CNN Continues shilling for the Brotherhood

Regular readers to this blog know the truth about Egyptian presidential candidate, Abdel Moneim Abol-Fotouh. He is an extremely stealthy jihadist and ‘former’ Muslim Brotherhood leader. In typical CNN fashion, they are glowing in their praise of Fotouh while painting him as a ‘religious pragmatist’ and ‘moderate.’

Via CNN:

Abdelmonen Abol Fotoh, an independent moderate Islamist candidate for the Egyptian presidency, and one many tip to become the country’s first freely elected leader, if he gets through this week’s first round of voting, has been a busy man these last weeks.

He’s been addressing large throngs of voters across Egypt, shuffling between quick fire press interviews, and battling through the capital’s congested streets to attend a historic presidential debate ahead of the first round of voting with his closest rival in the polls. (The debate started late; Cairo traffic makes way for no one.)

It has been a mad dash to the ballot box for the avuncular and charismatic former member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Council. The journey would have been scarcely imaginable five years ago when he spoke at length about his political vision for the country in an interview at the Arab Medical Union, where for many years he served as secretary general.

Ok, so CNN paints Walid as a fraud while painting THIS fraud as honest?

h/t Free Republic


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