Slavery, Then and Now

Keith Davies

Over the Thanks Giving Holiday weekend I took my family to see the film Lincoln. While I am somewhat familiar with the history, I am sure most Americans are probably very ignorant of those times. Hopefully, this film might shock some of the most die-hard Democrats into understanding the very sordid history of racism in the Democratic Party which continues to this day, but the propaganda of our media may have you thinking otherwise.

The fight against slavery was the most divisive time in American history. The Civil War had the highest casualties in any War that was fought by Americans with about 618,000 killed from a USA population of about 35 million. Nearly 2% of the population fell in battle or died from diseases as a result of the war – the equivalent of 6.4 million people based on todays USA population. In World War II, 416,000 soldiers were killed in action out of an approximate population of 90 million.

The passion with wich each side fought for their beliefs in the Civil War – whether one agreed with those beliefs or not – was stirring. Hundreds of thousands of men on the Union side were willing to die – and they did, by the tens of thousands to free black people from bondage.

Black people (not ‘African Americans’ – that is just PC nonsense, and I am tired of the left’s propaganda terms) were given the option of freedom for the first time. I ask my Black American brothers: what is freedom? In slavery, black people had housing, food and a job with no pay. Freedom meant that you had to find your own way, your own job and pay for your own home and food. Yet today, most black people have returned to slavery and indenture by choice. The Democratic party keeps them as victims, gives them free stuff in return for votes and most black people (about 90%), along with their leadership, fall into line.

Black women were raped or abused by their white masters during the time The USA was a slave-owning country. Yet today, most black women have babies outside of wedlock – a staggering 73% according to the New York Times. Many black women have multiple fathers of their children too. Black women now choose the same behavior but this time they volunteer their bodies to abuse.

The same ethnic group vote 96% for Democrats – the same Democrats who have a terrible history of supporting slavery and being counter to Black Civil rights. It certainly has a much worse record than Republicans on Black rights. Yet, you would never know that by listening to the old media.

Black people have chosen to re-enslave themselves by choosing free hand-outs in return for Democratic votes. They prefer to be provided with free stuff than struggling and working for a living like most of us. Then they cry ‘racist’ if anyone should object to this insanity.

Not all Black people have a chip on their shoulder but many do. They think that they are owed something because they were discriminated against in the past. There is no doubt that Black people have had a very rough past but when do we stop looking at the past and embrace the freedoms America offers. If America does not offer the best freedom in the world, please tell me which country does?

Now as a country we have voted to provide more free stuff which will end up enslaving us all with confiscatory taxes to provide 50% of the population free healthcare, free public sector pensions, social security from borrowed money because the government spent the money that was paid into it, and on-going multiple government programs to capture some interest group’s vote. White, black and brown are now denying our ability to be free. Our confidence in our ability to be entrepreneurs is being stifled with government largesse while at the same time bankrupting the country and destroying the capitalist system. The USA of the past has provided untold prosperity not only for itself but for the world too. If we continue on the path we are on we will all be enslaved.

What I would suggest to Black people who continue to think this way as well as white people who choose free stuff over work and risk-taking.

Before you call me a racist, I’d like to honor the 110,000 union soldiers who fell in battle, the 275,000 wounded and the 250,000 who died of disease during the civil war who won freedom not just for black people but they freed white people from the spiritual inequity of slavery. Their sacrifice granted all Americans the right to find our own way so that we can pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just as the original founders decided to fight for in 1776; they also fought to ratify the greatest document of freedom in 1787 with the United States Constitution. Honor these fallen heroes by living Free as the founders wanted and the fallen have fought and died for.

Freedom is not a government hand-out or a “safety net”. Freedom is making your own way with limited interference from the government. We all need to free our minds from a self-inflicted slave mentality and embrace freedom the way we all need to do if America is to survive. We owe it to the fallen from the Union army from the Civil War and the sacrifice of Abraham Lincoln.


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