ABC, NBC, and CNN Correspondents now all pushing Hamas propaganda

The definition of a correspondent is as follows:

a person employed by a news agency, periodical, television network, etc., to gather, report, or contribute news, articles, and the like regularly from a distant place.

Note the implication. “News” is something that is supposed to be objective and devoid of opinion. Yet, the opinion of “correspondents” for western media outlets seems to be roundly anti-Israel and pro-Hamas.

We’ve already chronicled the egregious reporting over at CNN by Sara Sidner when it comes to what’s going on in Gaza. We can now add two more correspondents working for ABC and NBC respectively.

First, ABC’s Alex Marquardt tells George Stephanopolous that Palestinians believe they are firing rockets into civilian neighborhoods because they are “simply… defending themselves” and that “true peace cannot come along until Israel stops targeting people here in the Gaza Strip.”

Via NewsBusters:

Now, how about NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin and his report from Gaza that the United States needs to “rein in Israel”.

Via MediaIte:

To give these reporters any benefit of the doubt requires a look at Hamas itself. If Sidner, Marquardt, or Mohyeldin were to report honestly, they would actually be in physical danger based on where they’re reporting from. As long as they echo Palestinian talking points, they’re revered.

Notwithstanding the inherent bias of these very liberal reporters, the logical conclusion is that objective reporting from Gaza is not possible. Therefore, these attempts at doing so are, at minimum, counter-productive.

Shameless also comes to mind.


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