Rescue Christians saves two more Pakistani families this month

Two weeks ago we rescued one family from a blasphemy case and they now have been relocated within Pakistan, to a safe house.

Today, we rescued a Christian family of seven who have been indentured in slavery for nearly twenty years. Twenty years ago the mother of the family had been diagnosed with cancer and her husband borrowed 50,000 rupees ($600) from Muslim money lenders who were also the employer of the head of the family. The husband used the money to pay for the medical treatment of his wife but based on his circumstance he would never be able to repay the loan. It is illegal to charge Muslims interest but there seems to be no problem enslaving Christians with debt and indenture. The family of seven earned only 2000 rupees a month which is only $4.00. Out of that salary, 1000 rupees was paid in interest leaving only $2.00 for a whole month. For twenty years the family could not get out of debt on a paltry loan of $600. A few weeks ago, one of the sons of the family tried to escape and was brutally beaten with a metal pipe; he died a few days later from his injuries. Immediately upon hearing of this case, our organization appointed lawyers and a police escort to free the family. We have now put them in our temporary emergency safe house while we arrange a more permanent safe house in the next few days. The family has virtually no clothes or possessions so we also have to provide necessities on top of a safe place to live.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of Christian families suffering indenture similar to what is described above. We will be issuing more on this over next few weeks.

We are now helping 15 families directly and indirectly; we expect many more cases to arise over next several months. We really need more help to increase our support for the persecuted in Pakistan. If you can afford to donate a small monthly donation for our support of the persecuted, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please call us at 877-832-7200 or for a one time donation go to this link.

We would like to give you the names of the persecuted and the actual rescuers but this will endanger them. Our director on the ground is code named RW2; he is doing the same work Raoul Wallenberg did for the Jews of Hungary.

Please pray for his protection.

Keith Davies
Executive Director Rescue Christians


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