant Islamist from Tunisia and an imam from Turkey, the statement said.

Oh, so it’s not “Muslims” who are being deported; it’s “radical” Muslims.

Isn’t CNN doing exactly what Bill O’Reilly did?

Paging Joy and Whoopie…

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