Weeping for our Nation

Keith Davies

What has become of us as a nation? Everywhere I look I see dishonor, dishonesty, corruption and malfeasance, both in our Government and in our society. America has become more wicked and self-centered than righteous. America has turned away from our founding principles; it has turned away from liberty and justice for all, and it has turned away from God.

The people have just spoken, just like the people spoke in Exodus 32 and asked to worship a Golden calf; we have re-elected our own Golden Calf. Our media has become enemies of the truth and the people it is meant to serve. Our President deceives and lies so that he can remain in power while the media complies with his lies; it chooses to either defend lies and deceit or accept lies and deceit as truth. The majority of the people do not care that they have been lied to and are like the Roman mob, interested only in the Games as the Roman empire crumbled before them. It seems the American people have only eyes for situation comedy, reality TV, sports and sex scandals. In matters of government, most people choose ignorance and could not care less. We as a nation are crumbling. Not only is our economy on the verge of collapse, but our moral fiber is being ripped apart. The re-election of Barack Obama will be a very tragic awakening, whether you are a conservative, a libertarian or a liberal.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20

As a nation, we have voted for a man who believes in Gay Marriage and infanticide. Our nation demands that these immoral acts be met with “tolerance” but in the eyes of God they are an abomination. We have voted for a man who has been clearly exposed as corrupt, who has governed a way that is diametrically opposed to what he promised and yet we still as a nation voted for him again despite the fact that Romney was a very ethical man who had little or no baggage. Countless scandals and rampant corruption have been hidden by the media, the main ones being Fast and Furious, the Solyndra payoffs, and now the Benghazi debacle which not only shows sheer incompetence but exposes the Chicago way of blackmail and leverage to cover-up the mess. There were many more scandals in the Obama’s first term but what does it matter when our media acts more like Pravda than a free press, in the formerly great republic called the United States of America.

The sad fact is we cannot turn this around in the short-term. The righteous minority has been truly beaten. The Republicans, though they maintain power in the House, have no teeth and no leadership. John Boehner has already put up the white flag and the conservatives are so outnumbered it is hard to see how they can get the country back on a path to sanity and righteousness.

All I can say is that we must fall further and people need to suffer more because the inequity and failures in our society need to be felt even more before people will follow the correct path. We literally need to be on our knees before we as a nation recognize that we are not on the right path. I do not know whether to pray for better times or pray for failure so that we can restore the once great United States of America. All I know is that today I weep for our nation, for as long as we follow the leadership of our current president we are all doomed.


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